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Keeping Iyengar Yoga alive...An interview of Fr. Joe in " O Heraldo" Newspaper Goa

Keeping Iyengar yoga alive
“ Guruji BKS Iyengar laid down his life for his students. In the course of his 80- year practice and training, he never counted the cost of his own health.
I recall at the age of 93 he attended the China- India Yoga summit from where he brought back 40 students and personally taught them yoga, even though he had stopped actively teaching for the past 15 years. He helped me start Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga. Because of Guruji, the Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga in Goa has taken off so beautifully.” Fr Joe Pereira, Kripafoundation iyengar Yoga “ The passing of Guruji has left a great void in our lives. It is only in his loss will that the greatness of his teachings be magnified. His teachings have had a tremendous impact on people worldwide and I am happy to see such a large response to Iyengar Yoga in Goa as well.” Dr raJvi Mehta, iyengar Yoga instructor BKS Iyengar developed his unique technique of Iyengar Yoga. Its detailed approach and systematic methodology is today followed in 80 countries worldwide ‘ i always tell people to live happily and die majestically’ was Guruji BKS Iyengar’s compassionate plea to people who had been afflicted with health problems of every aspect. Experiencing the benefits of yoga as a sickly child, Guruji’s own practice evolved over a period of 80 years.
His technique developed from a simple observation that people understood the principle of comfortable position. His development focused on the reverse – ‘ any position should be made comfortable and in doing so it can alter one’s mind’. “ Developing the concept of minding the body to mind the mind, he took a turn from the earlier mind over body precept,” avers Fr Joe Pereira, whose Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga is infused with Iyengar’s scientific approach to yoga especially in addiction recovery.
Guruji’s technique led to the unique development of using props like ropes, wooden gadgets and belts, which were devised to get equanimity and give alignment and precision to every posture.
He demonstrated how all eight astangas ( aspects) of yoga are integrated and focuses on the practice of intentionally grouping and linking specific asanas together. Today, his detailed approach and systematic methodology is followed in 80 countries worldwide and administered by dedicated and well- trained students. The author of 20 books, his ‘ Light on Yoga’ ( 1965) has been translated into 20 languages and still sells worldwide.
Appealing to practitioners not only for its efficacy but non- denominational and broad- minded approach, Iyengar Yoga has been proving to be a ‘ healthy practice’ for beginners across any age group. “ Iyengar Yoga is the most simplified and completely codified practice which has been achieved after years of practice. The effect is immediate if you do the right asanas. In this Yoga, a particular ailment is accorded certain asanas to be done in a certain sequence for the desired effect. Each participant is given a protocol of exercises by a senior instructor according to their case. The use of props makes a very big difference. Not all of us are very strong or agile, so props which are used in almost all asanas help even a novice to get into position and get the same therapeutic value as seasoned practitioners,” explains Iyengar Yoga practitioner, Ebrahim Haroon, who has helped to set up Goa’s first Iyengar Yoga centre in Panjim.
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staying fit....The Iyengar Way.
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 BKS Iyengar, one of the founders of the most renowned forms of yoga passed away on August 20. As such, we look into the following of yoga aficionados in Goa. With stress and poor health infringing on the Goan ‘ susegad’ way of life, many have turned to the ancient science of yoga to rein in the goodness of holistic health the words ‘ peaceful’ and ‘ easy- going’ seem to be fast depleting from the Goan vocabulary. Stressed- out on all levels seems more the order of the day. health consequences are inevitable. Could there be a return to the ‘ susegad’ or peaceful way of life? as people look around for alternative medicines, the age old science of yoga seems to have caught their attention.
one clear indication of this fact is that droves of people from all strata of society have been descending upon the recently inaugurated kripafoundation iyengar Yoga centre ( KFiY) at St inez, Panjim. “ our lives are so stressful, we are heading for the inevitable meltdown,” agrees business executive eva miranda, who has chosen yoga to bring back the balance into her life.
For those who seek alternative medicine, like herself, yoga has proved to be the best choice. it is, as so many testify, proving to be the ‘ healthy’ alternative. “ i am just 28 and a mother of one, but i already have some serious health issues. medicines were just counter- effective. Yoga not only gave me an alternative, but a whole new attitude to life,” reveals graphic designer rashmi narvekar.
“ i initially attended the yoga classes at St inez because i had heard so much about Fr Joe and his yoga, but when i actually started practicing, i felt the benefits almost immediately. besides taking care of my back and knee pains, it has brought about a marvellous change in my well being,” avers senior citizen mario Cruz, who found the prop- aided asanas easy to practise.
increasing awareness about yoga’s holistic approach to health has been a major contributing factor. “ What i noticed is that people earlier had no clue about yoga and they only approached it when they had a medical problem. thanks to increasing awareness today, they understand the holistic approach of yoga,” explains longtime iyengar Yoga practitioner, ebrahim haroon, who helped set up the KFiY in Panjim. Finding the right yoga and correct practitioner, he points out, are equally vital to feel the full benefits of it.
TWEETS @ PATRICIAANNEALV “ earlier people approached Yoga only if they had health problems and more often than not they did not feel the benefits of it. now increasing awareness about Yoga and approaching the right practitioners/ trainers to improve the overall quality of one’s life has brought about a change in people’s perspective and approach to it.” ebrahim haroon Quote room “ i had tried different yoga with different teachers, but it never connected.
the broad- minded and non- denominational approach of iyengar Yoga which has a personalised approach has helped me tremendously. With a master Yogi like Fr Joe it has been a great experience.” vivek menezes “ People are looking for alternative medicine and yoga, particularly iyengar Yoga, is a great alternative. With an increasing awareness in Yoga, people have been opting for it. i have benefitted tremendously in attitude health and approach to life.” Joe mathias
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