Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fr Joe at an old Baroque monastery of St. Peter in the Black Forest,Germany

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A weekend yoga was conducted by Fr. Joe at an old Baroque monastery of St. Peter' in the Black Forest, Germany. The day would commence with the morning meditation, followed by a walk in the Black Forest and practice of yoga. On one of such walks, Fr. Joe visited the Kneipp cold water basin, where he demonstrated asana's for the heart. The evening would end with the celebration of the Eucharist followed by a singing session. It was a real experience to do yoga in these huge princely rooms and dine in the ancient hall. The place had great serenity and calmness and it was a joy to do this weekend yoga organised by Ludwig, after a five day retreat with Fr Joe, organised by Silvia Maria. The weekend was a great learning and soul searching experience under the teachings and guidance of Fr. Joe. Thank You Fr. Joe.
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Silvia Maria