Monday, March 23, 2015

Singapore's Prime Minister Mentor Lee Kaun Yew Passes away- Says Fr. Joe- A great learner of meditation.

Lee Kaun Yew, Singapore's First prime minister and architect of the tiny southeast Asian  city- states rapid rise from British tropical outpost to global trade and financial centre, died early on Monday aged 91.
Mr. Lee passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital today at 3.18am.

Fr. Joe H Pereira Founder managing trustee of Kripa Foundation was closely associate with Mr. Lee in teaching him the practice of WCCM Meditation.

Said Fr. Joe " On the passing of Mr Lee said Fr Joe a man of great stature who led Singapore from the third world to the first world. He had the humility to learn meditation the WCCM way. It was a privilege for me to teach him the role of the body for the practice of meditation".

May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace,

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