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Fr. Joe acknowledged in...Ex- drug addict from Kandivli inspires others with string of triathlon medals- Times of India by Sharmila Ganesan Ram

There is a Japanese geisha on his right forearm, what looks like a Greek arm band on his left upper arm, an alien on his left leg and something he regrets even more on his spine. “Don’t ask,” says 25-year-old Neil D’Silva about the four mindless tattoos that seem to have materialized on his athletic body when it used to be frail. Etched during a blurry four years full of rave parties, white powders, needles and desperate trips to Goa, the permanent tattoos remind this cheery Kandivli man about the time he became, in his own words, “a disgrace” to his unsuspecting parents. “I’m going to have the tattoos erased as soon as I start earning. Not on my parent’s money,” says D'Silva, clearly regretful of the debt he has piled up during his journey from former drug addict to obsessive triathlon addict whose slew of Ironman medals now not only inspires his social media followers but also school kids who sometimes ask him all the wrong details. 

Right now, D’Silva is telling us his story with his legs wrapped inside a black contraption that hisses from time to time as it cools his muscles. He is seated on the bed in his room that could pass for a fitness studio. It packs a sponsored treadmill, two bicycles that cost a few fixed deposits, a smart trainer that simulates (or as D’Silva says “stimulates”) various cycling terrains virtually and three frames on his bedside wall--a gift from his best friend--that each show an animated man swimming, cycling and running: the three components of a triathlon. Every now and then, the door to D’Silva’s room opens and in comes either his father with fresh pineapple juice or his mother with a plateful of boiled sweet potatoes for the obsessive inhouse athlete who has completed four overseas Half Ironman events so far. His most recent medal came this October from Ironman 70.3 in Turkey which he finished in good time for someone who started training two years ago: four hours and 39 minutes.

Lean and tall, the 25-year-old seems to bear no resemblance to the chubby boy who smiles from a picture taken during his teens. That boy had deflated very quickly after finishing twelfth grade when, as a commerce student, D’Silva found himself in the company of a bunch of older boys who experimented with cocaine and other mind-altering drugs. D’Silva--whose Facebook post describes his life as “fun, even heady” recalls: “I wasted four years of my life.” He can’t forget the morning he stumbled back home after one of his many desperate trips to Goa as a broke teenager. That’s when his father, Nixon, smelt the addict in him. Till then, “we were too innocent to even suspect him of being an addict,” says his mother Leena, a banker and cancer survivor who described the knowledge of her son’s addiction as “more shocking and heartbreaking” than the time she was diagnosed with the terminal disease. My husband was my pillar. He said he had full faith that our boy would mend his ways,” she says about Nixon who immediately dragged his son to Fr Joe Pereira of Kripa Foundation, the rehab centre in which D’Silva spent two months.

Clarity arrived on March 6, 2015, right in the middle of a rave party in a friend’s house. “That’s when I realised I was losing the plot again and decided to quit overnight,” says D’Silva, a gym rat who took to his passion for running with a vengeance after that epiphany. Soon, another overnight decision saw D’Silva giving up cigarettes too after a family friend, Godfrey DeBritto, told him casually that his pace would improve if he gave up smoking. “I used to smoke a packet and a half a day,” says D’Silva, who saw his running time improve by 30 minutes in the span of two years. Now addicted to the runners’ high, he participated in various half marathons. Ironman--a triathlon whose social media buzz began to infect India two years ago--then gave D’Silva a goal and soon, he was making trips to public and private swimming pools near Kandivli.

Keen to fuel the expensive dream of their son,the senior D’Silva's burnt their fixed deposits into equipment. In return, D’Silva would wake up at 5 am daily to run and even go on weekly cycling trips to Lonavla under the careful watch of his friends Aditya or Neeraj. He now plans to prepare young athletes for Asian Games of 2022.


