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Children Party 2011 at Kripa Vasai

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Christmas Party 2011
The Children’s party from orphanages situated in and around the Vasai region was held on 27th December 2011. The event began with the celebration of Holy Eucharist led by Fr. Joe Pereira. His Grace Archbishop Felix Machado graced the occasion with his presence. Around 500 children and more than 150 guests and well-wishers attended the program.
Archbishop Felix Machado addressed the children and commended the work that Fr. Joe was doing through Kripa Foundation. Fr. Joe along with Archbishop Felix Machado invited the youngest children from all the ashrams to come forward and cut the cake.
Santa Claus also made an appearance much to the delight of all the children. A number of entertainment programs were organized which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Thereafter the children were invited to the patio and both staff and children shook a leg or two. A sumptuous dinner was served to all present. The programme ended with gift bags being presented to all the children

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Mozen H

Kripa Vasai

Monday, December 19, 2011

Latest Kripa Newsletter Decemeber 2011

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Training Program on Counseling conducted at Kripa Bandra.

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A 3 hour training program was conducted by Ms. kalpana Parekh, Psychologist/Trainer from New York fir the staff of Kripa Dharavi and Bandra on 9th December'11.The training was on counselling clients, seeking admission, Clients in treatment and Clients counseling after discharged. EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) and Family support and care counseling was also included.

Fr. Joe shared his valuable inputs on how meditation and the essence of spirituality could empower the counselor more strongly to bring about a more positive result in their counseling sessions.

Dr. Eustace D'Mello, Dr Mehta, Ms. kavita who takes the Family System meetings and AA members, were also present along with the staff.

The training was very interactive and informative to the staff. Proposed to replicate the training in other centres.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fr. Joe receives CPCI National Excellence Award to Priest.

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The Catholic Priests' Conference of India, a voluntary association of diocesan priests in India, bestowed upon Fr. Joe H Pereira and 4 other priests from different dioceses of India the "National Excellence Award" at their Colloquium on "Good Governance, Corruption and Citizenry" headed by Justice N Satosh Hegde on 30th November 2011 at Platinum Jubilee Hall Dolours' Basilica (Puthenpali). Thrissur.

Due to Fr Joe's prior engagements in Singapore, Fr. Jacob received the award on his behalf.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Generous donation by Author Mr. Neville Gomes and Late Mrs. Sandra Gomes on release of their book "Viva Queimada" to Kripa

Cover page of the Book "Viva Queimada"

Article of Fr Joe in the book "Viva Queimada" (double click image for larger view)

“Viva Queimada” a coffee table book by the author Mr. Neville Gomes, traces the 500-year journey of the East Indian community in Mumbai. The book was launched with an introduction through a theatrical performance, incorporating portions from the book which delves on East Indian Customs, their unique cuisine and the impact of colonialism on the community. It provided a brief character sketch of notable East Indians. The production conceived and directed by Etienne Coutinho included cast like Marianne d'cruz Aimen and Shahriyar Atai with music composed by Merlin D’Souza, while the costumes and props were designed by Darryl Loyola. The program was well compered by Jeffrey Goldberg.
Mr. Neville Gomes in his emotional filled speech mentioned that the book was a ”labour of love”. The idea of documenting the East Indian community's history first cropped up in 2008 when he was approached by friends with manuscripts and reference material. While Mr. Gomes was initially skeptical his wife Mrs. Sandra Gomes took a keen interest in the project. But when she passed away in 2009, Mr. Gomes decided to complete the book considering it a farewell tribute to his wife Mrs. Sandra Gomes.
From 2010 onwards, Mr. Gomes and his six member team travelled across the city, from Revdanda to Thane and Gorai, re-tracing the steps of the original inhabitants of the city. The quest also took them across the seven seas to the USA, Canada and Australia where they met up with the diaspora. The result is ” Viva Queimada ”, a coffee table book with 100 illustrations which documents the landmarks in East Indian history, from the 15th century till the 21st century. Along the way, readers also get a peek into the history of Mumbai which ran parallel to that of the community.
The book was officially released by Mr. Gerson da Cunha.Further in his speech Mr. Neville Gomes, mentioned that the cost of the book was Rs. 2500/- with limited edition which came along with an autograph of the author and a digital copy of ”Viva Queimada” costing Rs 10,000/-.Spontaneously Mr. Gomes generously declared all that the proceeds from the sale of the books would go to charitable institutes like Kripa Foundation, Ummeed and Women’s India Trust. "Viva Queimada" has a page exclusively on Fr. Joe
The program was well attended by prominent aide a la de creme of society from all over Mumbai, appreciative of the efforts of Mr. Neville Gomes and late Mrs. Sandra Gomes, taking back home with fond memories of days gone-by and carrying with them a book of history “VIVA QUEIMADA”

