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New Kripa Foundation Posters released by Fr. Joe

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91st Birthday of Guruji B.k.S.IYENGAR
Guruji with Mother Teresa has been my inspiration and so on Guruji's 91st birthday,my deepest gratitude to God for these two wonderful persons.My greatest joy more than all the awards is to be known as the Priest Mother loved and Guruji's loved one. What they want from us, the Kripa family is that we be faithful to ourselves and God - Fr. Joe.

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“The stigma must go away. Interview by kripa Family Member on WORLDS AIDS DAY 2009

“The stigma must go away…”
says an HIV-positive person on World AIDS Day

As told to Elton Pinto
Posted On Monday, November 30, 2009
It was back in the year 1995. I was high on brown sugar. My family had thrown me out years ago because of my addiction. I had my close group of ‘friends’ who shared drugs and needles. Most days were spent in drugged stupors and highs. That’s when news of this new disease started appearing all over the place. HIV and AIDS were the words, and the awareness programmes claimed that it could be spread through shared or contaminated needles. It was with this thought that I went to get myself tested.
The result of the test said I tested positive for HIV. The doctor proceeded to explain things, but in my head, I refused to accept it. “The test was wrong,” I told myself, so I left, tore up the reported and pushed the results of the test to the back on my mind.
Kripa Foundation
In 1997, I decide to clean up my act and visited Kripa Foundation for drug abuse rehabilitation. They required a blood test. I remembered the old test and spoke to the doctor. Two years later, the test turned out the same. I was HIV-positive.
After I saw that this test too said that I had an incurable disease, my only thoughts were to get back to drugs and spend the rest of my numbered days on a drugged high and then, even if I died on the drugs, it would be no problem at all. The people at Kripa thought differently.
The doctor took me to Fr Joe Pereira, Founder and Managing Trustee of Kripa Foundation, and explained my case to him. Fr Pereira then counselled me, on why I should keep living. He asked me if I really wanted to spend the rest of my days as a drug addict and die a drug induced death or… would I like to live a better life. After a two and a half hour long counselling session, I chose to live.
Getting back on the road to life
The first step of my rehabilitation involved me getting over my drug addiction and the people at Kripa got to it right away. The next step involved yoga and meditation. There was a two-fold benefit of yoga, firstly it helped physically to get my immunity up and secondly, it helped me mentally become stronger. I began practising yoga in the morning and evening for around half an hour.
In the year 2002, Kripa began a HIV centre at Vasai. Fr Pereira asked me to start living and working there. There began the awareness drives. We would walk down roads and I would use a megaphone to speak to people. Our efforts paid off and today, the centre has around 3000 patients.
I would counsel people who came to the centre. I would begin by telling them my story and that made them open up to me. They felt that if I could change so much for the better even though I was HIV-positive, they did not have to give up hope yet. Thus began the support group, which helped many people maintain a positive attitude towards life.
But I didn’t stop here. I visited the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) where Guruji BKS Iyengar taught a variety of yoga asanas to boost immunity and to treat other HIV-related complications, which I have shared with a lot of people from the centre to improve their lives. Till date, I practise yoga everyday.
Medications are life-long
About 3 years ago, I fell ill and I had a tough time recovering. My doctor then advised me to begin ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) and I have been on that medication ever since. This involves taking a pill, which has 3 medications in it everyday, twice a day (morning and night). This medication does not destroy HIV, but prevents the multiplication of the virus. That’s why you cannot afford to miss a single pill, and once you have begun, it is a life-long medication.
Reconciling with family
12 years after I had left my family, I got back in touch with my older brother. After some persuasion, I convinced him to meet me. There, I told him about being HIV-positive and that I wanted to meet my family one last time to ask for their forgiveness. He told me he would call me back within three days.
Three days later, he called me and told me that I could come and meet mother. He hadn’t told anyone else in the family and wanted me to speak to them in person. So I went over and met them. I thought it would be for the last time, but fortunately it wasn’t. I now visit my family during the festivals.
Discrimination is the biggest hurdle
A few years ago, I went to the dentist to get a tooth extracted. I informed the dentist there that I was HIV positive. She asked me to wait and went to speak to the person-in-charge. They both then asked me to leave. When I asked them why I was being refused treatment, they proceeded to announce my ‘condition’ to all present there.
Discrimination is real. Young doctors in government hospitals refuse to even examine a HIV-positive person, whereas private hospitals refuse to admit an HIV-positive patient. People are still fearful of the disease and hence fear the people who test HIV-positive. Even when they come for counselling, they are afraid to open up and talk. It is only when I share my story with them that they feel comfortable and talk about themselves.
Most people think that those who are HIV-positive have done something bad in their lives and hence they have got this disease, but that is not always the case. Many people have contracted this disease for no fault of theirs. As awareness increases, people learn how to avoid infection, but until the day comes that people accept HIV-positive people without prejudice, all the awareness in the world will not help those afflicted with this disease. Awareness that people with HIV need love too; that they are not untouchables, needs to reach every person in society.

