Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kripa Vasai conducts an awareness program at Papdy village square, Vasai, Maharashtra.

Awareness Programme at Papdy Naka
On 19th July 2013, Kripa Vasai conducted an Awareness Programme at Papdy Naka, Vasai.
The target audiences for the programme were Shop Keepers, Autorickshaw drivers and Passersby’s.
The team went around distributing pamphlets and giving information on Addiction, HIV AIDS, Kripa Nursing Home. In-house patients also helped in the programme sharing their problems caused due to addiction and the miracles that have taken place during their stay in the Rehab.

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Kripa Dadanu- speaks at an NGO Meet- At a Vasai Janahit Organised Program by Fr. Baptist

On 15th June 2013, Kripa Dahanu was invited to participate in a Networking of NGOs meeting held at Bahare, Dahanu. The representatives of each NGO presented an overview of their organization; core activities and services available for the General Community. They also made a presentation of their various projects for their target groups like Orphans, School Children, Disabled children and adults, Street Children and Children Living with HIV AIDS (CLHAs).
Issues of concern and strategies to overcome the problems were discussed. It was unanimously decided that Kripa Dahanu would be present for the future programmes of the NGOs, and give talks on Addiction, Kripa Model of Treatment and Importance of Self Help Groups. 

The NGO meet was a Vasai Janahit initiative.

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Kripa Dahanu
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Awareness Programs for School Children - Kripa Dahanu

The management and staff of various schools in Dahanu requested Kripa Foundation to conduct awareness programme on Addiction for their students as an anticipatory measure.
Accordingly on 10th July 2013, the resource team gave sessions on Disease Concept, Addiction as an Illness, and Importance of Therapeutics Sessions in the Kripa Model of Recovery and Self Help Groups. Changes in Life Style were also focused on. The programme concluded with the staff giving their testimonies and the effect of Rehabilitation in changing their addictive behaviour and bringing them on the path of Recovery. A Question-Answer session concluded the programme.

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Kripa Dahanu
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Remembering Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB on his Birthday- Fr. Joe & the WCCM Community in India

Dear Fr. Laurence,
You are specially remembered on your Birthday by all the meditators in India.
I know you are in Brazil and I too will be with Roldano in Sao Paulo in September.
FR. Joe 
Reply by  Fr. Freeman to the birthday greetings
Many thanks for remembering and praying for me.

Our work here in Brasil is taking high to bring this gift to the poor which is the best present. just could imagine !

Love to you and thanks to all the Indian community 

Fr. Laurence
From Brazil

------------------------Meditatio House
32 Hamilton Road
London W5 2EH

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Fr.. Joe Live on CNN IBN TV News Channel- "Should 18 become the legal age for drinking in India- With Sagarika Ghose

FR. Joe appeared in a Live chat show with Sagarika Ghose on CNN IBN TV on the 15th of July 2013 at 10.30 PM

Kindly view the live stream below

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Latest Kripa Newsletter - June 2013 Issue

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Download PDF File click link below
Latest Kripa News Letter June 2013

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fr. Joe introduces NA Meetings at Kripa Anjuna, Goa

Fr. Joe Pereira Founder Managing Trustee of Kripa Foundation has introduced NA meetings open at the Kripa Centre in Anjuna Goa. These meetings has been introduced with the support of local NA fellowship recoveries seeking to be be away from using.This is an open meeting and will be held every Saturdayat 6 pm. A notification has been received from NA World Services affirming the presence of the NA Group at Kripa Goa.Anjuna,


Who can be a member?

If an addict wants to be a member of Narcotics Anonymous, all that addict needs is a desire

to stop using. Our Third Tradition ensures that. Whether an individual NA member chooses to

be a member of a particular group as well is entirely up to that individual. Access to the

meetings of some NA groups is restricted by factors beyond the control of these groups—

national border-crossing laws, for instance, or prison security regulations. However, these

groups themselves do not bar any NA member from joining them.
What is an NA group?
When two or more addicts come together to help each other stay clean, they may form a
Narcotics Anonymous group. Here are six points1 based on our traditions which describe an
NA group:
1. All members of a group are drug addicts, and all drug addicts are eligible for
2. As a group, they are self-supporting.
3. As a group, their single goal is to help drug addicts recover through application of the
Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous.
4. As a group, they have no affiliation outside Narcotics Anonymous.
5. As a group, they express no opinion on outside issues.
6. As a group, their public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion.
In stating the six points that differentiate an NA group from other kinds of groups, we place
greater emphasis on drug addiction than almost anywhere else in our service literature.

What is an NA Group?


Narcotics Anonymous groups are self-governing (the Twelve Traditions use the word

autonomous). The group may conduct its own affairs in whatever way seems fit to its members,

provided the group’s actions do not adversely affect other groups or the entire NA Fellowship.

