Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Team Kripa conducts a one day NISD TOT workshop on Drug Prevention at the Maharashtra Police Academy ( MPA) , Nasik under the guidance of Fr. Joe H Pereira Founder Trustee and Fr. Cajetan D Menezes Managing Trustee Kripa Foundation.

5th November 2019

Kripa Foundation is regularly called as a resource team by Maharashtra Police Academy,( MPA) Nasik, for their training programs for PI officers under NISD , Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

This year Kripa Foundation was asked to conduct a whole day program on Basics of Drug Prevention, Prevention and Cure and Myths and Misconceptions for 22 PI's
The Kripa Team consisted of Dr. Sanjiv Saraf- Medical Director Kripa Pune and Bosco D'Souza National Program Director under the guidance of Fr. Joe H Pereira Founder Trustee and Fr. Cajetan D. Menezes Kripa Foundation Managing Trustee.

Besides Power point presentations. Two groups interactive sessions were held involving each participant with post and pre questionnaire from each participant.
Shri Sanjiv Mohite (IPS) Joint Director .felicitated the Kripa Team with a citation and flower plant, Smt. Awasti Dorji (Spl I.G.P) presided over the training alongwith Shri Deepak Girhe Deputy Director. The training was well organised by Shri Salim Shaikh Assit Director MPA.

In Gratitude to Mr Sunil Kumar -Deputy Director National Institute of Social Defence (NCDAP), Dr Sijo George -Project Manager, National Institute  of Social Defence (NAPDDR) for their support and briefing.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Fr. Joe conducted a Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ workshop in São Paulo, Brazil

Photographs & Report Courtesy
Anna Ivanov
São Paulo, Brazil


Fr Joe conducting Prayanama classes at Espaço de Yoga Premavati,Uberlândia/MG -Brazil

Photographs Courtesy:
Fernando Carnerio

Uberlândia/MG- Brazil


Monday, October 21, 2019

Fr. Joe's intense Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ in Brazil

22 nd October - 9 to 12 a.m. - Asanas Class
from 6:30 to 8:30p.m. - Pranayama Class
23 rd October - 9 to 12 a.m. - Asanas Class
from 6:30 to 8:30p.m. - Pranayama Class
24th October - 9 to 12 a.m. - Asanas Class
Afternoon - travel to Uberlandia (Fernanda will pick up us by car)

25th October
7 to 8 a.m. - Meditations and Bless
8:30 to 10 a.m. - Movie "Addiction Recovery and Yoga" (open Session)
4 to 6 p.m. - Pranayama
7 to 9 p.m. - Lecture "Kripa Foundation" at UFU(University)
26th October
9 to 12 a.m. - Asanas Class
2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. - Asanas Class
7 to 8 p.m. - Mass
27th October
9 to 12 a.m. Asanas Class
28th October
flight to São Paulo

28th October
7 to 8 p.m. - Lecture (You decide what about you want to talk)
29th October to 1st November will be the same people in the both period, it will be like a course.
9 to 12 a.m. - Asanas and Pranayamas class
6 to 9 p.m. - Asanas and Pranayamas class
2nd November - also will be the same people in the both period, it will be like a course.
9 to 12 a.m. - Yoga therapy
3 to 6 p.m. - Yoga therapy
3rd November 

Report by:
Anna Ivanov


Fr. Joe conducts intense Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ at " The Circle Centre Yoga" - Milwaukee


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Fr. Joe H Pereira Founder Trustee Kripa Foundation Preparing a banquet for us ...writing the Kripa Model in the mountains of St. Louis.

 Fr Joe H Pereira Founder Trustee of Kripa Foundation spending quality time in the serene and silence of the snow capped rocky mountains of St. Louis, writing his new book to pass on the lineage of "THE KRIPA ETHOS" to his Kripa Family Worldwide.
Besides Silence of the Spirit, The Spiritual Paradox of addiction, In-house guide book for Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ , Training Manuel for Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ ,Fr. Joe  is now writing "The Kripa Model"

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Fr. Joe.