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Times Wellness Chat line 1Dec09 2-3 pm. Extract. Kripa-AIDS. WAD 2009 Activity

Welcome to the TimesWellness.com chat with Dr Shashi Menon, Medical Director, Kripa Foundation,INDIA who will attempt to dispel myths, talk about how to take care of a patient with HIV and tell you why HIV positive patients should not lose hope
The expert will be online soon. The chat will begin shortly.
This is a moderated chat room. That means that your messages won't appear until a moderator approves it.
Dr Shashi Menon, Director, Kripa Foundation, is here. He will take your questions now. The chat is subject to moderation. In order to get quick responses kindly formulate your doubts into a single query and refrain from sending the same in bits and pieces
hi doctor, what's the news on the AIDS vaccine ? will we be seeing it soon or is it just false hope ?
Hi Friend, Please understand current AIDS Vaccine efforts are still on. There are a variety of vaccines being researched and tried. Some of them are directed at controlling virus multiplication, others at reducing the impact on immune cells number and function. No one vaccine to date had demonstrated ability to remove the virus from the host body. For more details, visit www.aidsinfo.nih.gov and see the section on vaccine trials.
abhinav to binu:
hi doctor,can oral sex cause aids??
Dear enquirer, Saliva by itself has antiviral properties. Quantity of virus detected in saliva from an otherwise healthy oral cavity is negligible. Hence oral transmission of HIV is a theoretical possibility based on the presence of any inflammation, wound or bleeding source in the mouth. In such a case, it may result in being a blood borne transmission and not a saliva based transmission. Even when indulging in oral sex (peno-oral or vagina-oral) prefer to use a barrier for safety.
I would like to know, once a person is diagnosed HIV +, what is the current survival rate, considering modern trends in prophylaxis?
Good question friend. While HIV infection is well recognised to be a progressively immuno depleting infection (65-85% over 6-8 years time), scrupulous health practices, medical and laboratory monitoring, timely diagnosis of minor illnesses and treatment and suitable prophylaxis for Opportunistic Infections help to preserve immunity well beyond 10 years before any significant decline. All this, without even having to start on AntiRetroviral Treatment (ART). In well managed patients who are immunodepleted and on good effective ART medicines, 5 year survival is well beyond 85%. Thats good hope!
In a HIV+ couple, is it a surety that the child born of them would be HIV+ too. Or is there a chance that the child will not carry the virus?
Regarding Mother to Child HIV transmissions, approximately 24% transmission potential exists from an infected mother to baby per pregnancy. The risk factor varies in different stages of pregnancy, but is maximal at time of delivery. A small percentage occurs during breast feeding. With proper prophylaxis during pregnancy / delivery and suitable modality post delivery, risk reduces to 8%. It is nearly 'nil' when the mother is on ART and her plasma viral load is below detectable levels. Please realise that NOT EVERY CHILD borne to an HIV infected mother is positive.
i've heard that private hospitals refuse to admit HIV positive people, is this true ?
Dear friend, Stigma, Discrimination based on a profound lack of Awareness are underlying reasons for many of our social ills. Inappropriate behaviour by the medical fraternity is no exception. However, not all private hospitals deny caring for HIV positive patients. I am happy to say care is available in the private sector. It should improve with more awareness. We all live in hope.
abhinav to binu:
sir, what are the exact symptoms of aids?
AIDS is a complex of symptoms desciptive of a variety of infections and cancers which are extremely unusual or not normally seen in non HIV infected individuals. The presence of HIV having resulted in severe immunodepletion, these infections by viruses, bacteria’s, protozoa and fungi as also unusual dermatologic diseases and tissue and blood cancers affect even very young persons. Most commonly they are Pneumonias, Tuberculosis, Fungal infections affecting lungs, Gastrointestinal passages, Liver and other body tissues, blood and intracranial tissue. There are many many more, unfortunately!
Is it true that (Anti-retroviral therapy) ART is completely subsidized by the Government?
ART is a 'generic' term applicable to the use of a suitable combination of Anti HIV medicines that are expected to cause a profound reduction of the virus numbers, maintain virus depletion and permit the recovery of immune capacity to the extent possible. The need for changes in ART depend on suitability and tolerance, efficacy, presence of viral resistance to the drugs and the financial equation. Government provides for free ART to the suitable candidates who are registered with the National programme (First line drugs) and a limited number of patients needing 'Second line Drugs'.
Hello Doctor. If a male is carrying the HIV+ virus, whereas female is negative, is there any procedure that they can give a birth to a child, where the child and the mother are safe. As i've heard about sperms washing procedure. Is there any chance of transmission of virus from father to mother or a child.
Dear friend, cant promise any fool proof methods. If the concerned partners are taking effective ART, their HIV viral load is below detectable levels, and rigorous sperm washing techniques are being used, then chances of a HIV free baby are good. Even if nothing is done, 1 in 5 such pregnancies only may carry the virus to the baby. Pregnancy related prophylaxis mecication is a must. This issue needs to be discussed in details in another circumstance with the consultant and I urge you to do so. Regards.
do you think mandatory hiv test are important ?
Friend, this is a vexing issue at many levels. Presently, mandatory testing is permitted only by judicial order, among specified incarcerated populations and under rules of the Defense Service Act in India. A Bill is pending in parliament that if passed, may provide much clarity on this issue. Granting Mandatory Testing in wide circumstances is foolhardy as it does not take into consideration individual autonomy, lack of appropriate support/guidance following the test and moreover, it is easy to fool the system on many ocassions. I feel current laws are appropriate, but there is a clear lack of 'Awareness' and 'Counselling'.
despite all the awareness campaigns going on around regularly and on world aids day, why is it that people still discriminate against aids patients ?
Thanks for raising this issue. People are under the impression that one person's awareness would solve the proble. This is not so. Our whole social approach needs reworking. As time goes by, Stigma concerning Tuberculosis and less so of Leprosy has significantly reduced. All this in about a centry! That of Cancer is still a major source of suffering. Is it any wonder that a new Disease based of Human biological demands and Risk Behaviour would be the subject of Stigma and the object of Discrimination? And this disease is well recognised only since 1986! So be patient and work harder.
Hi, That's all we have time for. Thanks for participating in the chat. Hope your doubts are clarified.