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Fr. Joe - Healing Mind and Body -An article in the Newspaper "THE STANDARD"-Warmambool

Father Joe Pereira was a guest speaker at Western Region Alcohol and Drug Centre annual general meeting on Tuesday evening.
WRAD also unveiled its 2017-18 annual report, which shows alcohol remains the most problematic drug in the region, followed by methamphetamine-like substances and cannabis. 
The report shows there has been an increase in the number of clients aged 45 and over presenting for treatment, as well as a rise in the number of self-referrals.
Males made up 58 per cent of those seeking treatment. 
Father Pereira founded the Kripa Foundation, which had humble beginnings in a church compound in India.
At that time there was three patients in residence, a priest, a doctor and a recovering alcoholic as a role model for recovery and sobriety.
Since then the charitable trust has spread all over India with 69 varied facilities addressing addiction.
Father Pereira says the traditional 12-step program as used by Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous combined with Iyengar yoga and meditation practise offers a holistic approach to recovery.
He studied directly under the founder of Iyengar yoga, BKS Iyengar, for 46 years. 
He is now considered one of the world’s leading instructors and on Tuesday morning he took a class at Warrnambool’s Iyengar studio with Karen Wilde. 
“The 12 step program is the backbone of recovery,” he said. 
“When you listen to your body you begin to realise the truth about your self.
“When you bring people together and address the body through yoga – the body has its own wisdom – it gives us an opportunity to address disorder.
“Iyengar is bringing about a triple effect for change – body, breath and trans personal.“Yoga and meditation can transform a person. It’s a blend of body, mind and soul. It’s a celebration of life.” 
At the Kripa Foundation patients stay for an intense three month treatment to complete a lifestyle change.

Thank You Fr. Joe- An Appreciation letter from Mr. Geoff Soma, Western Region Alcohol & Drug INC., Warmambool

Report -Courtesy:
Karen Wilde

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Fr. Cajetan Speaks at the FABC Conference on " Accompaniment of Families in Asia - Pattaya, Thailand


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Milwaukee - THE ORIGINAL TEACHINGS OF B.K.S. IYENGAR IN HIS CENTENARY YEAR - YOGA WORKSHOP by Rev. Joseph H Pereira with Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ ,

Dear Kripa Family & Well Wishers,

We all would like to thank you very much for your interest, contributions and joining with us during the “ORIGINAL TEACHINGS OF B.K.S. IYENGAR IN HIS CENTENARY YEAR - YOGA WORKSHOP by Rev. Joseph H Pereira - Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yoga”. Please find the attached pictures of the events for your archives… 

We are very proud that “THE CIRCLE” movie won another important award in NEW DELHI Film festival while we were watching the movie during the event… We congratulate Ms. Philippa Frisby:)  

We are thankful to Dr. Ashok Bedi for attending the Book Launching talk with Fr.Joe and supporting Kripa Foundation.

We are grateful to Fr. Joe for inauguration of CIRCLE CENTER YOGA while he was in Milwaukee:)) You may find some pictures of this event in the attached files… 

I would like to thank personally to you for attending my “JOURNEY OF SPIRIT” photographic exhibition during the event… Couple of pictures sold during the event and some of you asked to see the link and decide on which picture to buy with their loved ones… Then I decided to share the information for the exhibition picture selling information.
 The pictures are in further sale for the fundraising to Kripa Foundation to help the Dharavi Slum Kripa Shelter. The shelter has a space issue at the moment. We would like to raise more funding to support them.. 

Please see the public link prepared by Andy Sharlein, Allied Digital Photo, who prints the pictures on Aluminum plates for my “JOURNEY of SPIRIT” exhibition pictures … 
  • You may order the pictures as a XMAS GIFT (with a tax free donation receipt), or for Birthday / Anniversary / any other occasions gifts to your loved ones.. 
  • The picture order sizes, prices and which serial numbers are available to buy information are listed in the attached PRICE LIST file… 
  • You may order smaller size of the pictures than the original sizes were presented during the exhibition… The prices of different sizes are in the attached list
  • All the prints will be on HIGH DEFINITION ALUMINUM PLATE… 
  • You will receive a certificate of ownership for each picture which will be serialized (maximum 20 each can be sold for each picture). 
  • The printing and shipping process may take 2-3 weeks, so please keep this information into consideration while ordering… 
  • You may call my cell phone number anytime… The contact information is given below. 
  • You may forward this email to your loved ones who may be interested to help the kids… 
  • Please fill the attached form to order the pictures along with a check payable to “whole life is healing” for the tax free donation receipts and the funds will be transferred to Kripa Foundation - India. 
The Best 2018 XMAS gift is to give love and shelter to the innocent children of Dharavi Slums in Mumbai…. A big Thank  You to Fr. Joe and KRIPA Foundation for saving them… 

Many thanks to all Donors and Sponsors again…  

Happy Thanksgiving… 



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Friday, November 9, 2018

Kripa Conducts a Training & Development Program for it's All India Staff - Sponsored by Sir Dorabji Tata Trust

The Kripa Training and Development Program was conducted at Kripa Vasai, Mumbai , under the auspicious of Kripa Institute of Training from 22nd October to 3rd November 2018. It was supported by Sir Dorabji Tata Trust.
28 participants from 14 Kripa Centres were involved in the Training.

