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Remembering Mother Teresa on her 22nd Death Anniversary




Indian Priest: Like Mother Teresa, addicts too "thirst for Jesus"
by Joe Pereira*
The Kripa Foundation is the largest NGO that deals with the recovery of AIDS patients and drug addicts in India. Mother Teresa taught the founder "how to evangelize". The practice of yoga becomes "encounter with the inner presence of the Risen Christ". Addiction is "intrusion of Satan".

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - The "thirst for Jesus" that Mother Teresa of Calcutta had is shared by both drug addicts and Chinese yoga students alike, observes Fr. Joe Pereira. The founder of the Kripa Foundation, born in Mumbai in 1981 for the rehabilitation of AIDS patients and drug addicts says that today the association has become a point of reference throughout the country for addiction treatment. Mother Teresa is the inspiration of the organization. Fr. Pereira retraces its story, in view of the third anniversary of the canonization (tomorrow) and of the feast of the saint (September 5).
This year I  was in China teaching Yog and Meditation (in China) till 25 August and on her birthday onwards at Kuala Lumpur I wish to recall how I owe her a very special gift of “how to evangelise! “
To a dying person Mother always advised her sisters to give the person “ a ticket to St Peter” which meant the sacrament of Baptism.
When I teach yog all over the world I always proclaim Jesus to be my Supreme Yogi. Here in china I have got several who acknowledge that ever since they heard this message of God’s love experienced through one’s Body their practice of Yog has become an encounter with the Antar Yamin( the indwelling presence of the Risen Lord! This year seeing the hidden phenomenon of Addiction resulting in Depression, I dwelt on how Mother Teresa who went through depression was most misunderstood even by those who wrote about it in “come be my light”
For many mystics have gone through Depression but there are two kinds of depression. The one which Saints experience is  called “obscuras”. The other kind of depression is called “tineblas” which is a satanic intrusion!
Mother in her journal asks Jesus “ why are you not showing me your Face? “ and the answer given by the Lord was” because you asked to work for the poorest of the poor and I want you to feel how they feel “
So the so called depression was a “Thirst”
That resembled the Thirst of Jesus- a word that is next to the crucifix in every mother Teresa’s Chapel.
As the inspiration of Kripa I share this positive dimension of depression that most of our addicts have to undergo. Hence it was very heartening to see many of my Chinese Yog students have opted to be baptised and have acknowledged that the seed of this transformation was put into them as they learnt about Love in my yog workshop
May Mother continue to inspire Kripa.  Through Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yog the healing of the effects of addiction such as depression are better achieved. Dr. CG Jung in a letter to the Co- Founder of AA clearly stated that addiction is a satanic intrusion !
Our Pune Kripa Center was inaugurated on her birthday 26 Th August and is celebrating its 21st Anniversary.
We can feel Mother’s presence very much as our Recoveries go through the valley of darkness and come into the Joy of the Risen Lord.
St Mother Teresa of Kolakata pray for us"
Fr Joe Pereira
Founder  Trustee of the Kripa Foundation

Fr. Joe conducts a WCCM workshop -"THE LIGHT ON ADDICTION" at WCCM MALAYSIA

Father Joe Pereira, a wonderful spiritual teacher and yoga instructor, shared the body’s profound wisdom by introducing simple restorative yoga postures specially designed to help overcome the bondage of addiction. “All people are addicts and addictions to alcohol and other drugs are simply more obvious and tragic attachments than others have.”
All of us are addicted in one way or another though we may not acknowledge or be conscious of this reality. The same processes responsible for addiction to alcohol and narcotics are also responsible for addiction to control, success, work, money, power, love, hand phones, video games, achievement, approval, relationships and an almost infinite variety of things.
The workshop explored ways in which body, mind and spirit work together towards health, freedom and wholeness through yoga and meditation

We also thank the World Community Christian Meditation -  Malaysia organising team of hard working ladies, and Carol from TreYoga Studio for the loan of the Props


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Encountering the Inner Physician through the Wisdom of the Body with Fr Joe at WCCM Malaysia

Encountering the Inner Physician through the Wisdom of the Body
AND THANK YOU Fr Joe Pereira
“Glorify God in your body.” (1 Corinthians 6:20) “Yoga is the union of the individual self with the universal self.” (BKS Iyengar)
During the three-day workshop, Fr Joseph Pereira helped us realize the sacred oneness of body-mind-spirit as we open ourselves to the grace of presence. The Sessions included practice of gentle Iyengar yoga exercise, postures and Christian meditation.

We also thank the WCCM Malaysia organising team of hard working ladies, and Carol from TreYoga Studio for the loan of the Props etc.

Fr Gerard Theraviam
THE Church of the Divine Mercy (CDM) Community, 
Shah Alam, Selangor