Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Generous donation by Author Mr. Neville Gomes and Late Mrs. Sandra Gomes on release of their book "Viva Queimada" to Kripa

Cover page of the Book "Viva Queimada"

Article of Fr Joe in the book "Viva Queimada" (double click image for larger view)

“Viva Queimada” a coffee table book by the author Mr. Neville Gomes, traces the 500-year journey of the East Indian community in Mumbai. The book was launched with an introduction through a theatrical performance, incorporating portions from the book which delves on East Indian Customs, their unique cuisine and the impact of colonialism on the community. It provided a brief character sketch of notable East Indians. The production conceived and directed by Etienne Coutinho included cast like Marianne d'cruz Aimen and Shahriyar Atai with music composed by Merlin D’Souza, while the costumes and props were designed by Darryl Loyola. The program was well compered by Jeffrey Goldberg.
Mr. Neville Gomes in his emotional filled speech mentioned that the book was a ”labour of love”. The idea of documenting the East Indian community's history first cropped up in 2008 when he was approached by friends with manuscripts and reference material. While Mr. Gomes was initially skeptical his wife Mrs. Sandra Gomes took a keen interest in the project. But when she passed away in 2009, Mr. Gomes decided to complete the book considering it a farewell tribute to his wife Mrs. Sandra Gomes.
From 2010 onwards, Mr. Gomes and his six member team travelled across the city, from Revdanda to Thane and Gorai, re-tracing the steps of the original inhabitants of the city. The quest also took them across the seven seas to the USA, Canada and Australia where they met up with the diaspora. The result is ” Viva Queimada ”, a coffee table book with 100 illustrations which documents the landmarks in East Indian history, from the 15th century till the 21st century. Along the way, readers also get a peek into the history of Mumbai which ran parallel to that of the community.
The book was officially released by Mr. Gerson da Cunha.Further in his speech Mr. Neville Gomes, mentioned that the cost of the book was Rs. 2500/- with limited edition which came along with an autograph of the author and a digital copy of ”Viva Queimada” costing Rs 10,000/-.Spontaneously Mr. Gomes generously declared all that the proceeds from the sale of the books would go to charitable institutes like Kripa Foundation, Ummeed and Women’s India Trust. "Viva Queimada" has a page exclusively on Fr. Joe
The program was well attended by prominent aide a la de creme of society from all over Mumbai, appreciative of the efforts of Mr. Neville Gomes and late Mrs. Sandra Gomes, taking back home with fond memories of days gone-by and carrying with them a book of history “VIVA QUEIMADA”

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