Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fr Joe celebrating Mass & Novena

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A. Fr Joe celebrating Eucharist after a yoga workshop at Kripa US.
B. Fr Joe with friends of kripa in Detroit ,mainly expats from India, particulary from his home town Vasai. Where he held a novena service to Our lady of Perpetual Succcor,and shared the devotion with the distribution of the His CD" Novena to Our lady of Perpetual Succor", This was followed by mass for the repose of the soul of Mr. Elais Dmello , our loving benefactor from America.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fr Joe's Yoga Workshop- in Oakville Canada

Fr Joe Pereira -The Kripa Iyengar yoga workshop : THE SILENCE OF THE SPIRIT. Sept.17

A yoga workshop was held in Oakville ,Canada on 17th September 2010.The workshop was a resounding success.The above video clip was recorded during the afternoon prayanam session.

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Jim Pope

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Science and Faith meet through Yogic Healing-Fr Joe

Kripa Foundation Iyengar yoga presentation was held by Fr Joe Pereira ,assisted by Bryant Mascarenhas of Kripa Us Inc, at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital ,in Milwaukee.This was to share light on how kripa operates in using Yoga as a healing modality along with the AA 12 step program.
Several Pastoral Ministers,Doctors,Health care providers,and emminent personnels from the hospital attened this presentation.
Fr Joe was aboslutely magnetic.His explanation and presentation on how SCIENCE and FAITH meet through yogic healing were soul enriching
Bryant Mascarenhas
Kripa Us Inc.

Yoga Workshop in Milwaukee at Mt.Mary;s College

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Inspite of a busy schedule of working with phone calls and and replying to Emails from the early hours of the morning. Fr Joe's energy is electrifying.No one in America can believe he is 68 years.Many of our students in Milwaukee were soaked in tears with his beautifull teaching of Christianity and Yoga ,and how he invokes the "Love of Mother Teresa and Guruji B K S Iyengar to heal people.''
Over 200 students of Bryant ( Kripa US) attended these workshops, some flying in from California,Texas and other near by states.These workshops held, raized tremendous Love towards all in India and those helping Fr Joe expand his healing of kripa Foundation.
We are all blessed by Fr Joe's love and hardwork.On a personal note I pray to the Lord to protect our Fr Joe.I have personally had the honors of having him stay with me and my family I have seen, how hard he works for Kripa Foundation.Every morning he starts his day at 5.30 am and did not rest untill late midnight.I myself was in tears when he left, and our home feels the void.But we know he carries this mission and and his light to other people who need it all over the western world.
India you are very lucky to have a Father.....Fr Joe.
With lots of love
Bryant,Kelly,Valentino & Lyla Mascarenhas
Dr Ashok Bedi & Mrs Usha Bedi
All our Yoga Teachers, Yoga Students
Well wishers & Friends
Milwaukee, Wisconsin,USA

Fund raising Dinner for Kripa at Dr Bedi's

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A fund raising dinner for Kripa was held at Jurgian Psycho Analyst Dr Ashok Bedi's and his Master Indian Chef wife Mrs Usha Bedi.Many emminent and well established people from the medical community.friends and yoga student attended the dinner.
Bryant Mascarenhas.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Healing Weekend with Fr Joe

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For the second Fall season we were joined by Fr. Joe and forty seven participants for a September weekend of nourishing yoga Iyengar method Kripa style. Fr. Joe who has founded and operates over fifty addiction rehabs and HIV/AIDS treatment centres across India, travels annually to the west to treat us to his yogic approach to healing illness and his message of love. All as part of his annual fund raising efforts.

Fr Joe states that his mentor Mother Theresa is his left hand, and his Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar is his right. By their guidance Fr Joe , a bakti yogi practices his karma work.

Please enjoy these photographs a glimpse into our weekend of connecting with our Atman through yoga asana's, prayanama and philosophy.Together we again raised $6000 for Kripa Yoga by practiscing yoga !

Thank You Fr Joe.


