Wednesday, June 1, 2011

World No Tobacco Day at Kripa Vasai

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No Smoking Day

Kripa Vasai declared 13th May 2011 as a No Smoking Day in the premises itself. This was initiated by the in-house clients with motivation from the centre manager and Rob Harris; a yoga enthusiast during his visit to the centre.
The experiment was a huge success with all clients decreasing their intake and a few quitting altogether. There was also a request from the clients to declare every ‘Friday’ henceforth as a No Smoking Day.
In continuum, World No Tobacco Day was commemorated on 31st May 2011 in the centre itself. There was a display of banners and posters. The counsellors motivated the clients to quit tobacco, nicotine and there was positive feedback from them. Tournaments were arranged for the in-house clients and staff and the winners and participants were presented with gifts.
Reported by
Mousin H
Kripa Vasai