Tuesday, May 31, 2011

World No Tobacco Day at Kripa Bandra

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Kripa Foundation Bandra organised an awareness progam at the recently held Rink Hockey Tournament, organised on it's turf by Mount Carmel's Church.Bandra, Mumbai.
A number of well known teams from across the country participated in this event, naming a few like Air-India, Central Railway, Union Bank and many local schools and clubs. Kripa Foundation also participated in the tournament., although we lost 10-2 against hockey giants Customs.Throughout the match the spectators and cheer leaders kept encouraging the Kripa team. Every game was played with a lot of zeal and sportsmanship.
To observe World No-Tobacco Day, Kripa Bandra, organised an Awareness Programme, on the ill-effects of smoking and the use of Tobacco at the tournament.
It was a great evening as the participating hockey teams supported the cause and joined by a huge crowd of spectators canvased for the campaign. Fr.Seraphine concluded the event with a brief talk on the bad effects of Tobacco use.
Reported by
Brett Rodricks
Kripa Bandra

World No Tobacco Day at Kripa Pune

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Kripa Pune organized a program for patients, staff and outsiders on the occasion of “ WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY”. An poster exhibition on ill-heath of tobacco use was displayed. After having viewing the posters and identifying from the sharing’s of Ravi D, Yallapa, Rama, Dhabhade and Sarang who are tobacco free, many in-patients of Kripa promised to quit tobacco. To honor their gesture, Mr. Rama tied ribbons on their wrist as a reminder to keep their promises.
The program was organized by Mr. Umrani and staff, under the leadership of Mrs. Anuradha karkare.
A Report by
Sanjay Joshi
Kripa Pune

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fr. Joe's Interview in THE AFTERNOON - Papers Mumbai

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This article was reported by

Brett Rodricks

Kripa Bandra

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fr. Joe speaks at a 3rd generation old Mohalla Committee

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Mohalla Committee concept was a brainchild of police officer Mr. Khopade, who first-hand witnessed the Hindu Muslim riots in 1992-93 in Bhivandi.Mumbai, a backlash of the Babri Masjid demolition. He witnessed how rumors spread, how people with malicious self-interest took advantage of the situation, how the communities segregated and how it all evantually lead to complete breakdown of law and order. And then he came up with an excellent idea. Mohalla Committee. A group of citizen closely working with cops on continuous basis.
This group meets regularly, every month or so. The main emphasis is on proactive activities to diffuse tension and keep communication. This helps reduce rumors spreading. This prevents people with vested interests from taking advantage of the situation. Since the establishment of Mohalla Committee, the Hindu Muslim tension in Bhivandi has reduced considerably.
Today Mohalla Committees exist all over Mumbai. These groups meet regularly with local police. They keep track of crime statistics. They keep track of local miscreants. They have a record of emergency services in the area, doctors, hospitals, ambulances. They organize joint petrols in the sensitive areas.
However in a village in Khed, District Sindudurg, Maharashtra, Fr. Joe was invited to speak at a unique Mohalla committe which is in existence for more than 3 generations.The people of this village have a strong sense of brotherhood and both Muslims and Hindus live in great harmony. The most amazing part at this meeting was the mentioning of Christ, Ram, Rahim taken by people outside their faiths.
Fr. Joe spoke on the ill healths of addiction and HIV/AIDS. and the teachings of Christ. Fr. Joe later sang the song by Vinobha Bhave in which it sings praises of the Higher Powers of all religions, which amazed everyone and was well appauled at the end. Fr. Joe has been invited by the people in Khed to start a centre , as they have been badly effected by alcoholism.
This committee consists of local Hindu and Muslim heads, local civil authorities, Bank managers, police patil and prominent businessmen.

Jai Maharashtra
News Desk

The practice of Meditation - Fr. Joe

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Success story - Thank You Fr Joe.

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Satish Kadam a recovery of 27 years and an ex-staff of Kripa, with the help, blessings and guidance from Fr. Joe, started a businees of brick making in the year 2000. Satish is so proud to have Fr. Joe as his Guru and mentor, that he has expressed his gratitude by naming the products of his brick kiln as "JOE"

During his visit to attend the wedding of Satish' two sons, in Khed viilage ,district Sindudurg on the way to Goa. Fr. Joe was taken to the brick kiln and presented the 10th million brick (1 crore) as an offerring of gratitude, and sought his blessings for further success. Fr Joe was accompanied by Sister Teresa.( Fr. Joe's Sister).

Fr Joe was touched and joyed to see how Satish has flourished successfully in his business and also how he has maintained himself on the program. Living One day at a time.

News Desk

5th anniversary of Kripa Guwahati-Assam

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Submitted by

Deepak Sahney

Fr. Joe with Kripa Kolkatta's 3rd Generation

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Fr Joe's visit to Kripa Nagaland

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Fr. Joe at Kripa Shillong

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Fr. Joe in Kripa Guwahati- Assam

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Monday, May 16, 2011

The New Centre of Kripa Darjeeling

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Camp for Orphans and Children Living with HIV AIDS (CLHA)

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Summer Camp for Orphans and Children Living with HIV AIDS (CLHA)
More than 2000 Children Living with HIV AIDS and Orphans are in poor physical and mental condition. These children need psycho social support as they suffer from stigma and discrimination. Financial constraints have deprived them of their rights to development along with poor health conditions. They also suffer due to lack of health care, education and social support.

With this in mind, Kripa Imphal organised a Summer Camp for around 35-40 children; orphans and Children Living with HIV AIDS from 03rd to 6th May 2011 at DSSS to provide a cheerful atmosphere and also to explore their hidden talents.

The valedictory function was conducted in the presence of His Grace, Archbishop Joseph Mittathani, Hon. Minister of Health, Mr. Jayenta Singh, Mr. Abraham, JD,TI, MSACS, Ms. Rojnara, NACO, Fr. Joe Pereira, Managing Trustee, Kripa Foundation and Chief Functionaries from various NGOs.

The camp was conducted successfully with fun, recreation specially designed for the children. Various sessions like Art of Living, Self Therapy was conducted by experts and the children were also provided with high nutrition food.
Submitted by
kshetrimayumi Jibanmala Devi

Kripa Imphal

Project Director

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yoga with Richard Abel

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Visit to Girls orphange by Richard Abel & Fr. Joe

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Fr. Joe -Key speaker at a Alcoholic Anonymous Night6 Vigil

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Fr. Joe conducting a Divine Mercy Program

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Fr. Joe - Chief Guest on Maharashtra Day

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Live Concert in aid of Kripa Dharavi, Mumbai

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Pictures By
Francis Fernandes