Report & Collage:
News Desk

Fr. Joe Conducts intense Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ at St. Johns Newfoundland, Canada


Celebrating Fr Joe's 77th Birthday at Kripa Bandra


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Remembering Mother Teresa on her 22nd Death Anniversary




Indian Priest: Like Mother Teresa, addicts too "thirst for Jesus"
by Joe Pereira*
The Kripa Foundation is the largest NGO that deals with the recovery of AIDS patients and drug addicts in India. Mother Teresa taught the founder "how to evangelize". The practice of yoga becomes "encounter with the inner presence of the Risen Christ". Addiction is "intrusion of Satan".

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - The "thirst for Jesus" that Mother Teresa of Calcutta had is shared by both drug addicts and Chinese yoga students alike, observes Fr. Joe Pereira. The founder of the Kripa Foundation, born in Mumbai in 1981 for the rehabilitation of AIDS patients and drug addicts says that today the association has become a point of reference throughout the country for addiction treatment. Mother Teresa is the inspiration of the organization. Fr. Pereira retraces its story, in view of the third anniversary of the canonization (tomorrow) and of the feast of the saint (September 5).
This year I  was in China teaching Yog and Meditation (in China) till 25 August and on her birthday onwards at Kuala Lumpur I wish to recall how I owe her a very special gift of “how to evangelise! “
To a dying person Mother always advised her sisters to give the person “ a ticket to St Peter” which meant the sacrament of Baptism.
When I teach yog all over the world I always proclaim Jesus to be my Supreme Yogi. Here in china I have got several who acknowledge that ever since they heard this message of God’s love experienced through one’s Body their practice of Yog has become an encounter with the Antar Yamin( the indwelling presence of the Risen Lord! This year seeing the hidden phenomenon of Addiction resulting in Depression, I dwelt on how Mother Teresa who went through depression was most misunderstood even by those who wrote about it in “come be my light”
For many mystics have gone through Depression but there are two kinds of depression. The one which Saints experience is  called “obscuras”. The other kind of depression is called “tineblas” which is a satanic intrusion!
Mother in her journal asks Jesus “ why are you not showing me your Face? “ and the answer given by the Lord was” because you asked to work for the poorest of the poor and I want you to feel how they feel “
So the so called depression was a “Thirst”
That resembled the Thirst of Jesus- a word that is next to the crucifix in every mother Teresa’s Chapel.
As the inspiration of Kripa I share this positive dimension of depression that most of our addicts have to undergo. Hence it was very heartening to see many of my Chinese Yog students have opted to be baptised and have acknowledged that the seed of this transformation was put into them as they learnt about Love in my yog workshop
May Mother continue to inspire Kripa.  Through Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yog the healing of the effects of addiction such as depression are better achieved. Dr. CG Jung in a letter to the Co- Founder of AA clearly stated that addiction is a satanic intrusion !
Our Pune Kripa Center was inaugurated on her birthday 26 Th August and is celebrating its 21st Anniversary.
We can feel Mother’s presence very much as our Recoveries go through the valley of darkness and come into the Joy of the Risen Lord.
St Mother Teresa of Kolakata pray for us"
Fr Joe Pereira
Founder  Trustee of the Kripa Foundation

Fr. Joe conducts a WCCM workshop -"THE LIGHT ON ADDICTION" at WCCM MALAYSIA

Father Joe Pereira, a wonderful spiritual teacher and yoga instructor, shared the body’s profound wisdom by introducing simple restorative yoga postures specially designed to help overcome the bondage of addiction. “All people are addicts and addictions to alcohol and other drugs are simply more obvious and tragic attachments than others have.”
All of us are addicted in one way or another though we may not acknowledge or be conscious of this reality. The same processes responsible for addiction to alcohol and narcotics are also responsible for addiction to control, success, work, money, power, love, hand phones, video games, achievement, approval, relationships and an almost infinite variety of things.
The workshop explored ways in which body, mind and spirit work together towards health, freedom and wholeness through yoga and meditation

We also thank the World Community Christian Meditation -  Malaysia organising team of hard working ladies, and Carol from TreYoga Studio for the loan of the Props


