Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fr. Joe & VRACS Advisory Board Wish Mayor Shri. Narayan Mankar Shahib on His Birthday

Immediately after the VARCS advisory Board meeting Fr. Joe along with the board members rushed off to greet Mayor Narayan Mankar at his residence. Mr. Mayor was very touched to see Fr. Joe and the Board members come to greet him.
On seeing that a blood donation drive was held to mark the occasion Fr. immediately organised  members of the Kripa Family in Vasai to donate blood. Led by Our National Program Director Bosco D'Souza, fifteen family members donated blood in gratitude for all the help and support Mr. Mankar gives Kripa and VRACS. In a quick response the Mayor's office immediately sent a note of gratitude to Fr. Joe for his noble gesture.

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Fr. Joe felicitates Mrs.Manisha Kanekar Advisory Board Member of Vasai Region AIDS Control Society.

At the Advisory Board Meeting held on 1st March 2015, Fr. Joe along with the Advisory Board members of VRACS , Fr Joe felicitated Mrs. Manisha Kanekar a board member of VRACS on being awarded by Bahujan Vikas Sangathana for Social Work in the region of Virar- Vasai. present at the facilitation along with Fr. Joe were Dr. Hemant Patil, Dr. ( Mrs) Subhangi Patil, Mrs. Evette Coutinho ,Dr Vinod Nagale, Mr. Devendra Dhuri, Mr. Ashok Grover, Mr. Amit Patil and Bosco along with staff Mr. Mahendra and Mrs. Beryl.

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Amit Patel- VRACS

Fr. Joe addresses a joint meeting of Al Anon and AA Members on addiction and How to live One day at a Time.

Even though having a very tight schedule, Fr. Joe took time to be with family and clients at the Kripa Centre of Vasai being family visit day. In a joint address to them Fr. Joe explained the disease aspect and how one could live a spiritual life of being sober; One day at a Time. He further explained to them the journey that they were going through from Brokenness...to Wholeness ..to Holiness.

The family and clients were touched and moved by Fr. Joe's address to them,totally inspired as they went back home assuring themselves to make an attempt live on the lines that Fr. Joe taught them.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Read about Fr. Joe & Kripa Foundation mentioned in and article on Blessed Mother Teresa.

26.February 2015

Feb 26 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
Saamna backs RSS chief, activists upset

Social Workers Rubbish Right-Wing Criticism
On Wednesday, Shiv Sena supported RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's allegation that religious conversion lay at the heart of Mother Teresa's welfare work.An editorial in its publication `Saamna' stated that Christian missionaries have used “enticement and service“ to convert Indians, mainly in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, and indeed worldwide. In the Marathi heartland of Vile Parle, nuns who run the Missionaries of Charity orphanage were not perturbed. “We are not discussing the matter even among ourselves. We do God’s work and have nothing to fear.
When Mother was faced with such allegations she would say I urge Hindus to be better Hindus, Muslims to be better Muslims and Christians to be better Christians,” said a spokesperson. Abraham Mathai, who organizes awards in Mother Teresa’s name, quotes from the Constitution of the Missionaries, “We shall not impose our Catholic faith on anyone but have profound respect for all religions. Can the RSS, which wants a Hindu Rashtra, say the same?“ Mumbaikars who have seen the volunteerism of the Missionaries in Kolkata express praise. The head priest of the Ramakrishna Mission in Mumbai, Swami Sarvalokananda, said, “I am not aware whether Mother Teresa carried out conversions but her track record of social service is impressive. Her volunteers pick up leprosy patients from the streets and heal them. Yes, the general impression is that everything Christian missionaries do is intended for conversion, and this belief pervades even in Kolkata.” Over in Navi Mumbai, Subroto Nayak who is deputy director of the Human Rights Organisation in Vashi, said the saffron brigade’s comments were “totally wrong”. “We do a lot of social work ourselves so Bengalis like me salute Mother Teresa. I have seen missionaries in Kolkata offer help whenever required. Sadly, people in government, including MPs, are making hurtful statements at will,” said Nayak. One of the largest de-addiction centres in the city, Kripa Foundation in Bandra, is run by Fr Joe Pereira. Perhaps the only priest to be awarded a Padma Shri for his work in this field, Fr Joe owes his 30-year career to Mother Teresa’s inspiration.
Psychiatrist Rajiv Jerajani, founder member of Kripa, met Mother Teresa when she arrived to inaugurate their clinic in Kolkata. He said, “She has helped people irrespective of caste or socio-economic status.”

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fr. Joe with Mr. Helmut & Mr. Gunther our loving donors from Germany in Rishikesh and Rajghat - New Delhi

Still on a yoga toof ur  Rishikesh and Rajghat Fr. Joe was very much happy to be along with our very own loving donors for Kripa Imphal's new building from Germany Mr. Helmut and Mr. Gunther along with many well wishers from Germany.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

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Fr. Joe- The Nitric Oxide Revolution---- An Article in Mind and Body, heart & Soul- Goa

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Mind and Body, Heart & Soul
Author: Tara Narayan