So what we offer here is not a “rule book” but the shared experience of how many of our

groups have met with success in conducting meetings and tending to business. Newer members

may find this booklet helps them understand who does what to keep the group going and how

to help. For more experienced members, it may lend some perspective to their group

involvement. But no matter how much information we pack into this booklet, you’re still going

to find that the best source of guidance for your group is in your group itself.

There are many ways of doing things in Narcotics Anonymous. And just as all of us have our

own individual personalities, so will your group develop its own identity, its own way of doing

things, and its own special knack for carrying the NA message. That’s the way it should be. In

NA we encourage unity, not uniformity.

This booklet does not even attempt to say everything that could be said about operating an

NA group. What you’ll find here are some brief answers to a few very basic questions: What is

an NA group? How does the work get done? What kinds of meetings can a group have? When

problems arise, how are they solved? We hope this booklet proves useful as your group seeks to
fulfill its primary purpose: to carry the message to the addict who still suffers

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Awareness Programme for Self Help Group- Kripa Varanasi

Awareness Programme for Self Help Group
On 07th July 2013, Kripa Varanasi conducted an awareness programme for Alcoholics and their families at Chhitampur village. The gatherings were made aware of the Kripa Model of Recovery; the essentiality of an In-house programme and the therapeutics sessions involved. Focus was made on Self Help Groups and Family systems. Topics on HIV AIDS were also covered.
The programme concluded with many families requesting a follow up programme and sought further information on admission procedures for their loved ones afflicted with Chemical Dependency.

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Kripa Varanasi
Mozen H

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking- Shillong

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
On 26th June 2013, Kripa Shillong commemorated Anti Drug Day in collaboration with District Child Protection Unit, Social Welfare Department,Meghalaya for various schools in the city.
There was a series of different activities; awareness programmes, Debate competition, Street Play, Dance Competition for children and the like. The participants requested for more such programmes on Addiction and HIV AIDS. They also requested the Resource Team to conduct Counselling sessions for the students on a periodic basis.

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Kripa Shillong
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Friday, July 5, 2013

Awareness Programme at Vasai Railway Stattion - By VRACS

Awareness Programme at Vasai Station
On 05th July 2013, Kripa Vasai conducted an Awareness Programme at Vasai Station. The target audiences for the programme were Autorickshaw drivers and Passersby’s.
Active and continuous interaction from the resource team kept the programme going for a good hour; distributing pamphlets and giving information on Addiction, HIV AIDS, Kripa Nursing Home and the like.

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Kripa Vasai

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by Kripa Vasai

On 01st July 2013, Kripa Vasai commemorated Anti Drug Day at Parnaka and Manickpur areas for members of the general population.
Banners and Posters were prominently with In-house patients putting up a skit on addiction, influence of peers, dysfunctions in the family, role of the social worker, Kripa Treatment module and Re-integration into society. Information on Addiction related to HIV AIDS was also disseminated.
Pamphlets were continuously distributed and many passersby’s sought information from the team and also shared painful experiences of their loved ones. All information on Kripa Vasai; its services and activities were explained to them. The feedback received was positive and encouraging.

Kripa Vasai
Mozen H

Liz Chiana of Oakville certified for teaching Kripafoundation Iyengar yoga® for Christian Meditation, Oakville, Canada

An understandably and very pleased Liz Chaina receives her Kripafoundation Iyengar yoga® for Christian Meditation teaching certificate. 

Jim P. of Kripa Canada, charged with training Liz by Fr Joe, felicitated Liz at the conclusion of the Saturday morning yoga class held at Sunseed Yoga, Oakville, Canada.

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 Kripa Canada

Fr. Joe inaugurates Employee Assistance Program ( EAP) with TATA POWER , Mumbai

“Caring means to suffer with” said Fr. Joe Pereira Founder Managing Trustee on 1st July, 2013 at the inaugural ceremony and contract signing of the Tata Power - Kripa Foundation (EAP- Employment Assistance Program) at the Trombay plant of Tata Power, Mumbai. India.

 The ceremony was well attended by Senior Managers headed by Mr.P.L. Manjrekar Head Tata Power Trombay, Mr. Srinivasan Head Operations Trombay, Mr.S R Kamat Head Mech.Maint.Trombay and Dr. R  Y Bangle Head Medical Trombay. The HR team was headed by Mr. Chetan Tolia Chief HR Officer, Mr. Sunil Surti Head HR Western Region and Mr. Kunjivihari Jandhyala  Head HR Trombay. The Union team was headed by Mr. Thomson Koshy along with union committee members from Trombay + QA and I&T. The Kripa team was headed by Fr. Joe H Pereira along with Mr. Bosco D’Souza, Ms. Krishna Iyer, Mr. Brett Rodricks and Mr. Vijay Poojari.

