Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fr. Joe caring for his flock.....Mending their bodies back to life.

15th Jan'2014: Today exactly at 3.48 pm the entire Yoga workshop class that is in progress at the Kripa Yoga sanctuary stood still and watched as Fr. Joe was working on Bosco who has had multiple fractures in both his femurs and a left forearm. Frightened  at first he let go and let Fr. Joe swirl  his body to the asanas as easy as a Musician waving his Baton. Said Bosco "  When I was hanging upside down for three minutes.. I could see my childhood where we would hang on mango trees upside down like bats. i never ever thought I would do that again, I always envied how everyone would be doing these asanas but could never do so because of the steel in my body..Thanks to Dr Vivek Shetty of Hinduja Hospital who operated on me.....But a life long gratitude to Fr. Joe for showing me that their is life beyond Medicine....Thats Yoga."