Sunday, April 3, 2016

The show continues... Fr. Joe addresses at the superannuation for Professor Priscilla Paul with a talk at a Symposium " Adolescents & Addiction"

Adolescence is often described as a period of increased impulsive and risk-taking behavior and a state of conflict. Rape, unsafe sex, binge drinking, doing "macho stuff" for a dare and participating in communal riots are contemporary form of such behavior. This behavior could lead to fatal outcomes -  accidents,suicide, police arrest, AIDS this disquieting list are added less dangerous but equally morbid behavior such as self harm,attempted suicide and an almost narcissistic or even neurotic view of one's own body. In this symposium, the idea was to review the nature of adolescent risk-taking behavior. we will attempt to track the contemporary cultural context in which such behavior is encouraged and suggest suitable psycho-social and educational interventions.

The University Department of Applied Psychology and Counseling Centre decided to conduct Symposium on the 30st of March 2016, to commemorate  the superannuation of Professor Priscilla Paul, titled Adolescent' Moral Engagement in Contemporary India"  At such a grand function Fr. Joe spoke on " Adolescents and Addiction" which received a grand standing ovation. There were also different distinguished speakers who spoke on various topics. Also present at the function was  Vice Chancellor Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh.

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Ms Krishna Iyer