Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Kripa Shillong -Conducts a seminar on behalf of MSJE for "Service providers (Doctors, Social workers & Counsellors) in field of Addiction.

Kripa Foundation  Seminar for Service providers (Doctors, Social workers & counsellors) in field of Addiction. Dr. Chayanika Sarma MD spoke on "Recent Medical innovation in the addiction recovery field". Clinical psychologist Dr. N. Pyuhun Pakma spoke on "Emerging Trends and Innovation in the identification and Management of drugs use among Adolescents and Young adults". Kripa Managing Trustee Fr. Cajetan Menezes spoke on "Addiction and outreach to Families." at Hotel Landmark Victoria, Shillong, Mehgalaya State. N. E. India on 10th March 2020.


Fr. Cajetan Menezes -Managing Trustee -Resource Person at a Seminar " Tackling Learning Disabilities " in Shillong

Kripa Foundation  Seminar on "Tackling Learning Disabilities" for Social Workers, School Counsellors, educators and Functionaries of IRCA on De-addiction, Counselling and Rehabilitation organised by Kripa Foundation Shillong, sponsored by Social Welfare and supported by MSJE. Mumbai Educator & Trainer Ms. Menak Chittalwala spoke on "Identifying & Understanding Learning Disabilities" and Kripa Managing Trustee Fr. Cajetan Menezes spoke on "Learning Disability, impact on Self Esteem & danger of Dysfunction & Addiction - Building strong & well adjusted kids." at Hotel Landmark Victoria, Shillong, Mehgalaya State. N. E. India on 14th March 2020.


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Fr. Joe meets and is felicitated by the AA and Al Anon Groups in Shillong.

During his visit to Shillong for the inauguration of the new dream centre of Kripa Shillong. Fr Joe took time off and met the AA and Al Anon communities of Shillong. Fr Joe had an input for them and conducted an FST meeting. Fr. Joe was felicitated by the group with a engraved in wood Serenity Prayer  in thanksgiving for visiting them.


Fr. Joe and Fr Cajetan Visit Kripa Guwahati - Fr Joe takes and input and yoga session for patients.

During the visit to Mehgalaya, Fr Joe and Fr Cajetan took time off to visit Kripa Guwahati. During their stay Fr Joe and Fr Cajetan interacted with staff and patients and hand a sumptuous lunch catered by the in-house chef.
The joy was when Fr. Joe took time to have an input for the patients and  conducted a yoga session with Prayanama for the patients.
Indeed a memorial visit to have the Founder Trustee and Managing Trustee to be with their Kripa Family of Guwahati.


Fr Joe H. Pereira Founder Trustee of Kripa Foundation Inaugurates his dream Kripa Shillong Centre

12th March 2020

Congratulations to Fr. Joe & Kripa Shillong Team!

It was a wonderful Inauguration function!

Fulfilling one of his long cherished dreams to have our own building in Mehgalaya.
Fr. Joe blessed & inaugurated this beautiful building complex with Kripa Victoria Old Age home in East Khasi Hills just outside Shillong. The new centre has Private rooms, dormitories and a yoga hall. *To contact Kripa Shillong call #*

Kripa Family rejoices and celebrates with our Kripa Shillong Family. The rehab centre has a horticulture unit, piggery, poultry farm, fishery project, volley ball & basketball court. 

We thank God for this new gift to our Kripa family who are dedicated to serve those afflicted and affected by addiction & HIV-AIDS.

God bless!

Fr. Cajetan Menezes,
Managing Trustee