Monday, August 19, 2013

Fr. Joe organizes a self introspection 3 day All India Kripa Heads Meet in Mumbai.-Conducted by Mr. Conrad Saldanha

The Spirit of Kripa is revealed.
This year, following the Annual Day Celebrations, significant members of all Kripa Centres gathered in Bandra, Mumbai from 16-18th August for an in depth review of operational systems and management quality up gradation efforts. This included our current perspectives and addressing areas and methods where we need to make changes for improvement.
Dr Ashok Bedi, International Expert in Jungian Analysis based in the USA and Mumbai-Kripa Jungian Centre Mentor, addressed us on 17th morning, through the internet conferencing mode to provide us insights into 'The Jungian Perspective of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous'. This is a programme that we have to practice for ourselves first so that we bring better and wider insights into our counselling efforts.
Mr. Conrad Saldanha, Management Consultant, engaged the team from the 16th and the first half of the 17th following Dr Bedi's session. Presenting unique concepts tailored to our work, he involved the members in exercises to generate new concepts and practical methods towards quality delivery and future developments. This was a total revelation. To know that answers to issues lie within us! All it required was to review in depth and to frame the right questions. The methodology could be practiced at center levels to ensure progression and sustainability. We have much work to do and as our patients deserve quality and it behooves us to put in our best efforts in all sincerity! Conrad’s understanding of the essential nature of our works and systems and working conditions was truly gratifying. The absolutely gentle and participatory manner of his presentations and unique instructions were much appreciated and we give him our heartfelt thanks. 
Dr Francis Pinto, Kripa Trustee, addressed the group on the 17th. He highlighted some of the important issues before the Board of Trustees, including upgrading technology at centres and developing a group operational methodology through information technology systems, wider inclusion of Women and Children in our programme, developing new and high quality centres in Goa, up gradations in Training and Research, better working conditions and security for Kripa staff, improved infrastructures of the centres and long standing financial sustainability of Kripa Foundation. He prioritized Goa Centres, IT systems, women and children care and improved infrastructures for early completion.
Following this, the members with the support of the Mumbai Guiding Board, made efforts to analyse the existing operations through database study and arrive at our plus and minus points and clarity in methods, keeping in mind the Standardisation Concepts that were taken on board since the Centre Heads meeting last year end. The levels of openness in this exercise indicated maturity and sincerity towards our existing efforts. We were more than willing to accept our deficiencies. No doubt there were many deficiencies in our outputs, but sincerity of effort based on existing understanding was never lacking. Jointly, we have to look forward to a new era of quality care.
Father Joe was with us all along and gave us his special insights and support as we went through the exercises and deliberations, to the extent of being with the staff till late nights hours after the sessions, talking and understanding the difficulties of each centre through their representatives.
“Our patients hand over their very lives in our care. Quality care starts within our own developed capacities and understanding, and our Spirit of Service. It’s time that we deliver the promise.” said Fr. Joe.
Submitted by
Dr Shashi Menon,
 Medical Director.