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To order "Viva Queimada"






(022) 26405411/26433027/26429158

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)- felicitates Fr. Joe.

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At the National Convention for CA students " BREAKING THE HABIT" held in Mumbai on the 25th of November 2011, Fr Joe was felicitated by Mr. S.Y Joshi Chairman of WIRC- ICAI. in the presence of over 500 students. delegates and office bearers of ICAI and WIRC and CA students Representatives.

CA S.Y. Joshi Chairman WIRC, welcomed Fr. Joe and mentioned that ICAI was proud to be associated with Kripa Foundation in spreading the awareness of addiction to the college students doing Chartered Accountancy. Mr. Joshi later falicitated Fr. Joe on behalf of WIRC-ICAI

In his address to the students Fr Joe explained how, the student sector of society were close to his heart, as they were the future of our country, and it was important for them to know the ill effects of addiction. He was happy to be associated with ICAI in spreading the message of awareness, on the harmfull effects of addiction in colleges.

CA Shradul Shah, Secretary WIRC, in his vote of thanks, explained to the students of the tie-up with Kripa,to have awareness programs in different colleges selected by WIRC.. These programs in colleges would commence immediately. A short video clip of Fr. Joe's work was screened at the auditorium.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr.Salman Khan inaugurates bus donated by Celebrate Bandra Trust to Kripa Foundation,Mumbai

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Mr. Salman Khan the famous actor of Bollywood today inaugurated the bus given to Kripa Foundation by Celebrate Bandra trust. Earlier Fr. William Athaide the Parish priest of Mount Carmel Church, Bandra, blessed the bus in the the presence of Dignitaries, Trustees of Celebrate Bandra Trust, staff , clients and well wishers of Kripa Foundation. It was a delight to see the priest team of the parish at the function.

Mr Khan after inaugurating the bus mingled with the patient and in his speech spoke about the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs and mentioned how he too had some time in his life experienced its ill effects. The clients were very touched by his simplicity and his caring nature for them. Ms. Patricia Nath Trustee of Celebrate Bandra Trust mentioned that the bus donated could be used for a good cause in transporting the students to and fro schools and colleges to visit Kripa and could also be used for awareness programs, so as the future generation in and around Bandra could lead a drug and alcohol free life.

Fr. Joe signed the documents of handing over of the bus to Kripa along with Ms.Patricia Nath and Mr Arjun Chhabria Trustees of Celebrate Bandra Trust.

In his speech, Fr. Joe thanked the trustees of Celebrate Bandra Trust and mentioned that this bus would be used to the fullest in reaching out and educating the students from schools and colleges on the harmful effects of addiction and addiction related diseases like HIV/AIDS.

In his vote of thanks, Fr. Joe thanked each and every one gathered, for coming and gracing the occasion, including the press.

Refreshments and tea was served to the guest which was well organized by the staff and clients of Kripa Bandra. The program ended with singing of the National Anthem.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kripa Outreach in Miday Paper-Mumbai

BEAT THE BOTTLE Alcoholism, a garage sale and citizen candidates. Three diverse topics, seemingly unconnected are bound by a common thread. They all involve people coming to the fore to contribute to society in small but significant ways


Recovering alcoholics including a priest, an ex- Merchant Navy captain and a former bartender talk about addiction

I’m Father Seraphinus Ekka, and I am an alcoholic,” confessed this 48- year- old priest in front of some 60- odd people, who had gathered to attend a seminar on the theme, ‘ Alcohol: A Bane To Workers’ over the weekend. Ekka and many like him have been battling the bottle for years now.