Leigh A. Milne

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Monday, September 20, 2010

AA Platinum Jubilee Convention in Goa from 12th to 15th November2010

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Fr Joe - in Toronto

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Fr. Joe celebrating a Thanksgiving Eucharist with old Mount Carmel Parishioners of Bandra along with new friends of Kripa in Toronto, Canada

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A day at the Bandra Fair

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Come the month of September and it's time to celebrate Mother Mary's birthday.
On the 15th of September 2010, a mini pilgrimage was organised to Our Lady of Mount Mary's Basillica Bandra, Mumbai for 800 needy, challenged, special and destitute children from various care homes of Mumbai , who were later treated to a funfilled day of entertainment & lunch, organised by Fr Joe-kripa Foundation, a voluntary group called "JUST BECAUSE' and supported by the staff of Kripa Bandra.
The children were delighted to be treated to unlimited rides on giant wheels, merry- go- rounds and many other joy rides.Later as they rested for snacks and coldrinks , they were entertained to a spell bound magic show,body tatto by tatto artist,a clown who made them roll with laughter,and later danced away to live DJ music.along with cartoon characters from disney land and Charlie Chaplin.
The highlight of the event was a visit by the new Parish Priest of the Mount Carmel Church .
Rev. Fr . Wiiliam Athaide, who mingled and interacted with the children.The children on their part thanked Fr William for his hospitality at the Carmel Mela and for his presence.
As afternoon approached , the children were treated to a sumptous lunch with ice cream. After which each child was given a gift to take home.
Entertained to a long day of enjoyment, the children were happy,but sadden as they had to go home.Hoping they would be there the next year.


Charmaine & Brett

Kripa Bandra

Monday, September 13, 2010

Inaugration of Inhouse Pharmacy at Kripa Vasai

An inhouse pharmacy was inaugrated at Kripa Vasai on the 11th of september, by chief guest Dr Rohidas Waghmare, who is the Medical Superintendant, Rural Hospital, Virar, District Thane. present on the occassion were Staff ,clients and wellwishers.
Mozen Heredia

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fr. Joe cutting the 1st cake on his birthday

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On the 6th of September , Fr Joe had the joyous moments of cutting his 1st birthday cake of 68 years for the gift of life ,with his sister Teresa (Nun Sister), accompanied by some of her community members , members of the Mount Carmel Church Choir , and friends at his Helpline office.This was after the 7.45 am mass at the Basillica of Our lady of the Mount Bandra .
Francis Fernandes

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Founders Day -Fr Joe's Birthday

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The 6th of September every year is a red letter day in the annals of Kripa and so this year 2010 it was celebrated with a lot of splendor and gaiety at the Mt. Carmel Church Hall, Bandra.

Kripaites old and new, friends, well-wishers, benefactors and the parish team were all there to sing the ‘Hap Hap Happy Birthday!’ song. This was followed with cutting of the gorgeous and delicious birthday cake with a lot of music. The highlight being all young and old dancing away with Fr the music of Aloo sounds..

Fr. Joe in his melodious bass voice sang – ‘ you’ve got a friend’ – with the audience cheering. The evening concluded with a grand dinner with the parish priest Fr. William Athaide saying the grace before meals.

We’all prayed that with this 68th birthday celebration, there will be a lot more birthday celebrations to come.


Krishna Iyer & Mervyn Roccha- Kripa Bandra

Art work By

Jimi Amore

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday Celebration of Fr Joe at Vasai

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The 6th of September every year is a red letter day for us at Kripa Foundation. It marks the birth anniversary of our Founder and Managing Trustee, Rev. Fr. Joseph Hillary Pereira, fondly known as Fr. Joe to one and all. This year a celebration was held at Vasai on the 5th September 2010 to commemorate this occasion.A variety entertainment program was organized which comprised of a skit based on 'the Prodigal son,' which was entirely written and enacted by the patients themselves. A group of boys sang the famous song "We are the World," and some other songs from Hindi films were presented. Uncle Tony took us down memory lane with many excerpts from their childhood. Fr. Joe finally addressed the gathering and thanked the management, staff and boys in treatment for the wonderful program they had organized and conducted.The entire program portrayed gratitude for the service of love that Fr. Joe has painstakingly extended toward the marginalized sectors of society. Thank you Fr. Joe for all that you have done for the thousands of chemically dependent persons who have walked through the portals of Kripa Foundation over the years. May God bless you abundantly with health, serenity and strength and may you have many, many, many happier years ahead
Jimi Amore
Centre Manager
Kripa Vasai

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday Greetings to Fr Joe.

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Dear Fr Joe.
Wishing You a Happy Birthday

"Your continuous hardwork , efforts and love has given us a sense of belonging and made this world a better place to live in. Thank you for all that you do for us"

The Board of Trustees
Kripa staff and Family
Friends of Kripa
AA Fellowship
All those in recovery from addiction and HIV/AIDS worldwide
Your students of yoga worldwide