Saturday, September 28, 2013

Awareness Programme at St. Aloysius College by Kirpa Mangalore

Awareness Programme at St. Aloysius College
In view of the alarming rise of drug intake among students, the college authorities of St. Aloysius College requested Kripa Mangalore to conduct an awareness programme for students of St. Aloysius College.
Accordingly on 12th, 14th & 16th September 2013, the resource team spoke at length on Addiction, Kripa Model of Recovery and also shared their personal life experiences that took them to the depths of addiction and how through the timely intervention of Kripa; they were free from the bondage and slavery of addiction. These testimonies had the students glued to their seats. In their feedback, they told the Resource Team that they will refrain from situations that may lead them into an addictive lifestyle. They also promised to be good citizens and help the organization in their good cause.
Kripa Mangalore
Mozen H