While many have fallen prey to alcohol addiction, others have managed to beat the bottle by joining rehabilitation centres and other self- help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous ( AA).

At an event organised by the Christian Workers’ Movement of Archdiocese of Bombay in association with Kripa Foundation, a non- profit organisation that rehabilitates drug addicts and alcoholics, a motley group of people had gathered at the Joseph Cardijn Technical School in Dadar ( E), to discuss various issues related to alcoholism. Said Father Joe Pereira, Founder and Managing Trustee of Kripa Foundation, “ Alcoholism is a disease, it is not a disorder. It is also known as a disease of relapse.

Addiction to alcohol not only affects the physical heath of the person, it also affects the health of the mind and the health of the soul.” As Pereira puts it, the first step towards recovery should be accepting the fact that one is an alcoholic. “ Only after one admits that he/ she is helpless in front of the bottle can the cleansing process start. Alcohol addiction is a form of disability and one has to learn to deal with it,” added Pereira. Agrees Ekka, who worked as a police inspector for two years in Lucknow before joining priesthood at the age of 25. “ There was drinking problem in my family so, I believe that my drinking habit is pretty much inherited and lies in my family.

Strangely, while working as a police inspector, I never touched alcohol. But as soon as I was ordained as a priest, I started drinking,” said Ekka, who was the principal of a college in Lucknow. Ekka’s drinking habit caught the attention of the parish where he was residing. “ I was transferred to another parish but nothing happened. I kept drinking. I hid bottles in my room to drink. I indulged in binge drinking. So for a week or so, I just kept drinking until my body could take it no longer. I was a priest and there was so much remorse that I did not have courage to face the Almighty,” said Ekka, currently based in Mumbai. After attending various rehab programs in Mangalore and in Mumbai, Ekka has been sober for almost two years now.

“ Helping addicts is now my mission.

That is the purpose of my life,” he said.

Problem Stephen Monteiro, a former captain in the Merchant Navy initially refused to come to terms with his addiction problem. “ I was in the merchant navy for 25 years. It all started at my workplace.

Every promotion was celebrated with drinks. Every evening, I would wait for the drinks to be served. But I did not become a drunkard then. I knew my responsibilities as a captain.

There was a fear of losing my job.

Hence, I would drink in moderation,” said Monteiro from Mazgaon. He got hooked to alcohol, when he came home for a few months. “ At home there was no restriction. I started with weekend drinking sessions. Then it came down to weekdays… then after dinner everyday… then dinner and lunch… then breakfast, dinner and lunch. Soon I needed alcohol for everything. If I was happy, I would drink. If I was sad, I would drink. Reason or no reason, I wanted alcohol. Things came to such a pass that I would keep a bottle below my bed. I would get up in the middle of the night and start drinking. When there would be no alcohol left at home, I would run to a nearby bar at 5: 30 am and ask the shopkeeper to pour me a drink. I remember a time, when I did not have enough energy, to even lift the glass. I begged the shopkeeper to pour the drink down my throat,” said a frail Monteiro. He joined Kripa foundation for a 90 day rehab course seven years ago. Since then, he has been sober and is currently working as a Centre Manager for Kripa Foundation in Bandra. What happens when he sees alcohol now? “ Oh, my mouth still waters,” he said.

Family Another speaker who narrated his story during the event was Bosco D’Souza from Bandra ( W).

D’Souza started working in a bar of a five- star hotel in Mumbai at the age of 17. “ I wanted to taste the liquor of the world. After I quit my job at the hotel, I joined a construction company. My job there was to entertain guests. I started drinking officially. Even before I realised, I turned into an alcoholic. My children, my wife, my parents, all of them suffered silently along with me,” said D’Souza. It was D’Souza’s sister who approached Kripa and got him enrolled for a rehab program.

“ I have been associated with Kripa for 19 years . As an addict, I have been through hell and I know what an alcoholic goes through,” said D’Souza, who now organises seminars for addicts and their families and informs them about alcoholism.