The aim of the Training was to enable them to imbibe the Kripa Program and all its components so that they can implement it in their Centers under the guidance of their Center Managers and also to give them the knowledge and skills so they can start a Kripa Center de novo.

Sessions were taken by the following Resource Persons:

Father Joe on yoga and the psycho- spiritual, psycho-somatic and psycho- social aspects of the Kripa Program.

Fr. Cajetan Menezes Managing Trustee took a session on "I" Factor- Empowerment of Self. Also conducted a one to one session with each staff member.

Dr Snehal Mehta took sessions on the various facets of Kripa Foundation and the Documentation process.

Bosco D’Souza, National Program Director ,took sessions on various aspects of Kripa Counselor functioning and monitored and hand held  the participants during their stay, enabling their involvement in all aspects of Kripa Care.

Dr Hemant and Dr. (Mrs) Shubhangi Patil took a session on First Aid and Emergency Medical Care.

Dr Aninha Lobo introduced them to Research activities.

 Miss Patricia D’Souza conducted a workshop on Effective Communications.

Mr Amit Patel involved them in HIV care and support

Mr. Ketan Gavande conducted a session on Motivation and being positive in life.

After a very tight schedule of training the participants  were given and opportunity to have a visit to Kripa Dahanu Center, Bandra Center and sight seeing tour of  Vasai and Mumbai.

A word of appreciation to Lester, Noel, kitchen staff for the sumptuous different cuisines served to the participants. The staff of Vasai under Vijay, Shamit and Sameer for their logistic support and Accounts department Bruno and  Mousin  
Valedictory session was taken by Father Cajetan on 3rd November where the participants were guided regarding follow up of the Program. Certificates of Participation and Certificate for being Resource Person, and logistic support were distributed.

Report by
Dr Snehal Mehta M.D.


Monday, October 29, 2018

Fr Joe inaugurates a New Centre for Addiction Recovery in collaboration with Vincent De Paul Society at Ratmodemm, Carmona, Goa

25th October 2018
Fr. Joe Pereira Founder Trustee of Kripa Foundation inaugurated the new centre " Blessed Frederic Ozanam Recovery Centre - for alcoholics and Drug addicts in Ratmodemm, Carmona, Salcette, South Goa.
Earlier the Blessing of the premises by Fr. Jose Remedios - Vicar General of  Archdiocese of Goa and the presence of the Parish Priest Fr. Sauto, Priest and Religious ,local villagers. more than 30 members of SVP, Police personals, Local Sarpanch and Zilla members, AA south Goa Chairman Shrish H, alongwith staff and patients of Kripa Foundation.
The said in -house residential project was initiated after researching by the SVP members the alarming rise in alcohol and Drug addiction among the Goan population destroying families in large numbers.
This is a project of SVP and since Kripa Foundation is the largest NGO in this field with a Holistic approach. Fr. Joe was invited to run the centre totally under the Kripa Model of treatment.
Kripa Foundation will also carry out outreach and awareness programs on a larger scale in South Goa.

It has been planned that with the help and support of 190 conferences of SVP under the dynamic leadership of their President Mr. Amancio and Vincentians major awareness programs will be held to spread the message of the ill effects of addiction and drug abuse across Goa.
The program ended with the service of snacks and refreshments.

Earlier Fr Cajetan Menezes Managing Trustee and staff from Head office Mumbai had visited the centre to plan the opening on request from Fr. Joe, who was doing Yoga programs in America and Canada.

Kudos to the members of SVP for all the great efforts they have taken and built a beautiful centre filled with Love .

