Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fr. Joe....Mending the Body.....Mind...and PEACE through an Intense Iyengar Yoga Workshop in HANZOA - CHINA

Immediately after the grand successful show "THE WITNESS"  at Mumbai on the occasion of Kripa Foundation's 36 anniversary an on going event which continues for Fr. Joe's 50 years of Priesthood and His 75th birthday. Fr Joe rushed off to China, where he is conducting a series of Intense Iyengar Yoga Workshop.
After travelling for more than 10 hours  Fr. Joe rushed into a Yoga Session fresh as a Daisy, showing no fatigue to a group eagerly waiting to practice Iyengar Yoga through him. This program to a big number of yoga practitioners was held in HANZAO, CHINA.

Collage & Report