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Inauguration of ICTC- VRACS


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Announcement From VRACS -Vasai


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Fr Joe gives consent to AA Fellowship

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Peace within leads to Peace without- Fr Joe

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Bosco our All India Programme Director recovering from a a major road accident-Fr. Joe

On the 1st November, in the early morning as he was rushing to be at the Family visiting Sunday at Vasai. Bosco was knocked down by a speeding vehecle . He escaped miraculously but has had multiple fractures on his leg and hand. He is recoveiing well and we appeal for your prayers for his quick recovery. He takes over the new post of An All India Programme Director of Kripa .He will be initiating and setting up new Kripa Centres in parts of India that are longing for the Kripa presence.
Jimmy Amore replaces Bosco as the Vasai Centre Head.----Fr.Joe

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Bonanza at Kripa Vasai

The Christmas season heralds the birth of Jesus Christ and the message of Love, Joy and Peace fills our very being. This message came alive at the Christmas Party organized for underprivileged children from institutes in and around the Vasai region and children affected and afflicted by HIV / AIDS. Initiated in 1994, the program has become a tradition of Kripa Foundation, Papdy, Vasai, and was held on the30th December 2009. A total of 776 children attended the program.

The event commenced with a thanksgiving prayer service led by Rev. Fr. Joe H. Pereira, Founder and Managing Trustee, Kripa Foundation and was followed by the Christmas Carol “Silent Night,” sung by Rev. Fr. Joe H. Pereira. Each child was given a candle to light to signify the coming of Christ; “the Light of the World.”

Next, Santa Clause came romping onto the patio and had the children in their elements. A variety of entertainment programs were staged which included mimicry, dance shows and carols sung by the patients of Kripa Foundation, Vasai. The master of ceremonies, Mr. Amit Patel kept the children entertained throughout the event.

The event ended with a sumptuous dinner and the children returned home to their respective institutions. The happiness on the faces of the children was a direct reflection of the team effort of the management and staff of Kripa Foundation, Vasai.

Reported by
Jimi Amore
Centre in charge
Kripa Vasai

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spending Quality time - at kripa Dharavi

"Fr. Joe enjoys spending quality time with partners of drug users under Kripa care at Dharavi, Mumbai. A Destigmatization activity under UNODC, Project H13


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Kripa Foundation, Pune celebrated completion of 10 years of operations this year. On 15th December 2009, a function was arranged to commemorate this milestone with Assistant Commissioner of Police (Narcotics Branch), Pune, Mrs. Pushpalata Deshmukh as the chief guest. Fr. Joe Pereira Founder Managing Trustee graced the event with his presence. Many prominent personalities including Fr.Theo D’Sales, Fr Misquitta, Mr. Paul and Mrs. Sangeeta D’Souza, Mr. Joseph, Ms. Minu Batliwala, Mrs. Shobha Chelaram as well as many old timers of AA witnessed the celebration. The function was inaugurated by lighting of a lamp at the hands of Fr. Joe, ACP Deshmukh and Mrs. Anuradha Karkare, and a welcome address by Mr. Shrirang Umrani. More than 50 recovering addicts were given a token symbolizing sobriety on completion of the sobriety period ranging from 1 year to 19+ years.
In her speech, ACP Deshmukh said that till today she had never witnessed this brighter side of addicts. As policemen, they are only involved breaking the supply chains and policing the unruly behaviour of people under the influence of alcohol and other substances. At Kripa she could see first hand examples as to how a better personality can be carved out of an addict through the rehabilitation process. She also promised to extend the best possible cooperation in her capacity from the police department to Kripa Foundation in this noble work.
Fr. Joe, while admiring the efforts and achievements of Kripa Pune, blessed the staff for an even better contribution to society through its services. While acknowledging the cooperation offered by ACP Deshmukh, he emphasized the need to work together as the Police Department works on Supply reduction and Kripa Foundation on Demand reduction. The house magazine “Abhivyakti”, a collection of creative inputs from patients was released at the hands of Fr. Joe and ACP Deshmukh.
Mr. Manish R, a recovering addict, along with his musical troupe performed popular film songs to entertain the guests. Mrs. Sangeeta Joshi compeered the function.
Mrs. Anuradha Karkare delivered the vote of thanks while concluding the ceremony.