WCCM Malaysia - Facebook


Monday, September 2, 2019

Encountering the Inner Physician through the Wisdom of the Body with Fr Joe at WCCM Malaysia

Encountering the Inner Physician through the Wisdom of the Body
AND THANK YOU Fr Joe Pereira
“Glorify God in your body.” (1 Corinthians 6:20) “Yoga is the union of the individual self with the universal self.” (BKS Iyengar)
During the three-day workshop, Fr Joseph Pereira helped us realize the sacred oneness of body-mind-spirit as we open ourselves to the grace of presence. The Sessions included practice of gentle Iyengar yoga exercise, postures and Christian meditation.

We also thank the WCCM Malaysia organising team of hard working ladies, and Carol from TreYoga Studio for the loan of the Props etc.

Fr Gerard Theraviam
THE Church of the Divine Mercy (CDM) Community, 
Shah Alam, Selangor


Thursday, August 29, 2019

View Fr. Joe H. Pereira and Fr. Cajetan D Menezes speak at Kripa Foundation celebrating its 38th ‘Foundation Day’ on Thursday, 15th August 2019 in Mumbai

Kripa Foundation celebrated its ‘Foundation Day’ on Thursday, 15th August 2019 with much more passion, zeal and enthusiasm than ever before. The serene ambience of Kripa Bandra was glorified when our Founder Trustee Fr. Joe Pereira and Managing Trustee, Fr. Cajetan celebrated the Eucharist in the presence of all Kripa members and the Parishioners of Mount Carmel Church. 

All present were delighted and were apparently blissful. They were waiting to celebrate the special day of their mentor, legend and philanthropist. There was excitement and expectation in the air with music, guitar, songs, dance and essence of joy all around. Each of us had a chance to experience our many achievements; individual and collective.

“Music that stole our hearts” is the Kripa Nite 2019 experience exhibited on the 38th annual fundraiser event transpired on the evening of 15th August 2019 at 7pm.

Name of the Game, Abba Tribute Group is as good as a tangible tribute to the Abba Swedish pop group who have consistently topped the charts in various countries. The invitation was exclusive with stunning costumes of the singers, the guitarist, drummer and the organist. The artist carried a shadow of original Abba group. They delivered a classy show and engaged in high quality of momentous numbers like Summer Night City, Dancing Queen and Fernando.   

The theme song of the Event “I have a Dream” was sung at the time of the box collection.  The fans were asked to turn on their mobile flash lights, the floodlights at the venue went off and the entire crowd switched on their phone's flashlight, which created a brilliant spectacle. The floor was filled with the breath-taking songs like Mamma Mia, Give me Give me, Name of the Game, Super Trumpet and Ring Ring.

The audience was invited to come up and sing and dance before the stage. The spectacular audience responded with enthusiastic rounds of dancing and clapping to the tune of the music. Many got up from their seats to honour the band.

The last dance songs put a closing element to the perfect night coming to an end. 

This Kripa Nite 2019 occasion will always remind us that we do not work, or live or play in isolation. The event concluded; marking the end of yet another annual celebration of Kripa Foundation’s mission, achievements and continued existence.

Many thanks to the involvement of our valuable sponsors, contributors and event partners such as

Piramal Health Care
P.N. writer & Co.
EBCO Pvt. Ltd
Earnest John Group of Companies
M/s KCT Entertainment
Wasteland Entertainment Pvt Ltd –

We appreciate their support and generosity. We want to say THANK YOU!

View Keynote Address of Fr. Joe H Pereira Founder Trustee of Kripa Foundation
Fr. Cajetan Menezes Managing Trustee.

Report by: 
Mousin Heredia

Video courtesy:
Bhezard  Khambatta


Sunday, August 25, 2019

" SCCs- Source of Strength for Families by Fr Cajetan D. Menezes Managing Trustee Kripa Foundation - article in THE EXAMINER

SCC’s : Source of Strength for Families.

