Monday, February 16, 2015

Fr. Joe hosts the annual Christmas Party for Orphange and Children Living with HIV/AIDS at Kripa Vasai

The Christmas season heralds the birth of Jesus Christ and the message of Love, Joy and Peace fills our very being. This message came alive at the Christmas Party organized for underprivileged children from institutes in and around the Vasai region and children affected and afflicted by HIV / AIDS. Initiated in 1994, the program has become a tradition of Kripa Foundation, Papdy, Vasai, and was held on the 28th December 2014. A total of 550 children attended the program. The event began with the celebration of Holy Mass led by Fr. Joe Pereira. His Grace Archbishop Felix Machado graced the occasion with his presence.. In his address to the children he mentioned that " There has to be Jesus in Kripa" He further acknowledge the work that Fr. Joe along with his staff was doing great dictated service in helping  the marginalized . Along with the children  150 guests and well-wishers participated to bring joy to the children. Fr. Joe along with Archbishop Felix Machado invited  some children from different ashrams to me forward and cut the cake along with members of His family and Members of the Waliv Business Association led by Mr. Ashok Grover.
 A number of entertainment programs were organized which included dancing to the tune of DJ Sheldon and his team , fireworks and entertainment. The children thoroughly enjoyed. Thereafter the children were treated to a  sumptuous dinner cooked by the staff of Kripa along with Mr. Buthelo. Each child were gifted a gift packet which was so generously gifted by our well wishers .The children all went home happily looking forward to coming back next year. A special gratitude to the organizing community who worked tirelessly for over 3 months to make this event a grand success . All under the dynamic leadership of Fr. Joe. 

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