Help Since there are chances for alcoholics to relapse, a rehab program is not a permanent solution.

“ One should join a group like AA. From such groups, one should choose a ‘ sponsor’. A sponsor is a person, who will be there for you throughout your recovery process. You can call him any time of the day and share your problems. If you want to have a drink, you should immediately call up your sponsor and tell him about your craving.

He will keep you on the straight and narrow,” said D’Souza.

Alcohol addiction is also a growing problem especially among college students. “ Children as young as 16 come to rehab centres.

But, mostly it is the unemployed youth who fall prey to this ‘ disease’,” said D’Souza.

There could be several factors that can trigger addiction, at times there can be no reason at all. “ Just the fact that alcohol is easily available is the reason for addiction,” said D’Souza.

At the beginning of the seminar, Pereira had made a profound statement, “ Nobody understands the pain of an alcoholic and that’s why we’re here.” At the end of the event, the audience could not agree more with him.

Sudeshna Chowdhury
Mid Day
17th November 2011
(As appeared in Miday E paper)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fr Joe conducts a seminar for Christian Workers Movement - Titled- "Alcohol -A Bane to Workers"

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A days seminar titled Alcohol- A Bane ot workers was conducted by Fr Joe and his team at Joseph Cardijn Technical School, Dadar Mumbai. The program commenced with the Eucharistic Celebration by Fr Joe and co-celebrant Fr. Seraphine. In his Key note address Fr. Joe spoke of the ill effects of alcohol and chemical dependency and how Kripa could help the Christian Workers Movement by reaching out to those suffering from addiction all over the country,as Kripa has its presence in many Archdioceses of India. The well attended audience which consisted of workers from many parishes from Mumbai and Pune listened attentively as Fr. Joe connected the teaching of St. Mathew and St.Paul with his work in Kripa, supported by the 12 steps of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), and GSO of Alcoholic Anonymous in reaching out to the marginalised.( Fr Joe is also a Trustee of AA India.)
The other speakers at the seminar were Fr Seraphine, Mr. Stephen Monterio & Mr. Bosco D'Souza on topics of the 12 step program of AA , the spiritual dimension of the program with life story sharing of recoveries from addiction.

Mr. Cajetan D'Souza, Archdiocesan Secretary, Christian Workers Movement in his vote of thanks, mentioned and thanked Fr Joe and his team for their valuable inputs and precious time.The feedback of participant was that there should be many more such informative programs in all parishes in the Archdiocese of Mumbai.

The seminar ended with a sumptous lunch.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Kripa's Presence at the FINGODAP Conference-Chandigarh

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Kripa's presence at the 6th National conference of FINGODAP was in large numbers with staff from North East to Mumbai.

Dr Anand Choudhury, Dr Menon and Dr Nouli presented PPT's of various subjects. A PPT by Bosco too was read out by Dr Menon.

Dr Menon and Dr Nouli were elected Executive Directors of FINGODAP. Various topics of NGO's were discussed and many new initiatives taken.

The non presence of Fr Joe was felt very much and even the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Shri Mukul Wasnik mentioned this.
The event was well organised and much applause to Dr Rajesh and Dr Zeenat of SYPM- Delhi the host of the Convention.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kripa stall at Vasai Janhit Trust Exhibition

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In accordance with an invitation from Vasai Janhit Trust, Kripa Vasai set up an exhibition stall at the St. Francis Xavier Church on 23rd October 2011.
The function was inaugurated by His Grace, Archbishop Felix Machado among other dignitaries present.
The stall was well decorated with banners, posters, pamphlets, brochures and a signature campaign. There was also a power-point show on Kripa Foundation; its activities, performance, facilities and extent of services in the field of addiction and HIV AIDS.
Many people visit the stall and interacted with the resource team. There was also a sale of work of diyas, yoga and meditation CDs.
Submitted by
Mozen H
Kripa Vasai

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Visit by Speaker of Chattisgarh Legislative Assembly

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On an official visit to the city of Mumbai Mr. Dharamlal Kaushik,the Speaker of the legislative Assembly of Chhattisgarh visited the Bailica of Our Lady of the Mount, Bandra Mumbai, after which he visited Fr. Joe's office at the mount.

