Friday, April 3, 2015

Ossie returns to Kripa......Warm welcome by Fr. Joe

Oswald Pereira, know as Ossie  returned to be with Fr. Joe at Kripa Vasai last Sunday. It was indeed a touching  home coming, as Fr. Joe guided and helped Ossie around as he was a little fragile and needed assistance in his movements. Accompanying him was his younger son Aron and Ramesh bhai along with Nitin Shanbag
Ossie was given a warm welcome by Fr. Joe,Kripa  staff and patients at Kripa Vasai  by the staff performing the traditional aarti amongst singing of Bhajaans. Indeed a real home coming after he had gone in 2002.

Fr. Joe has instructed two assistants to look after him 24x7 as he needs assistance as he is feeble and also has bouts of dementia. he is housed  in the deluxe room on the ground floor of Kripa Vasai.

Those wishing to visit him are free to do so accept advised to avoid 1 to 4 pm as he rest. It would be best to contact Fr. Joe directly or Fr Seraphinus ( Fr. Sera) to seek prior appointment to visit Ossie.

Telephone no at Kripa Vasai (0250 )2326069/2326521