Pope Francis, addressing the participants of the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for the Family in October 2013, stated the “family is the engine of the world and of history.” A few days later, he announced the plan to begin a discernment process on the pastoral care of families, sending out the Lineamenta for the III Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family in October 2014, and the XIV Ordinary Synod of Bishops in October 2015. The welfare of the family is decisive for the future of the world, and that of the Church (Amoris Loetitia31). “ Aware that the well-being of society and her own good are intimately tied to the good of the family, (Gaudium et Spes 47). The Church has a duty to journey with the family at every stage of its development.
Therefore, it must be emphasized once more that the pastoral intervention of the Church in support of the family is a matter of urgency. Every effort should be made to strengthen and develop pastoral care for the family, which should be treated as a real matter of priority, in the certainty that future evangelisation depends largely on the domestic Church. (cf. John Paul II, Address to the Third General Assembly of the Bishops of Latin America, January 28, 1979)
If we want a strong parish church, then we need to have vibrant Small Christian Communities (SCCs) and strong domestic churches. This is possible when we have strong and healthy families.
Effective Pastoral Care needs a “Family Perspective”
We need to keep the family in focus in our pastoral planning in Church set-ups at parish and at the SCC level. We could define this approach of consciously strengthening the foundation of the Church and society as the ‘family perspective in pastoral planning’ Keep your end goal in mind- strengthen the family in every initiative we take in the parish and SCC.
The Church is aware of the current reality of the family
The Church acknowledges the many threats that the family, as an institutions faces in our times from the: from the materialistic influence of technology and communication, to poor value education at home, caused  by both parents working long hours to keep up with the rising costs of living. Besides this, we have the family’s income generation choices of overseas and call centre jobs. There is also growing pressure on young people, living  in multi- religious countries like India, to choose marriage partners of other faiths, and as a consequence, they could lose their own faith and the opportunity to share Jesus with their children. All these threats are closing in around the Christian family unit, causing it to succumb to the pressures of the world.
The two recent Synods on the Family highlighted the challenges families face around the world. The Church knows the travails of the family. Guided by Pope Francis in his several  teachings and now in Amoris Laetitia [AL] – the Apostolic Exhortation on love in the Family, and St. John Paul II’s vision expressed in Familiaris Consortio [FC] – the foundational document on Family – must choose to respond in love and action.
Church’s Vision and Mission for the Family
The Church is a family of families, constantly enriched by the lives of all these domestic churches. “ In virtue of the sacrament of Matrimony, every family becomes , in effect, a good for the Church. From this standpoint, reflecting on the interplay between the family and the Church will provide a precious gift for the Church in our time. The Church is good for the family, and the family is good for the Church. The safeguarding of the Lord’s gift in the sacrament of Matrimony is a concern not only of individual families, but of the entire Christian community (cf. AL87).
Every family is constantly called to participate in the mission of the Church and its mission and Identity is deeply rooted in the ‘Divine Trinity. The experience of love in families is a perennial source of strength for the life of the Church. “The unitive end of marriage is a constant summons to make this love grow and deepen. Through their union in love, the couple experiences the beauty of fatherhood and motherhood, and shares plans, trails, expectations and concerns ; they learn care for one another and mutual  forgiveness. In this love, they celebrate their happy moments and support each other in the difficult passages of their life together… The beauty of this mutual, gratuitous gift , the joy which comes from a life that is born and the loving care of all family members – from toddlers to seniors –are just a few of the fruits which make the response to the fruits which make the response to the fruits which make the response to the  vocation of the family unique and irreplaceable “ , both the for church and for society as a whole” ( cf.AL 88).  St John Paul II in families consortio (#17) stated the every particular task of the family is an expression of the family’s mission. He spelt out the four general tasks for family as :
     a)     The family is to form a community of persons in mutual self – giving    
     b)     The family is to serve life in its transmission, both physically in bringing children into the world and spiritually by transmitting values and  traditions throughout its life cycle. 
     c)  The family is to participate in the development of society by :
·        Becoming a school of social life
·        Becoming  community of hospitality
·        Becoming politically active
     d)     The family is to share in the life and mission of the Church by:
·        Becoming a believing and evangelising community
·        Becoming a community in dialogue with God
·        Becoming a community in service to humankind.