Collage & Report

Fr. Joe conducts Intense Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ at Sunseed Studio, Oakville, Canada

The workshop by Father Joe Pereira, held on Sept 21, 22 and 23 2018, at the Sunseed Yoga Studio in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, was enthusiastically attended by over 60 devoted students of yoga in the Iyengar tradition from the Greater Toronto area and from as far as away as California, Milwaukee, & Wisconsin, USA.
Students were thrilled to meet and be taught first hand by Father Joe, who was a direct student (over 40 years) of Guruji Iyengar, and dear friend of Mother Teresa.
Father Joe shared his incredible knowledge and practical insight through his lifelong personal yoga practice, instructing Asana and Pranayama, and the accompanying philosophy of Patanjali and  B.K.S. Iyengar, and insights gained from his lifetime work as a Catholic priest. He also shared information related to the success of the Kripa Foundation, a charity he founded originally in India, to help those with addictions move beyond their difficulties through the dedicated practice of yoga.
At the Sunseed Workshop students were not only taught the physical intricacies of each Asana, but the accompanying philosophical purpose(s) as well as health (mental, physical and emotional) value of each pose.
In the Saturday afternoon and Sunday practice, students were instructed in preparation asana to be done before pranayama. Subsequently, Father Joe taught specific pranayama practices which are of benefit to specific conditions.
Father Joe continually emphasized that all of the practice should be dedicated to a lifetime of devotion to yogic principles. He taught us how yogic practices integrate into a spiritual life from any religious or spiritual background.
He reminded us that yoga is NOT a physical exercise but a way of life dedicated to self awareness, and eventual Samhadi.
He also reminded us that particularly in North America, we need to understand and teach others that Asana is just one piece of a much larger lifetime devotional practice.

A Report by:
Jim Pope
Sunseed Yoga

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Fr. Joe conducts a massive Alcathon meeting on Meditation in Vasai to more than 250 participants

Fr. Joe was the key speaker at a massive Alcathon meeting held at St. Michaels Church, Loyala Hall, Manickpur, Vasai, Palghar District , Maharashtra.
More than 250 participated in the program from all over Maharashtra and Gujarat . Fr Joe conducted session on the importance of the 4th , 5th & 11th Step of AA.
At the Q& A session mot wanted to ask question to which Fr. Joe patiently answered most of them to their satisfaction.

Other speakers at the program were Dr Ashish Despande and Bhushan V.

The joy was to see many members click selfie with Fr. Joe or group photos to which he politely obliged.
The entire program was organised by Mr. Anthony D with the help of different group members of AA

Collage & Report 

Fr. Joe's Eulogy - In memory of Maxi Menezes Kripa Family Member of Kripa Pune.

Dear Fr. Joe on behalf of Kripa Family we THANK YOU so much for all that you did for Maxi, for more than 20 years.
Maxi always had one sentence whenever we met " ONLY FR. JOE ...RIGHT " and he would smile and walk out.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Fr. Joe conducts Intense Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ in Kilowna, Canada


Fr. Joe conducts Intense Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ in Calgary, Canada


" THE CIRCLE " A Film based on Fr. Joe's work "KRIPA" on street Children -WINS THE DELHI INTERNATIONAL FILM AWARD

‘The Circle’, a documentary film by Philippa Frisby on Iyengar yoga and de-addiction centre in Dharavi won the Best Documentary Film Award at the Delhi International Film Festival earlier this week on an auspicious 9th day of Navratri 18th Oct 2018 in the presence of a large audience including Ambassadors from 6 countries and many filmmakers from all around the world.

The film is based on the work of Father Joe Pereira an Indian Roman Catholic Priest, social worker and Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher and founder of Kripa the largest NGO addressing chemical dependency and addiction creating a unique way of working in this field through his work with BKS Iyengar and Mother Teresa.

“I always wanted to make a film on Iyengar yoga, and when I met Father Joe Pereira and saw the centre in Dharavi I knew this was the film I had to make. This is my first feature documentary film and I am overwhelmed by the response to The Circle and how it has inspired people to think differently and opened their eyes to a problem  they did not know about. The Circle has been screened in 9 festivals since January and received 5 awards. When I started out on making this film it was through my passion for filmmaking and yoga and making a social documentary I had no idea this would happen. I really want to thank Father Joe  for trusting me to make this film and it is dedicated to all the children in the film who have fought drug addiction with the help of Iyengar Yoga and are now inspiring others and to Deepak, Rajan, Shabana and Praveen who tirelessly work everyday to bring these children off the streets and cut the cycle of addiction offering them a new pathway in life.

