Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Success story - Thank You Fr Joe.

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Satish Kadam a recovery of 27 years and an ex-staff of Kripa, with the help, blessings and guidance from Fr. Joe, started a businees of brick making in the year 2000. Satish is so proud to have Fr. Joe as his Guru and mentor, that he has expressed his gratitude by naming the products of his brick kiln as "JOE"

During his visit to attend the wedding of Satish' two sons, in Khed viilage ,district Sindudurg on the way to Goa. Fr. Joe was taken to the brick kiln and presented the 10th million brick (1 crore) as an offerring of gratitude, and sought his blessings for further success. Fr Joe was accompanied by Sister Teresa.( Fr. Joe's Sister).

Fr Joe was touched and joyed to see how Satish has flourished successfully in his business and also how he has maintained himself on the program. Living One day at a time.

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