Mr. Francis Fernandes , Fr Seraphine and Bosco D'souza explained the work of Fr. Joe and Kripa to which Mr. Khausik was very impressed. accompanying Mr. Kaushik was Mr. Narayan Chandel , Dy. Speaker of Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly and Mr. Devendra Verma, Secretary -Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly along with their families.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Letter of appreciation to Kripa Foundation, Oakville, Canada

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Jim Pope


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fr Joe teaching at the Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga Intensive, at Oakville, Ontario Canada.

Fr Joe teaching at the Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga Intensive, October 14 at Oakville, Ontario Canada.

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Jim Pope

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fr. Joe conducts a Yoga retreat in Mossejaw Saskatchewan

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Sandra & Ryan

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fr. Joe at Kripafoundation Intensive Yoga- Comox Valley

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Over a quarter century of service, Kripa Foundation has evolved a module of non-discriminating, supportive community living, empowering people to introspect and bring about a change in lifestyle. Rev. Fr. Joseph H Pereira is the Founder and Managing Trustee of the Kripa Foundation, which is devoted to the care, support and rehabilitation of those affected by Chemical Dependency and HIV & AIDS.
Father Joe travels the globe teaching yoga to raise funds to support the work of these rehab centres in India. There are now 64 Kripa Foundation centres that use the Twelve Step Program, yoga and meditation to help bring about necessary changes for healthy living.
Many people from Vancouver Island have studied Yoga with Father Joe. His classes, held in the Comox Valley for the past 14 years, have had wait lists for many years now. He often sings hymns from his spiritual tradition while his students practice the classical postures.
Father Joe teaches with an open hearted approach to yoga and Philosophy. The physical yoga that he teaches is challenging but tempered with a gentleness and a focus on the heart. He honours his teachers and draws on wisdom from his religion. Amongst his teachers he counts as one of the paramount influences as Mother Theresa who questioned her own religion and faith. Father Joe has studied with the Iyengar Family for over 43 years and though he has a gentle nature his methods are sometimes painfully challenging. We lay on wooden bricks for 10 -12 minutes to open our ribcage and used the edge of a chair to re-educate and stretch our cardiac muscles. This method of practicing yoga is not for everyone but has measurable benefits.
I found immediate and lasting change within my thoracic spine and ribcage after giving my trust over to this compassionate man. I can see that many conditions of our sedentary life can be reversed by this type of attention to areas of concern. The Iyengar Style of Yoga makes strong claims of rejuvenation and therapy whereas most modern yoga teachers are taught never to make claims that yoga can heal anything. I believe that faith is a component of yoga which Rev. Father Joe Pereira has integrated into his practice and teaching.

An experience as narrated by Kim LeDuc
Submitted by
Vicky Catchpole

Sunday, October 9, 2011


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On 5th October 2011, a Navratri pooja was celebrated at Kripa Vasai amidst staff, In-house clients and Beneficiaries of VRACS.

This programme was followed by the 'Laying of the Stone', of the adjoining property that will be used as Kripa Training and Treatment Centre (KTTC). This was a much awaited event; a vision of many that has finally become a reality.

Fr. Andrew Jadhav, Resident Priest blessed the land with a prayer ritual followed by the traditional breaking of the coconut by Narendra Ambekar, Kripa Vasai.

Submitted by
Mozen Heredia
Kripa Vasai

Friday, September 23, 2011

Visit by Trustee of Celebrate Bandra Trust at Kripa Bandra

L to R Mr. Solomon, Mr. Chabbria, Mr. Bosco, Fr. Seraphine & Mr. Stephen along with clients of kripa Bandra.

Mr. Arjun Chhabria a Trustees of " Celebrate Bandra Trust" paid a courtesy visit to kripa Bandra, in Mumbai. Mr. Chhabria spoke with the staff in the office and later interacted with patients in the annexe , the rehab for recovering addicts.

Mr. Chhabria was touched to see the work Fr. Joe does and moved to see how peacefully all addicts live together in their rehabilitation.