It is very beautiful that The Circle is being shown in the centenary year of the birth of BKS Iyengar and my heartfelt thanks and gratitude goes to my teacher Zubin Zarthoshtimanesh who has inspired me and guided me on the path of yoga.

I am fascinated by all the people that Guruji has touched in the furthest corners of the world. Guruji’s pupils have become teachers and through their individuality, interpreted his teachings and taken it out into the world, like Father Joe using his work with Mother Teresa and Guruji. This work is affecting these children, who are often seen as anonymous, a nameless, faceless class at the bottom of society. This is what I saw in the street project in Dharavi and I shall be forever moved by its story of bravery, endurance and trust of all involved." - Philippa Frisby

Assoc. Director Shashank said: “ Film is a very powerful  medium and we are very thankful to everybody who has supported The Circle on its journey and all the festivals who have shown it and for the special screening at ICAAD. We are overwhelmed by the response it has received so far and the many things people have said. I thank all the people and the crew who worked on this film to make it a success  We will continue to work to spread awareness through our film The Circle and the more social documentaries made by IndigoEye Productions.

Shashank Sharma
Co-Founder | Indigoeye Productions 

+91 9820926924


Fr. Joe conducts Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ for an ALL AMERICA YOGA GROUP in MOOSEJAW CANADA


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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Kripa Foundation - 37th Annual Fund Raiser - 15th August 2018

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Fr. Joe's Easter greetings to You in the latest Kripa Newsletter 2018









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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Fr. Joe Inaugurates a Free Medical Camp for Parkinson Disease and Movement Disorders at Kripa Foundation Vasai, District Palghar

Fr. Joe Pereira, Founder Trustee of Kripa Foundation alongwith Dr. Sharmila Donde, Dr. Sweety Mety and Vasai Region AIDS Control Society Board Board Members, inaugurated a free medical camp for Parkinson Disease at Kripa Foundation, Papdy,Vasai on 25th March 2018. Dr. Donde in her inaugural speech mentioned, how it is an urgent need , to spread the message of how, if Parkinson Disease is detected early, it can be managed well in advance. Dr Donde thanked Fr. Joe and Kripa Foundation for the support and cooperation given to Parkinson Disease and Movement Disorder Society in reaching out to the people of Virar- Vasai region.
Fr. Joe thanked the Directors ,Doctors and office bearers of P.D.M.D.S and further added that “With the help of P.M.D.S it’s time to spread the awareness about the disease, so that senior citizens who are living in a caged  and depressed lifestyle with Parkinson disease, can be freed and live a happy retired life, especially in our remote arrears of Vasai –Virar”.  He further mentioned that this, he has personally witnessed, by seeing the difference in the individuals before and after they keep coming to the EVERY TUESDAY SESSION FROM 11 AM TO 12 NOON at Kripa Foundation Vasai, where professional Doctors, Counselors, and Physio- Therapist team from P.M.D.S with the component of  Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga visit the OPD. Every Tuesday there is a remarkable  numbers are increasing.
More than 150 citizens benefited from this camp and even there was free medicines distributed for those who need them.
The Medical camp was blessed with the presence of V..V.M.C   Corporators Shri. Santosh Walvikar and  Dr. Hemant Patil along with VRACS Board Members Mrs. Evette Coutinho and Mr. Jagdish Shetty and prominent personalities of Papdy and Vasai  and staff of Kripa and VRACS.

Report By
Amit Patel


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fr. Joe meets Friends of Kripa Retired Admiral Menon Former CMD of Goa Shipyard. in Vaikom, Kerela

Recently on his visit to Goa Fr. Joe had an opportunity to meet up with Friends Kripa retired Admiral Menon the former CMD of Goa Shipyard.Admiral Menon was instrumental in implementing the ILO project for the workers of Goa Shipyard in collaboration with Kripa Foundation in 1999, He has helped save innumerable families and lives for those afflicted and effected with addiction. Till date the work continues at Goa Shipyard by Dr Prabhu and Mrs. Pamela D'Costa and Team.His graceful wife Mrs. Menon is still remembered for the deep involvement in family welfare.