Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fr. Joe Visits the Street children at Kripa Dharavi with Sisters from the Society of the Sacred Heart.

4th April 2017,

On a hot  Tuesday morning, Fr. Joe along with the Provincial Sr. Rita Pinto and Religious Sisters from the Society of Sacred Heart, took some time off to spend quality time with the children at Kripa Dharavi.

The children were so happy to see Fr. Joe and congregation of sisters  that they took time off from their activity of drawing, add joined to embrace and talk with them.

A joy to see them dance sing, and even show their daily practice of Yoga that most of them do.The highlight was ,where two of the children, one recited an English poem and another  sang an ancient Marathi  ode ,which was moved many  and could see tears roll down their eyes. Later the children were served snacks and soft drinks, brought loving by Sister Rita Pinto the Provincial, Sister Teresa ( Fr. Joe's Sister) and the other Sisters.
As they left after enjoying the evening some of the quotes one could hear spoken by the sisters were " Although coming from deprived backgrounds, yet they looked content and very happy here in Kripa.", Said Sister Rita- Provincial of the congregation " Taken aback by their presence, very welcoming, excited, very focused and had the Fresh of God the Child."." How talented  and free they were, very happy and full in the reality- said another. "Free to express themselves, looked very relaxed although there was so much noise around, very intelligent," " Although children from deprived backgrounds yet simple, pure , committed and caring to each other." The best being  by Sr. Theresa Pereira " I saw the CHILD."
Indeed very moving quotes which showed the  trip to see the children at Kripa Dharavi in the Advent of Lent was indeed a Blessing to see Gods work uder the care of Fr. Joe and his team.