The CHRO emphasized that the Tata Group prioritised the 'we'll being' of the employees over 'success', as one can enjoy success. “Only when they are happy and healthy enough to enjoy it.” He added. Mr. Sunil Surti mentioned that the Tata Power shared their pleasure in associating with a dedicated NGO like Kripa and hoped to have a successful association in reaching out to those suffering from addiction and addiction related ailments. 

Fr Joe in his address spoke about the extent of Kripa's work and the ethos and philosophy behind the 31 yrs of existence. He also spoke about the 'caring' attitude that is ingrained in the organisation and the work we do, where caring is 'suffering along with'. Ms Krishna Iyer Development Manager explained in brief the EAP program and Mr. Bosco D’Souza National Program Director introduced Mr. Vijay Poojari the EAP counselor to be placed at Tata Power Trombay and also thanked the HR Team of Mr. Surti, Mr. Kunjivihari, Mr. Siddique, Mr. Allwyn Abraham and the HR Team.

Earlier the MOU was signed by Mr. Sunil Surti and Fr. Joe Pereira in the presence of Tata Power and Kripa representatives. The program was a grand success which was felicitated by Mr. Allwyn Abraham and the HR team of TATA Power.

Ms. Krishna Iyer

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by Kripa Darjeeling

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
Kripa Darjeeling in collaboration with Bengal Excise Department, Information & Cultural Affairs, Govt. of West Bengal and Shanker Foundation commemorated Anti Drug Day on 26th June 2013.
The programme was held in Chowrastha Mall, Darjeeling. A photo exhibition on the harmful consequences of alcohol and drugs abuse was displayed and a signature campaign.
The participants were locales, tourists, staff and well-wishers of the centre. They whole heartedly appreciated the efforts made by the organisation in fighting the scourge of addiction. The volunteers distributed pamphlets; giving information to help families to detect addiction in the family and the course of action to be taken. Many responded with queries on the Treatment Modules and addiction. The media team from Himali T.V. also visited the area and interacted with the resource team.

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Kripa Darjeeling
Mozen H

Awareness for Street Children by Kripa Mangalor

Awareness for Street Children
On 15th June 2013, Kripa Mangalore conducted an awareness programme for Street Children in the premises itself.
There was games, dancing, singing and a skit on addiction; clearly depicting dangers of substances and changes in lifestyle. There was also given an overview of Kripa Model of Recovery. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the competitions, followed by snacks and refreshments. The programme concluded with each child presented with a gift.

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Kripa Mangalore


Awareness Programme at Sathaye College, Mumbai by Kripa Bandra

Awareness Programme at Sathaye College
In continuum to Anti Drug Day, Kripa Bandra conducted an Awareness Programme at Sathaye College, Vile Parle (E) on 29th June 2013.
Around 100 students participated in the event wherein Asst. Police Inspector, Mr. Badade was present. After a brief introduction by Prof. Vinod Gaware, Asst. Principal of the collage, a PowerPoint presentation on Addiction and Drugs - myths, facts and statistics was presented by the resource team, followed by life experience by an ex-patient from the “Hades of Addiction” through the ‘12 Steps to Sobriety’.
The Kripa Documentary ‘God’s Grace’ was screened that inspired the young minds of the students. There was a display of drug using paraphernalia and the team explained the harmful effects of the drug on one self.
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Kripa Bandra
Mozen H

Orientation Programme for Students- Kripa Mangalore

Orientation Programme for Students
On 13th June 2013, Kripa Mangalore conducted an orientation programme for around 40 students of St. Aloysius College, Mangalore BSW Department.
Topics touched on were Kripa Model of Recovery, Addiction, HIV AIDS by the staff of the centre. Recovering addicts shared their life experiences that were greatly appreciated by the students. There was a question-answer session followed by feedback by the students.
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Kripa Mangalore
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Monday, July 1, 2013

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking- by Kripa Dharavi, Mumbai

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
On 26th June 2013, Kripa Dharavi in collaboration with Narcotics Control Bureau commemorated Anti Drug Day. The members of the dais were Rev. Fr. Joe Pereira, Senior Officials of Narcotics Control Bureau, Sion Hospital and Marol Police Training Camp.
There was a rally; flagged off by Dr. Mahek Jain, Superintendent, NCB, New Delhi and Dr. Maria Nigam, Director, Kripa Dharavi Project, and participated by students from various schools, social workers, local leaders, well-wishers and staff of the centre.
Post rally, the gathering adjourned to the local hall wherein members of the dais gave speeches on the evils of addiction. The programme continued with slogan and street play competitions and participants were awarded trophies and certificates. Snacks and Refreshments were served to all.
The programme was covered by P 7 News TV Channel that featured Dr. Maria Nigam.
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Kripa Dharavi
Mozen H