Friday, November 28, 2008

Letter from Fr Joe to Fr laurence and the world community

Welcome....Mumbai, India
Dear Father Laurence and all the World Community,
I can feel the strength of the Spirit each morning and evening as we meditate during this unprecedented crisis in the city of Mumbai (Bombay).The encounters with the Terrorists are still on. Many have lost their lives. The city has never been so quiet! There has been much sadness and gloom.
But in my Eucharist I kept on asking people to sit in silence with our Mantra, Maranatha, and we are seeing so many deeply life transforming miracles taking place. Truly our God does bring good even out of evil. There are such touching stories of how the Staff of the Hotels, especially the Taj, went about rescuing their guests, many foreigners even though it cost them their lives. The general Manager lost his own wife and child while he was rescuing others at the same time! Fourteen dedicated Police lost their lives, but they got a hero's cremation with people of all communities coming for it. Slogans all over the city say, "We are Indians first and no Terrorist can divide us though we belong to different Faiths." The highlight of this miraculous spirit of Unity was that, for the first time, the Opposition Leader (a diehard Hindu Fundamentalist) agreed to come together with the Prime Minister Manmohan Sing and Sonia Gandhi to the place of the happening.
The whole world, especially many significant Nations, especially President Elect Barack Obama, have pledged to stand by India and give every assistance. The FBI team has flown in for help .There is such a sense of Unity amidst this attempt to divide.
May I invite all the WCCM to be with us. Many of us have felt fear replaced by Love deep within us.
All of us in the meditation groups, especially the one at Mt.Carmel that has a multireligious participation, feel strong in the silence of the Spirit.
Thank you, Father Laurence, for helping to build this beautiful community of Love through Contemplation. Indeed, John Main was absolutely right: Meditation does create community.
Fr Joe Periera