Monday, October 4, 2010

A Journey to the centre- By Fr Joe

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The much awaited Yoga workshop of Fr Joe, at YOGA STUDIO SOUTH for Iyengar yoga students was a grand success.
Those students who made it to the oversold event, were thrilled and soaked with the wisdom of Fr Joe's ability to combine asana instructions, with anecdotes about BKS Iyengar, and to hear him connect the relevance of chakras ,Vayus,the five elements,koshas,yoga philosophy and his Christian Faith to his teaching.
A heartfilled gratitude to Fr. Joe from all of us.
Submitted by
Rob Walker
Yoga Studio South
#110 1330 15 Ave SW
Calgary AB T3C 3NS
403 862 6042
Hello Rob
Just a few comments about Fr. Joe's workshop this weekend.
Fr Joe is an incredible inspirational man whose Iyengar knowledge and spiritual wisdom radiates through him.It was an honor to be apart of this rare learning oppurtunity ,where he truly connected the spiritual with yoga practice.It was a delight to watch him demonstrate asanas for us students! His humor and character was warm and welcoming leaving me (in particular ) feeling acccepted and not intimated.His knoweldge on where the body needs to open with each asanas was also extremely educational.
I look forward to his workshop next year.
Leah Roubekas