Helping families realise their mission
The Parish Priest, Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), Cells and Associations firstly need to understand the mission of the basic unit of the Church, and support the family to translate this mission into reality.
In order to be realistic and effective, there is a need for a continuous evangelisation of marriage and the family, fostering relevant initiatives in individual families, in groups of families (Small Christian Communities- SSCs) and in all parish and diocesan communities. Some of these initiatives are remote, proximate and immediate preparation for marriage, the education of education of children with Christian values, the ongoing formation of married couples, parents, youth,etc.
As families expect to receive from the community, they are also expected to give back, as its conjugal apostolate to other couples in the same community. In addition to being fruitful as biological , adoptive or foster parents, Christian couples are also called to be fruitful in the Church community, in the context that the whole Church is an evangelised and evangelising community.
Parish structure at the service of the family
Every diocese, and in more particular terms, every parish community, must become more vividly aware of the grace and responsibility that it receives from the Lord in order that it may promote the pastoral care of the family. No plan for organised pastoral work, at any level, must ever fail to take into consideration the pastoral care of the family (cf.FC,70). The parish church is a community of communities, and small Christian Communities (SCCs) should be a source of strength for families to live their mission in their own homes and neighbourhood communities. Therefore, if we went a strong parish church, then we need to have vibrant SCCs and strong families at the grassroots. Let us support families in order to build vibrant communities and strong parishes.

Article Courtesy in “The Examiner” dated :24th August 2019.
Fr Cajetan D. Menezes is Managing Trustee of Kripa Foundation
and former Director of the Family Apostolate (Bombay Archdiocese)

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Fr. Joe pays rich tributes on the 5th death anniversary of Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar Known as Guruji's " Maha Samadhi Day"

A day long  homage and tribute was held at Iyengar Yogashala,Hangzhou, China for Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar on his  "MAHA SAMADHI DAY".

A prayer service was led by senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher and  Chief Guest Fr Joe H Pereira Founder Trustee of Kripa Foundation. who has been teaching a week long intensive Yog workshop at the institute  After the invocation service, Fr Joe went down memory lane and shared on the tremendous contribution Guruji has made to the marginalized through Kripa and with its use of Iyengar Yog.   

After the students paid their tributes and offered flowers to Guruji, the best tribute was paid  by Fr. Joe conducting an intense Iyengar yog session, followed by another two and half hours of Pranayama ending with a meditation session reciting the mantra  “Pranam Guruji “


Monday, August 19, 2019

Fr. Cajetan D. Menezes, Managing Trustee, Kripa Foundation speaking to 45 School Principals of the Archdiocesan Board of Education of Nagpur on Substance Abuse and Prevention in Schools .

Fr. Cajetan D. Menezes, Managing Trustee, Kripa Foundation speaking to 45 School Principals of the Archdiocesan Board of Education of Nagpur Archdiocese in Nagpur City, Maharashtra on Substance Abuse and Prevention in Schools on 17th August 2019.

His presentation highlighted data from the recent Government of India Study, undertaken by The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India (MSJE) " Magnitude of Substance Abuse 2019" report and vigilance against drug peddlers in and around school campuses.

 Fr Cajetan suggested that every school need to have Anti-Drug Abuse awareness in their classrooms as a prevention strategy not just once but on regular intervals with a sensitization training programme for Teachers, Professors and even non- teaching staff.


Fr Joe teaching inner stability by turning your inside world upside down @ Iyengar yog shalla, Hangzhou, China

On the first day of  his teaching at Yog shalla Hangzhou, China  Fr Joe mentioned that the inner stability and learning is how to stand upright in life by turning ones inner world upside down. He further explains that it means....Yog stops the chatter of mind ...literally stopping the fluctuations of the MIND. 