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Reverend Father Joe Pereira is known to most of us in Bandra, as the ‘Singing Priest,’ the Founder Managing Trustee of Kripa Foundation and someone who anyone, irrespective of faith, can turn to for guidance and inspiration. But, what many people might not know is Father Joe’s active involvement in yoga for the last few decades.

He is a Certified Trainer and in recent decades as a friend, associate and an International Mentor of the Guruji B K S Iyengar School of Yoga, Pune. This Celebrate Bandra, he held a yoga workshop which got a great response from Bandra residents. He says, “Bandra is a special suburb; it’s the cream of the suburbs. And, with her legacy, is bringing us from all over together. Celebrate Bandra is doing a good job in bringing communities together.”

Father Joe’s workshop helps those who have ailments and even reverses the ageing process. InBandra talks to Father Joe about his passion for yoga, what we can do on an individual level to help the nation and more…

On Loving Your Body Back To Life
Father Joe shares with us the purpose of this yoga workshop and says, “I think the people of Bandra really need this particular form of yoga. I have trained with Guruji B K S Iyengar and the workshop I conduct is divided into two parts. The first is therapeutic angle which addresses common problems that spring from non-activation of the different systems in the body. It helps with ailments that come up due to lack of proper immunity and spine activity. Then the energy of life and intelligence is seen to.”

Yoga can also slow down the ageing process he says. And while this doesn’t mean saying goodbye to wrinkles and grey hair it does mean a better connection with your body. Father Joe explains, “You need to love your body back to life. If you live a very hectic and stressful life, you will suffer from burn out sooner than later. Yoga reverses this and rejuvenates the spine, works on proper breathing and all the major systems in the body.”

But there is something else that Father Joe says plays an important part in his yoga workshops… faith. He adds, “We bring the faith factor into yoga and it goes beyond a particular religion. Everything is integrated and it’s a very beautiful process.” He adds that people from all religions should embrace yoga as a science that helps connect the body and mind.

