Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Khuda Hafeez ...Hussain Bhai

Hussain bhai, one of the oldest and popular member of the AA group in Mumbai and the seniormost counsellor of Kripa passed away on the eve of 31st December, 2011. As we celebrated the new year, the news of his death due to prolonged illness shook us all up. His very affable and jovial self had touched the lives of thousands of recovering alcoholics and their families over the years. He demonstrated the energy of a young soul not just in his approach towards life but also the regular activities he involved himself to spread the message of Kripa Foundation and the AA fellowship in the society.He famous words were " Sobriety is like a wrestler with a well oiled body difficult to maintain at times, but not impossible to stay sober". He always was in gratitude to Fr. Joe for all the good that Fr. Joe had done for him.The most touching farewell to Hussain Bhai was to see Fr. Joe pray with three other Muslim clerics at his funeral. At any instance he would promptly and proudly tell you the number of years, months, days that he has been sober, and as he breathed his last he proudly held on to his biggest achievement, his sobriety,even a few hours before he passed away, he was helping some into recovery.

Submitted by
Ms. Krishna Iyer