This is the place which Kripa Foundation had humble begining and has now spread to over 65 facilities in 11 States of India.

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photo by

Brett Rodricks.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Awareness by Kripa at the Vasai -Virar Marathon 2011

In accordance with a request from the Mayor of Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation and Member of VRACS Advisory Board, Kripa Vasai took active part in the Marathon, under the theme, ‘Save a girl child’, organized by Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation.
On 18th September 2011, Staff and In-house clients set up an awareness stall at Papdy junction. The team displayed banners and posters simultaneously cheering the runners. Pamphlets were distributed and information on Addiction and HIV/ AIDS were given to those who availed of it.
Submitted by
Mozen H.
Kripa Vasai

Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Appeal -Standard Chartered Marathon 2012

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Dear Kripa Well -wishers and Families,
As every year, Kripa participates in the Standard Chartered Marathon. This year too we are participating in the Mumbai Marathon 2012 .You have always been there to support us whenever needed, to which we are ever grateful.
This blog is an appeal seeking support in our cause towards reaching out to the marginalised.

Fr Joe says "I cannot accomplish this mission alone and needs the support and assistance of one and all to strengthen this humanitarian work and laudable aims".

Fr Joe will be participating at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2012. Support him and the cause of Kripa by raising pledges in favour of 'Kripa Foundation'. In that way you will be contributing to the work being done by Kripa for the lost and the marginalised in our society.


Thanking You & God Bless .


Friday, September 16, 2011

Fr Joe's birthday celebration at Bandra...1

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Fr. Joe's Birthday Celebration at Kripa Bandra...2

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The 69th birthday celebration of Fr. Joe was celebrated with great pomp and glory well organised by the staff of Kripa Bandra.

After the traditional cutting of the birthday cake by Fr Joe. songs were sung by Charmaine, Noel, Brett, Pandey, Wifred and the ever green Alan belting out oldies accompanied by Bosco. The highlight was a song sung by Fr. Joe which kept the audience spell bound. A surprise song in Portuguese by Fr. Alvaro Nazerth and a hilarious song by Fr. Peter Drego was well applauded. A German song was also sung by the guest of Fr Joe from Germany.

The gathering along with Fr Joe, accompanied by the staff and clients of Kripa, danced to their hearts content to the tunes of Aloo Sound. The Parish Fathers of Mount Carmel Church, said the Grace before meals and all dined to a well layed out table arranged by Zuber and his son along with the staff of kripa Bandra.

Indeed a program well ended with golden memories.


Francis Fernandes


Art based theraphy at Kripa Bandra

Double click image for larger view

5 students Ms. Rima Kudukar, Ms. Simantika Choudhury, Ms. Aikita Jarrah, Ms. Shruti Balsara and Ms. Priya Wadhwa of 3rd year BMM stream of R.D. National College, Bandra, Mumbai. Conducted a days workshop at Kripa Bandra, called "Below the line " and grouped as part of their Media Planning Project, with the team name " SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED".

Art being a beautiful form of expression what people think and feel, the group titled this workshop "EXPRESSIONS". To begin with the clients at Kripa Bandra were provided with drawing and painting materials. Each client had to express through painting, their phases of life and what were their feelings.

On completing their painting, the clients were asked as to what their painting expressed. the responses and feedback of each painting was filled with emotions and moved many to tears. As per the students the seriousness, willingness and talents of the clients was very impressive. Overall this was a wonderful experience for all present.

At the end of the program, the students presented Dr Snehal Mehta 4 well designed posters in the presence of Mr. Bosco D'Souza, Mr. Steven Monterio, Fr. Seraphine and Mr. Burt.
The Kripa team assured the students that these posters will be used for outreach awareness programs all over the country.

The clients were very happy to be exposed to such a program and expressed their feelings to have such programs in the near future on regular intervals.

This article is also posted of Facebook of " Shaken, Not Stirred" follow the below link

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Announcement of Fr. Joe's talk at St. Mary's University College, Calgary, Alberta

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The festival of Ganapati being celebrated through awareness by kripa Dharavi, Mumbai

Double click image for larger view

11th September 2011 drew a large crowd at Dharavi, being the last day of immersion of the elephant god. The Kripa Street Children Project; staff and children included, took the opportunity to reach out to the community by putting up a water stall, where large numbers of community members could avail of this facility.

