Monday, January 30, 2012


Extract of the input given at Kripa Bandra on 31/1/2012
Fr. Joe took an input session on the ultimate change called the quantum change, the total transformation of the self, the conversion through the quantum energy. He also mentioned that even after recover in many there is only “no alcohol” yet the ultimate transformation is absent. Hence he urged the clients to go through the process of analyzing the mystery of transformation.
He explained that a person in this world suffers with lot of discrepancies and conflicts in life. There is a clash between the real self and ideal self, what we want to be and what we are doing actually do not match. And realization of this conflict opens the portals of ultimate change.
While uncovering the real self ,one sees that the self is made up of Terminal values, the core values of a being, such as need for personal comfort (which includes pleasure too), peace (both inner and outer), freedom, understanding God’s will (so as to know why one has come to exist in this world. These core values define one’s instrumental values, those values by which we operate in this world, which includes our ambitions, our realm of freedom and forgiveness, our obedience and contentment with ourselves.
These instrumental values in turn define our attitudes, beliefs and emotions. And thus is made “self”. But when our core values clash with our behavior, our overt actions, we face a conflict, a discrepancy, hence becoming uneasy, restless in life. Thus, one gets on the “rock bottom” of life and this leads to the total conversion. The realization comes through an “AHA” experience, the eureka of this operation!!
Thus, there comes the congruence between the idea self and the real self and the human being is complete. A transformed human being is the one who is in touch with his real self and is aware of the essence & the purpose of his existence.
Father Joe explained the ways to discover this path of transformation and to hold on to it for good. He emphasized that one needs to explore his subconscious and unconscious because everything in one’s life has its roots & rituals. One who is able to explore his unconscious is able to know the “whys” of his behavior and actions.
He also drove home the fact that one has to learn to live in the present, the here and now of one’s life so that one makes the best of it instead of cribbing about the “by-gone” and worrying about the unknown future.
He emphasized on striking a balance between the “science and faith” and said that one who follows the rational thinking with faith has the potential for the quantum change.
Thus for everyone and for others in general, it is important to become this instrument of change, because, when one develops a positive self, the whole world becomes positive for him, as it is about giving that one receives, it is about dying that one lives…dying for everything…and living beyond anything.
Father Joe’s lecture was also backed by various stories and anecdotes about life which added the tinge of motivation and interest to it. The lecture also had a hue of various theories and philosophies which took the lecture beyond spirituality, beyond science….but above all A NEW TRANSFORMED LIFE.

Submitted by
Allan D'Souza
Ashutosh Mandelia
Megha Sharma