Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fr. Joe spreads the message of AA and Teaches at the Nagpur Seminary.

Fr. Joe taught two courses to the final year students of St. Charles Regional Seminary Nagpur. The first was on Pastoral Counseling and the second on Addiction Counseling for Deacons to be ordained priests  and be posted in  various parts of India.
During his  week long stay in Nagpur Fr. Joe attended various AA meetings as a Class A Trustee of AA in India and addressed huge gatherings of recovering alcoholics and was part of  two sobriety birthday celebration. 
 Fr. Joe completed his teaching in the seminary on the 13th of July. However extended his stay till  the 14th of July, and spoke to many Al Anon members who met him  jointly with their recovering spouses to seek guidance and help to live sober one day at a time.
Owing to the tradition of anonymity the pictures are not on this blog. However the recording of one of the talks is available through the Kripa Educational Materials, at Kripa Institute of Training, Mumbai.

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