Monday, September 25, 2017

Fr. Joe back to work in Montreal .......Teaching Yoga at Yoga Studio, Montreal


A Journey of Faith - Fr.Joe celebrates His Golden Jubilee of Priesthood Mass at Mississauga, Canada

21st September 2017:

The Community of  relatives,well wishers, friends and yoga practitioners of Fr. Joe gathered at St. Martin de Tours to take part in the Golden Jubilee Holy Eucharist celebration of Fr. Joe's priesthood. The mass was con-celebrated by Fr. Kevin D'Souza and Fr. Ravi..The congregation were deeply moved by the touching homily of Fr. Joe and one could see many moved by tears of joy and felt blessed to be at this Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Joe's sister, Sr. Teresa rscj, flew all the way from India to be at this grand celebration of her brother.
After the mass,a fellowship was held at the church community hall,where Fr. Joe, along with Sr. Teresa cut the cake, specially baked for the occasion with a quote from the Bible" You did not choose me...But I chose you - John 15" and on the other leaf - Fr. Joe Pereira in the service of the Lord.
a grand spread of a variety of  dishes on the table. This was prepared with great love by mostly all who had attended the function. Fr. Joe said the Grace before meals and enjoyed a sumptuous meal being" Witness" to the celebration of a Well Walked Journey of 50 years of priesthood of Fr. Joe.

Collage by:
In Gratitude for the photographs & News brief, 
Yvonne Corriea
Laura Rodrigues
Venant & Diedre Ferreira