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36 Öflinger carol singers -Sing in the cold but dry winter weather for Kripa

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Translated from 2 German newspapers
MILITARY-ÖFLINGEN (ykeb). The 36 Öflinger carol singers have completed the 2011 campaign. In three days they were motivated by the motto "Children show strength," in cold but dry winter weather, and carried from house to house, praying and singing the divine blessings in the open flats.

Celebrated the conclusion of the children and young people with their pets in the parsonage of St. Ulrich, where they quenched their thirst with a Cambodian rice dish. Meanwhile, Lucia had Berger, organized since 2009, carolers actions in Öflingen and forwards, determined the preliminary result of donations. Curious, carolers and companion pointed their ears, as Lucia Berger announced: ".. You've collected over the three days 6560 € I thank sincerely I hope you enjoyed it and you are again in 2012."

So the result is not quite as high as in previous years. € 2009 € 6690 collected the Öflinger, last year there were even 6776 €. As in previous years but is still to be expected that there will be increase by the amount subsequently received donations. It is pleasing that the carol singers and their companions everywhere and friendly welcome in their cassettes could not only accept donations of money, but also presented with sweets were. Lucia Berger will transfer the donation money to the Aachener children's charity. From there it will be to the Agency "Kripa Foundation in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) transfers, which was founded by the Indian priest, Father Joe Pereira (67) and still leads. The money will be used primarily for the treatment and care of infected patients and AIDS orphans. The sacred statements of carolers campaign celebrated the "Star Singer" at the Epiphany in the Catholic parish church of St. Ulrich.
As carol singers were on the move: Celina Albrecht, Franziska Avci Kim Bartkowski, Alessia Baumgartner, Sina Burczyk, Valerio Ferlito, Lara Geiger, Fabian Gudofski, Tamara Hanki, Sina Hauf, Stephan Hilker, Maria Hilker, Julia Huber, Francesca Iannone, Samuele Iannone, Jana Kaiser, Jannik-Aaron Kladisch, Noah Klaus Mann, Florian Marbach, Michael Marbach, Timothy Mertel, Melina Nitschmann, Fiona Nitschmann, Michael Pal, Daniela Pal, Tamara Pfanner, Jennifer Pfister, Victoria Pfisterer, David Princiotta, Sina Princiotta, Kira Rettig, Cora Strittmatter, Serena Valeriani, Julia Wunderle, Veronika Wunderle.

As companions or helpers were: Monika Berger, Lucia Berger, Anton Berger, Roswitha D'Souza, Beate idol, Annika Groening, Daniela Klaus Mann, Hans Loritz, Marion Lüber-Schmidt, Martin Marbach, Odin Beautiful, Ilona Thomann, Tobias Thomann Martina Urich, Jutta Wollensack.

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As Reported by

Uwe Richter

Martina Marbach

From Germany