Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fr. Joe conducts Intense Iyengar Yoga at Karuna- Zetrum along with Sima

In his 22nd Year of coming to teach at Karuna-Zetrum run by Sima, Fr. Joe conducted an intense yoga session,  doing Asana's like a pray - therapeutic Yoga and the Benefits of Pranayama and Meditation demonstrating what happens when all the above a combined gives a Holistic healing and we come to know ourselves better.
It was a wonderful day with the Master (Fr. Joe) which ended with a meal and sat sang. Participants were in tears fully soaked with the teachings of yoga by Fr. Joe. 
From here Fr. Joe moves over to St. PETER for the 5 DAY  RETREAT in the BLACK FOREST. For the past 22 years Fr. Joe celebrates Pentecost with us and truly brings in the Holy Spirit upon all of us. Thank You Fr . Joe for being with us. 

Submitted and Photographs Courtesy
Sima Wunderle

Fr. Joe conducts Intense Iyengar Yoga at Friebourg Iyengar Studio along with Stephan & Katrina


Fr. Joe's secret revealed...


Fr. Joe offers a Thanks Giving Eucharistic Celebration in Germany on the 22nd Anniversary of Kripa Vasai


Fr. Joe Thanks the Kripa Family in London


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fr. Joe to add essential Spices to Addiction Treatment with the help of Owners of " The Masala" Restaurant in Poland

In his ongoing programs in Poland Fr. Joe had an opportunity to meet people who are wanting to help him in his journey to meet the Goal of Zero Addiction in Poland. One such God sent family was the owners of the famous " The Masala" Restaurant, a leading place which dishes out Authentic Indian With their support Fr. Joe intends to start Kripa Poland Shortly.
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Fr. Joe conducts an Iyengar Yoga Workshop for 130 participants at The Centennial Hall - A UNESCO heritage site in Wroclaw Poland

Fr. Joe conducts an Iyengar  Yoga Workshop for 130 participants at The Centennial Hall:-
The Centennial Hall, A landmark in the histroy of reinforced concrete architecture, was erected in 1911-1931 by the architect Max Berg as a multipurpose recreational building, situated in the Exhibition Grounds. In form it is a symmetrical qua trefoil with vast circular central space that can seat some 6,000 people. The 23 metre high dome is topped with a lantern in steel and glass. The Centennial has is a pioneering work of modern  This is a UNESCO heritage site in Wroclaw Poland.
It was at this site that Fr. Joe conducted  Intense Iyengar Yoga Workshop for more than 130 participants practicing yoga. This was mainly organised by Paulina and Paul from Poland of Namaste Yoga.. which was a grand success. At the end one could be seen crying with joy at the new experience they experienced through the teaching of yoga, looking forward to the next yoga workshop of Fr. Joe.

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