Meditation can help on a global level
Father Joe also strongly believes that if each of us an individuals got together to mediate we could heal the city, after the 26/11 attacks. He explains, “I believe in the teachings of the veda… ‘As it is for me on my cellular conscious level, so it is on the global level.’ Let me tell you a story. I belong to the WCCM (World Community for Christian Meditation), which include the Dalai Lama, the Benedictine and Tibetan monks. During Bush’s reign the monks got together at Union Park and meditated the Mahatma Gandhi. They wanted to send out a message of change, they wanted to show that there was another way. I truly believe that Obama is a product of that consciousness. And I also believe that if we all got together, we can heal the Mumbai, heal India and heal the planet.

Start with Bandra
Father Joe says that Bandra has changed a lot over the years, and mostly for the worse. He says, “The pathetic development of property has raped the land and there is no caring about Mother Earth anymore. Another malady is garbage management… there is none. It is so painful to watch supposedly posh people throw garbage out of their fancy car windows. You are spoiling your own motherland and this needs to stop.”
But on a positive note, he adds that everyone can make a difference in their own way. “We all need to stop not caring in our own way. Maybe not use plastic bags, recycle and take care of the planet. The Celebrate Bandra theme is a beautiful idea which hopefully will teach people a few things.”
- Glynda Alves
Bandra is known as the queen of the suburbs , is in the city of Mumbai ,India

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Fr. Joe Pereira Founder Managing Trustee ,Kripa Foundation,addressing the key note addresss at the National Alcoholic Anonymous XXXX General Service Conference & workhop at Asha kiran Hall, St. Pius Complex, Goregaon, Mumbai India

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Navrati Utsav by Vasai Region AIDS Control Society

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A program was organised for PLHA's/ CLHA's by VRACS at Kripa Foundation Vasai- India.This program was attended by around 120 men . women and Children of the VRACS family. The highlight of the program was a fancy dress competition for, CLHA's , A garba dance by Staff, PLHA's, CLHA's and Kripa in patients. The guest of Honour was Mrs. Evette Crejo Coutinho President of the LIONS CLUB OF NAVGHAR- MANICKPUR- VASAI., and presided over by the advisory board members, Mr Jagdish Shetty, Mr Devendra Dhuri and Dr Rekha Gonsalves.The pooja was led by Ms. Arti A. Kadam Project Director of VRACS.
Prizes were given to the winners of Best Dancers & Fancy Dress competitions. A memorial day which brought joy to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The program was covered by Sahara Mumbai TV channel. with Mr Zakir as the anchor man.

Kudos to the Staff of VRACS and Kripa Foundation Vasai for hosting a grand program.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fr Joe brings Tears of Joy to under privleged Children at Bandra Fair

Come September every year, the suburb of Bandra dresses up in its Sunday best to stage the feast of our Lady of the Mount. It is indeed a sight to behold with people from different walks of life, who visit the mount to pay homage to Our Lady and thereafter proceed to the fair with family and loved ones.

Rev. Fr. Joe and Kripa Foundation organized a fun-filled day for more than 600 underprivileged children from various orphanages, special homes and NGOs, on Thursday, the 17th of September this year.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves along with the boys in treatment in Kripa Foundation. They danced along with cartoon characters, accompanied by music played by a DJ, singing along with the music led by a compare. A tattoo artist was also present and she painted designs on the hands of the children. The children were also given joy rides which were sponsored by Mr. Zubher. Snacks and soft drink were served to all the children followed by a sumptuous lunch

This has become an annual event for the children. The event management team comprised of Neil, Ryan, Milton and Royston, and was supported by the patients and staff of Kripa Bandra.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

42rd Anniversay of Priesthood

Dear Fr Joe

Congratulations on you walking with the Lord in the service of mankind and Priesthood.
The Kripa Family

Friday, September 18, 2009


Every year millions of pilgrims of all faiths,come to the Basilica Of our Lady at Mount Mary's, Bandra, Mumbai India, to pay their homage and respects to Mother Mary, whose birthday is on the 8th of September.
From the following Sunday ,for one week there is a fair ,that goes on with lots of merriment, joy rides ,food stalls etc. This tradition is going on for years.

Within the fair, in the compounds of Mount Carmel church ,there is a fun fair which is called "September Garden" A visit to this place shows how popular it is especially with the youth and little children.where thousands visit this place especially in the evenings.

