Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diwali Party at Kripa Dharavi

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A Diwali party for street children was held at Kripa Dharavi on the 9th of November 2010. The children enjoyed themselves with singing , dancing & games of housie and bombing the city. The highlight of the event was a visit by Fr Joe. In his heartfilled emotional address to them ,Fr Joe told them how precious they were to him , and how he was overjoyed to see them bloom so well in kripa.

The event was well organised with the help of volunteers from Credit Suisse namely Deepak Saluja, Sharon Vallis,Jaymala Dawda ,Sujatha Pais,Claire O'Neil, along with Mr Nigam ,Dr Maria Nigam, their daughter Naomi Nigam. and staff of Deepak, Rajan, Pravin,Shabana ,Sarika & Brett and well wishers Harinakshi Mistry & Neeraj Mistry

The children were served snacks with soft drinks and later shared a sumptous dinner with Fr Joe and the volunteers.

The event was a grand success and a joy to witness the children enjoy themselves.

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