Friday, October 26, 2018

Fr. Joe conducts a massive Alcathon meeting on Meditation in Vasai to more than 250 participants

Fr. Joe was the key speaker at a massive Alcathon meeting held at St. Michaels Church, Loyala Hall, Manickpur, Vasai, Palghar District , Maharashtra.
More than 250 participated in the program from all over Maharashtra and Gujarat . Fr Joe conducted session on the importance of the 4th , 5th & 11th Step of AA.
At the Q& A session mot wanted to ask question to which Fr. Joe patiently answered most of them to their satisfaction.

Other speakers at the program were Dr Ashish Despande and Bhushan V.

The joy was to see many members click selfie with Fr. Joe or group photos to which he politely obliged.
The entire program was organised by Mr. Anthony D with the help of different group members of AA

Collage & Report