To commemorate the Padma Shri award received by Fr Joe for his tireless work in the field of Social work by the President of India. The September Mela has built the entrance arch and put banners in Honor of Fr Joe.


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Greetings from aarogya.com

Greetings from aarogya.com

As you know we are one of India's leading health portals and probably the only one to have content in Gujarati and Marathi. We get over a 1500 unique visitors every day.

We would like to know the registered recovering friends name and date of sobriety as we have a section on http://addictionsupport.aarogya.com for sobriety birthdays of our registered friends. We together can be a part of joy & strength.

Our motive behind collecting this information is to develop platform to share experiences, strength and hopes amongst the recovering friends.

Confidentiality will be maintained on the site.

Kindly visit http://addictionsupport.aarogya.com and update the details in the section sobriety birthday or you can send us the detai

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Celebration at Kripa Vasai

Sunday, the 6th of September 2009, was a red-letter day on the Kripa Foundation calendar. It marked the 67th birth anniversary of Rev. Fr. Joe H. Pereira, Founder and Managing Trustee, fondly known as Fr. Joe to one and all. An entertainment program was organized at the Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar hall, Kripa Foundation, Papdy, Vasai.
The occasion began with the traditional cutting of the birthday cake by Fr. Joe , who was accompanied by his sister, Sister Teresa. In his address Fr. Joe thanked all those present for taking time out of their lives to share this joyous occasion with him. He added that by the Grace of God .Kripa had spread to remote parts of the country with 58 projects and facilities , spread all over the nation ( Including 6 aboard ) and shared his vision to take Kripa to International heights.
Thereafter, Fr. Joe blessed the adjacent plot of land where the proposed Kripa Convention Centre and International Institute for Addictions and HIV/AIDS is to be built.
A tree sapling was planted on the occasion of by Fr Joe, which was presented by Master Finn ( nephew of Fr. Joe ) on behalf of the Kripa Family world wide.
The entertainment part of the program commenced with an African Chant by Mr. Victor, a blind student from Libya. This was followed by a variety of performances by the staff, which included a song specially written and song by Mr. Jimmy Amore. Followed by a song in the local East Indian dialogue by Mr. Steven Coelho. Therafter, Mr. Anthony H. Pereira, Fr. Joe’s elder brother, addressed the gathering with nostalgic memories of their childhood days. Mr. Wilfred Pereira, brother in law of Fr. Joe also said a few words. This was followed by a dance session for all.
The occasion was attended by a number of dignitaries, staff from different centers, friends, villagers and VIPs from different walks of life. A sumptuous lunch was served to all, after which the curtains came down on yet another memorable and joyous event at Kripa Foundation.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Kripanite'09 at St. Andrew's Auditorium, Bandra

Kripa Foundation completed 28 years of service to the Nation and the world. Initiated by Rev. Fr. Joseph H. Pereira way back in 1981, the foundation now has 52 facilities throughout the country and 6 facilites in America and Europe. It was an occasion to celebrate for all 'Kripaites,' who have found a life beyond their addiction / alcoholism.
A cultural program was organized at St. Andrew's Auditorium in Bandra, and was attended by our wellwishers and staff. Once again the program was produced by Mr. Felix Flor, who with his team of professional musicans, which included staff members from Kripa, kept the audience entertained.
The Commissioner of Police of Mumbai, Mr. Sivanandan was the Chief Guest of the function. In his address to the audience he praised Fr. Joe, for the selfless service that he has rendered to chemical dependants as well as people suffering from HIV/AIDS, over the years. He assured Fr. Joe of his continued support and cooperation in reaching out to the afflicted in his labour of Love. Super cop, Mr. Julius Reberio, former Police Commissioner of Mumbai, Mr Ronnie Mendonca and a number of Industrialist graced the occasion with their presence.
The theme of the program was "Sharing the Padma Award with the Kripa Family."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Date – 30th JULY ’09, Thursday
Kripa Foundation was invited by Vandrevala Foundation to train 18 counselors in the field of HIV/AIDS and Addiction on the 30th July ’09, Thursday.
The Vandrevala Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurial and social projects which have the ability to become successful with proper financing and support and are later able to secure additional funding from local governments as well as support for implementation on a national level.
The Foundation, under it’s ‘Mental Health-India Initiative’, have set up a ‘Mental health helpline’, a 24X7 operation dealing with the calls on a three-tier system. Fr. Joe, Dr. Mehta, Gauri Karkhanis, and Krishna Iyer from Kripa Foundation had conducted a training program with the telephone counselors, most of whom were trained and experienced in the field of psychology.
The training program covered HIV/AIDS and Addiction in a comprehensive yet informative manner. The sessions were split as follows:
Introduction and Foreword - Fr. Joe
Addiction Overview – Dr. Snehal Mehta
Addiction related FAQs – Gauri Karkhanis
HIV/AIDs overview and FAQs – Krishna Iyer
Response to the disease of Addiction and HIV/AIDS, covering the psychospiritual, psychosocial and psychological aspects, in the context of the individual and the society – was conducted by Fr. Joe.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Program for Trainer of Trainees of Nurses- Mumbai

