Friday, September 16, 2011

Art based theraphy at Kripa Bandra

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5 students Ms. Rima Kudukar, Ms. Simantika Choudhury, Ms. Aikita Jarrah, Ms. Shruti Balsara and Ms. Priya Wadhwa of 3rd year BMM stream of R.D. National College, Bandra, Mumbai. Conducted a days workshop at Kripa Bandra, called "Below the line " and grouped as part of their Media Planning Project, with the team name " SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED".

Art being a beautiful form of expression what people think and feel, the group titled this workshop "EXPRESSIONS". To begin with the clients at Kripa Bandra were provided with drawing and painting materials. Each client had to express through painting, their phases of life and what were their feelings.

On completing their painting, the clients were asked as to what their painting expressed. the responses and feedback of each painting was filled with emotions and moved many to tears. As per the students the seriousness, willingness and talents of the clients was very impressive. Overall this was a wonderful experience for all present.

At the end of the program, the students presented Dr Snehal Mehta 4 well designed posters in the presence of Mr. Bosco D'Souza, Mr. Steven Monterio, Fr. Seraphine and Mr. Burt.
The Kripa team assured the students that these posters will be used for outreach awareness programs all over the country.

The clients were very happy to be exposed to such a program and expressed their feelings to have such programs in the near future on regular intervals.

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