Thursday, August 29, 2019

View Fr. Joe H. Pereira and Fr. Cajetan D Menezes speak at Kripa Foundation celebrating its 38th ‘Foundation Day’ on Thursday, 15th August 2019 in Mumbai

Kripa Foundation celebrated its ‘Foundation Day’ on Thursday, 15th August 2019 with much more passion, zeal and enthusiasm than ever before. The serene ambience of Kripa Bandra was glorified when our Founder Trustee Fr. Joe Pereira and Managing Trustee, Fr. Cajetan celebrated the Eucharist in the presence of all Kripa members and the Parishioners of Mount Carmel Church. 

All present were delighted and were apparently blissful. They were waiting to celebrate the special day of their mentor, legend and philanthropist. There was excitement and expectation in the air with music, guitar, songs, dance and essence of joy all around. Each of us had a chance to experience our many achievements; individual and collective.

“Music that stole our hearts” is the Kripa Nite 2019 experience exhibited on the 38th annual fundraiser event transpired on the evening of 15th August 2019 at 7pm.

Name of the Game, Abba Tribute Group is as good as a tangible tribute to the Abba Swedish pop group who have consistently topped the charts in various countries. The invitation was exclusive with stunning costumes of the singers, the guitarist, drummer and the organist. The artist carried a shadow of original Abba group. They delivered a classy show and engaged in high quality of momentous numbers like Summer Night City, Dancing Queen and Fernando.   

The theme song of the Event “I have a Dream” was sung at the time of the box collection.  The fans were asked to turn on their mobile flash lights, the floodlights at the venue went off and the entire crowd switched on their phone's flashlight, which created a brilliant spectacle. The floor was filled with the breath-taking songs like Mamma Mia, Give me Give me, Name of the Game, Super Trumpet and Ring Ring.

The audience was invited to come up and sing and dance before the stage. The spectacular audience responded with enthusiastic rounds of dancing and clapping to the tune of the music. Many got up from their seats to honour the band.

The last dance songs put a closing element to the perfect night coming to an end. 

This Kripa Nite 2019 occasion will always remind us that we do not work, or live or play in isolation. The event concluded; marking the end of yet another annual celebration of Kripa Foundation’s mission, achievements and continued existence.

Many thanks to the involvement of our valuable sponsors, contributors and event partners such as

Piramal Health Care
P.N. writer & Co.
EBCO Pvt. Ltd
Earnest John Group of Companies
M/s KCT Entertainment
Wasteland Entertainment Pvt Ltd –

We appreciate their support and generosity. We want to say THANK YOU!

View Keynote Address of Fr. Joe H Pereira Founder Trustee of Kripa Foundation
Fr. Cajetan Menezes Managing Trustee.

Report by: 
Mousin Heredia

Video courtesy:
Bhezard  Khambatta