A one day training program was held at Kripa vasai, on the 13th June'09 for Teachers from Sir. J.J.Hospital Nursing Institute-mumbai. The kripa model, the essence of yoga and meditation and a visit to the CIDC of VRACS ( Vasai Region AIDS Control Society ) was conducted.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


One may be highly motivated to pray, but if the body does not co-operate, one is helplessly struggling to be still. The most common experience of distractions in meditation is due to lack of conditioning of the body and breath, Fr Joe Pereira told nearly 100 members of the Singapore chapter of the World Community fo r Christian Meditation (WCCM) Fr Joe was in Singapore to conduct a weekend retreat on “Wholeness and Holiness through Meditation,” at Trinity Theological College on March 21 – 22.
Fr Joe is the Founder and Managing Trustee of Kripa Foundation in India, the world’s largest NGO working in the field of addiction and HIV/AIDS. He teaches a model of yoga combined with Christian Meditation, which has had remarkable results in helping HIV patients keep their condition under control, and helping addicts change their behaviour and find wholeness. On 26 January 2009 the Government of India conferred on Fr Joe the Padma Shree Award for his significant contribution to the nation in the field of social work.
In the retreat for Singapore WCCM members, Fr Joe showed some simple breathing and stretching exercises which would prepare the body for meditation, helping us to sit upright and still as instructed by Fr John Main, OSB, the first teacher of Christian Meditation and the founder of WCCM. Fr Joe, a certified Iyengar instructor, also conducted an intensive yoga workshop for core team members, at the Attic of Holy Spirit Church. With his characteristic warmth, compassion and generosity of spirit Fr Joe explained how yoga can bring integration of body mind and spirit and deepen spirituality.
In the words of WCCM Director Fr Laurence Freeman OSB, “Fr Joe Pereira offers Christians a practical and positive spirituality of the body.”
Yoga helps to put a person in touch with the Inner Center, which Christians know as the indwelling Spirit of God. It does this by disciplining and awakening the body to a deeper awareness of itself as truly the temple of God. It engages and includes all the systems of the body in the work of shifting the locus of control from the ego to the Spirit of the Risen Lord dwelling in our hearts, so that we are able to say with our whole being, not just our heads, “Thy will be done”. When we can do that, we are set free of addictive behaviour, which is in fact self-will run out of control.
Summarised from “Yoga and the Practice of Christian Meditation,” by Fr Joe Pereira, publ. Medio Media.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

51st Centre for Kripa Inaugrated in Mira-Bhayandar Road,

Mayor of Mira Bhayandar Rd. Mr Narendra Mehta & Dr Anthony J.F.Sequeira cutting the ribbon at the centre .(pic on left) Shri Fr Joe H Pereira along with The Mayor Mr Narendra Mehta,Dr Anthony J.F. Sequeira ,Mrs Kamini Thussu & Staff of Kripa( pic on right)
The 51st Centre for Counseling of Chemical Dependency & HIV/AIDS, was inaugurated at Mira –Bhayander Road on the 26th of April 2009 by the Mayor of Mira –Bhayander Road Mr. Narendra Mehta , Dr Anthony J. F. Sequeira, Mrs. Kamini Thussu, Fr Rudolph D'Souza and Padma Shri Rev. Fr Joe H Pereira, Founder Managing Trustee of Kripa Foundation.
The opening of the centre was well attended, with the blessing of the premises by the Parish Priest Rev Fr Rudolph D’Souza, in the presence of Dr Anthony J.F. Sequeira and Family, Mayor Narendra Mehta, Padma Shri Rev.Fr Joe Pereira, Mrs. Kamini Thussu and Family, well- wishers and staff of Kripa.
This centre is being supported by Mr. Yoginder Raina of Dwarkamai Associates (Hospitality & Property services) and lovingly co- sponsored by Dr. Anthony J.F. Sequeira.
Contact Tel no.: 022 28126912 .