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Article of Fr Joe in "The Examiner" - Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ A Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery

Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yoga:
A Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery
By Fr. Joe H Pereira –Founder Trustee ,Kripa Foundation

AS Kripa Foundation completes 38 years in the field of Addiction Recovery on 15 this year, it has become a global presence in over 40 countries, and its teaching for the World Community for Christian Meditation has reached 120 countries. While the recovery rate has dropped according to the World Health Organisation, Kripa recoveries are showing a steady rise in maintaining sobriety.
First of all, one should know that addiction is a relapse-prone disease, and so one can learn from several relapses, and with the help of AA and NA, one can maintain a long term sobriety. Abstinence is the essential measurement of considering oneself as “recovered”. While this is a “NO-Cure” ailment. As per the fifth chapter of AA,” rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.”

The Twelve Steps Programme has two very effective dimensions of psycho- spiritual and psycho- somatic aspects of healing. One may think that it lacks the vital dimension of psycho-somatic healing. However, te founding fathers very providentially used a word “Meditation” in the Eleventh Step. It says “sought through prayer and Meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for the knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out” ( AA Chapter 5).
It is this word “Meditation”- that Kripa Foundation has used to introduce the Body in the Recovery Model. Iyengar Yoga helps one to work on the body as the Temple God, and to practice the principles of Self Help with awakening the “Cellular Conscious” Meditation is the seventh limb of Ashtang Yog. it presupposes the conditioning of the body through postures that address various ailments caused by addiction. It then addresses th phenomenon of dual disorders, and even addresses some neurosis and psychosis, resulting from long term use of mind-altering substances.
Recently, with media highlighting the medical use of cannabis, more and more youth have fallen victim to drug-related psychosis. In Iyengar Yoga, one is taught how to use the Wisdom in the Body to bring about the “ N-O effect” related mental health issues. The use of KFIY ( Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™) is also within the Community of the WCCM. A special guidebook was published in 2008 by Medio Media Publications, Singapore, and is today available in 120 countries. From August 27 to 30, the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, with priests and nuns, will be participating in a workshop to learn how to use the body for meditation. This is the third year of such a workshop.
Most of the practice of Yoga in the West is connected with mere exercise, or some unorthodox cultic dimension. Fundamentalist Christians highlight them and condemn all forms of Yoga. It’s like throwing the baby out with the bath water. The affirmation by the behavior medicine has given more credibility to the use of Iyengar Yoga for meditation. The recent findings of the Harvard Medical School, especially by Herbert Benson, openly acknowledge the effective role of Yoga and Meditation by being able to change a Type A personality into a Type B personality. And this whole person recovery is the goal of Addiction Recovery, according to WHO. With this research and increased credibility Iyengar Yoga, one of the Harvard physicians dared to even say that “ Our bodies are wired to God” .In all residential facilities of Kripa, Yoga and Meditation are used to begin the day. The Mediation is in line with the teaching of Fr. John Main of the WCCM using “MARANTHA” as the mantra religious word. Kripa was the response to Mother Teresa’s sisters’ inability to handle addiction, while reaching out to the poorest of the poor. Hence, most of the free referrals in Kolkata’s Kripa Centre and elsewhere are through the Missionaries of Charity. It was she who inaugurated both the Vasai and Kolkata Centres, and we seek her constant blessings as we try to maintain her spirit of poverty and simplicity in all our work, especially on the 38th Anniversary of Kripa Foundation

Courtesy from:
The Examiner
10th August 2019


Saturday, August 3, 2019

Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ conducts a Yoga session for more than 2000 runners at Rotary Rain Run , Goa

 Rotary Charitable Trust, Porvarium, Goa, organised a Rotary Rain Run on 28th of July .This event was  in aid of women health and education (breast cancer awareness).

More than 2000 runners from across Goa participated .  Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ centre conducted  a yoga session  by KFIY Yoga Instructor  Shri Sravan from the KFIY studio situated at Campal, Panjim, Goa.under the guidance of Fr. Joe Pereira, Founder Trustee Kripa Foundation and senior Iyengar yoga teacher.

The yoga session was held just before the flag off to the race. Witnessing the benefits of KFIY many enrolled themselves to continue practicing KFIY yoga .

A big gratitude to the office office bearers and organizers of Rotary for giving Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga™ a platform for demonstration.