Thursday, February 3, 2011

Read about Kripa on the streets of Mumbai......

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If ever you are travelling in an autorickshaw in the suburbs of Mumbai, you may sit in one which has information on hospitals, newspaper for reading, a yellow page directory, a box of chocolates for children, emergency medicine kit, a small TV connected to a DVD, a Public telephone,and slogans of awareness. This innovative idea is the brain wave of autorickshaw driver Deepak Shevale, of Bandra.
When he came to know of the work of Fr Joe and Kripa, he was so touched that he volunteered to keep Kripa information and newsletters in his auto, saying he could help society be drug free in some way. Deepak was elated to be of service to Kripa and said he was blessed when Fr. Joe sat in his rickshaw.
Deepak also has a visiting card with his mobile number for any further information of help.