Rt. Rev Bishop Anthony Fernandes & Fr Joe H Pereira inaugrating Kripa Barelly
The 50th centre for Kripa Foundation was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Bishop Anthony Fernandes on the 16th of April 2009, In the presence of Fr Joe Pereira, Founder Managing Trustee of Kripa Foundation. With this 50th centre, Kripa is now able to reach out to those suffering in the central and eastern region of India. This centre has all the facilities from Counselling, De-addiction & rehabilitation for treatment of Chemical dependency and HIV/AIDS counselling, which is being headed by Fr Joseph Topno.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Receiving the Padma Shree Award from the President of India

Fr Joe H Pereira receiving the Padma Shree award at the hands of The President of India on the 14th of April 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christ the Supreme Yogi - Article by Fr Joe. in Times of India on 10th April 2009


When an Indian reads the gospels for the first time, one is impressed by the energy that radiates from the person of Jesus. William Johnston in his Mystical Theology says that it is a reminder of the ‘ki’ the ‘chi’, the prana, the energy that forms the very basis of Asian Culture and religion. Energy goes out of Jesus when he heals the sick and casts out demons. Light, blinding light radiates from his body and clothing when he is transfigured on Mt. Tabor. In these days when we recall his last days on earth, as he says, “I am” in response to those who came to arrest him, the crowd falls to the ground overpowered by his magnetic presence. And finally with a burst of energy he dies as recorded by the evangelists, “crying out with a loud voice he yielded up the Spirit”(Mk 15, 37)
Those Christians who practice Iyengar Yoga as a path way to God and as contemplative prayer, do consider Jesus as a supreme example of a Yogi who claims that the “Father and I are One” and prays that we may be one as he and the Father. This journey is absolutely yogic. For his call to discipleship is,”if you wish to be my disciple, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me” It is a life long process like the grain of wheat that falls into the ground and dies to bear much fruit. When Bill W. the Co-founder of A.A described addiction as “self will running riot” he was referring to the third step of the Twelve Step programme which suggests, “to make one’s will and life over to the God of one’s understanding”. In the Garden of Gethsemane, the prayer of Jesus was,” Father if it is possible let this chalice of suffering pass away but not my will but thine be done” The Supreme Sadhana is a way of the Cross. Iyengar always repeats his own journey of Yoga as “Pain being my Master”. It is by dying to oneself that one is born to eternal life.
This energy is at work in the world even today. In the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, it is said that,”Christ is now at work in the hearts of men and women through the energy of the Spirit. But the greatest energy and the greatest gift is love. For “ greater love than this no one has than to lay down one’s life for one’s loved ones.” And again “ If I speak in the language of mortals and angels but donot have love, I am a nosy gong and clanging cymbal (I Cor, 13,1) For as St John tells us “God is love”. In the process of dying to oneself is a pathway of forgiveness. In the world of growing individualism and self-righteousness, the path of forgiveness demands a supreme act of surrender. To extend this love and understanding even to one’s enemies by finding an alternative to “a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye” demands a unique sense of transcendence into the realm of the ‘Purusha’. It is only from that realm can one interpret the words of the Crucified Jesus “Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing” Only an act of total “Ishvara-pranidhana”, the final “Niyama” can generate the energy to utter such words of love at the height of agony. Paradoxically as a supreme Yogi Christ had entered into the final state of “Anandamaya-kosha” (the blissful body) for his cry of forgiveness itself was a cry of Joy and Resurrection at the victory over sin and death. As Tony Dmello, who often spoke like a Sufi Mystic would say, “if you ‘look’ at the serene countenance of the crucified Saviour, you may see a ‘laughing Buddha’!”

Fr.Joe H. Pereira

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Message from Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar on Fr Joe receiving the Padma shree award

My Dear Fr Joe,
When I heard from you the correct news, I was overwhelmed that a pupil of mine got this recognition of Padmashree, in recognising the work you have done in serving the suffering humanity, to gain hope and confidence to live, where are the words to express.
I felt the joy within and words failed, the heart cannot speak but only the head speaks.
I was merged in the joy of your success and my blessings was heard only to that one that resides in me, though I thought that my inner joy would reach you through the element of space.
May this success be a stepping stone for further fame,
May God bless you,
Yours BKS Iyengar

Sunday, January 25, 2009