Display of Banners and IEC Materials were put up at strategic points and there were many people who also availed of information given by the team. Pamphlets on the various aspects of addiction were also distributed.

Submitted by
Mozen H.
Kripa Vasai

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fr. Joe Introduces Iyengar Yoga in Nagpur

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fr. Joe speaks at Mitibai College,Vile Parle Mumbai

Double click image for large view

Fr. Joe Pereira, Managing Trustee of Kripa Foundation was invited to speak as a Guest lecturer, by Mitibai College of Arts Vile Parle, Mumbai on the topic " Minding your body-Mending your mind". The students listened with apt attention as Fr Joe spoke to them supported by a power point presentation. There was a lot of interaction during the question and answer session.

The students were very happy at suggested to have more such lectures by Fr Joe in the near future.

The whole program was well organized by the Depatment of Psychology.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fr Joe cutting his 1st Birthday cake this year.

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Poem by Mervyn Rocha

Kripa Bandra

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fr Joe Speaks at IHM College -Dadar Mumbai

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Fr. Joe was invited to speak to students at Institute of Hotel Management Catering College Technology & Applied Nutrition . There were more than 150 students who sat in apt attention listening to Fr. Joe speak on Stress management and addiction. 2 patients in their teens from Kripa shared their experience of dabbling with drugs.

This program was organised by the Principal Mr. R.K Saxena and Cordinated by Prof. Deepika Reddy & Prof. Abhishek Choudhury.

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Monday, August 29, 2011


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Kripa Pune celebrated its 12th Anniversary on the 28th of August 2011. The program commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp by Guest of Honors DCP Dr. Sanjay Shinde and noted Social activist Smt. Kusun Karnik along with Fr. Joe, followed by speeches guest of Honors and a anniversary greeting of love and admiration to Kripa Pune and its staff. The program was well attended by about 300 people of ex-patients , their relatives, AA fellowship members and Kripa staff.

An event of great memories, well organised by the staff of Kripa Pune under the leadership of Mrs Anuradha Kakeria
Submitted by

Kripa Pune


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remembering Mother Teresa on her birthday

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Gokul Ashtami celebrated at Kripa vasai

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Kripa Vasai celebrated Gokul Ashtami on 22nd August 2011 with the traditional ceremony of breaking the pot.
It was an opportunity for resident clients in treatment and staff of ALL FAITH to enjoy the occasion, highlighting the joyous nature of UNITY.

Submitted by

Mozen H

Kripa Vasai

Sunday, August 21, 2011



Kripa Vasai commemorated the 64th Independence Day on 15th August 2011 at the centre itself. Clients and Staff gathered in the grounds and reverently stood to attention as the flag was hoisted.
Mr. Santosh Walvaikar, Member of the Health Committee, Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation was the Guest of Honour and gave a motivating speech. In-house clients also presented speeches on ‘Freedom from Addiction & Drugs’.
Tournaments were arranged for the clients and staff as part of the entertainment programme and gifts were presented to all.
A sumptuous lunch was arranged by the kitchen staff and a few clients.

Submitted by

Mousin H.

Kripa Vasai

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fr Joe's speech at Kripanite 2011

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FR Joe singing at Kripanite 2011

Click the play button to listen to the video

Where do I Go from here

Where do I go from here, what step is growing near
Touch my heart and guide my lips in prayer
Through the grace of God alone, I thrust aside these fears of mine
And lift myself from the depths of deep despair

Please lead me through the darkness and through each gloomy day
Take my hand oh, precious Lord, and lead me on my way
Give me strength that I might find, abiding faith and peace of mind
And I wont ask, where do I go from here.



Please lead me through the darkness and through each gloomy day
Take my hand oh, precious Lord, and lead me on my way
Give me strength that I might find, abiding faith and peace of mind
And I wont ask, where do I go from here.


Submitted by

Francis Fernandes


Double click image for larger view
Ken Aguiar
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