Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fr. Joe conducts Intense yog @ Santosh Yoga Centre & Presentation @ Aurora Hospital, Wincosin, Milwaukee

Friday Sept 27, 1130am

Santosh Yoga, Bryant Mascarenhas demonstrates yoga techniques under the instructions of Fr. Joe to amplify the teachings of Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yoga - at  Aurora Hospital - along with Dr. Ashok Bedi, and Dr. Longo to a packed audience of medical personnel, hospital administrators, pastors, therapists, yoga teachers, and well wishers,

Friday Sept 26, 7pm

USA-Jung India Foundation - led by Dr.Ashok Bedi felicitates Fr.Joe Pereira for receiving the "lifetime award for excellence" in addiction methodologies by the President of India, 2014. Dr. Bedi congratulated Fr.Joe and was excited for the educational exchange between USA-Jung Foundation's contribution towards Medical teaching and education of Kripa Counselors and therapists in India.

Friday Sept 27
Santosh Yoga Teachers, Well Wishers felicitate Fr.Joe Pereira for receiving the National award in a fund-raiser dinner held at Miss. Zeliha Zembilci's Home for Kripa Foundation, India. A fun night of well wishers, students of Santosh Yoga, family and friends spend an evening of thanksgiving with Fr.Joe.

Saturday and Sunday - Sept 28th and 29th 
Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yoga Intensives with a very large following of Santosh Yoga Students, teachers, doctors, therapists, meditators, counselors, etc. Fr.Joe expounded on God Love, as a way to heal the temple -the broken body. Fr.Joe emphasized the need for true discipleship to one's calling. He also beautifully explained the Guru-Shishya relationship as an important way for real transmission of yoga teachings. Bryant Macarenhas assisted Fr.Joe and demonstrated along with Fr.Joe 'several Kripa Foundation Iyengar yoga sequences.
All workshops were full. Students felt inspired, enlightened and thankful for Fr.Joe's visit to Milwaukee, USA.
Fr.Joe expounded 'that the call of the master is to die to oneself, to die to one's addictions, to die to one's imbalances, and learn to love the body, by going through your pain, and not avoiding it". Not Chitta Vrtti Nirodha, but cessation of cellular consciousness is what Guruji BKS Iyengar wanted sadhakas to experience.  Fr.Joe started all programs with great reverence and a moment of silence for our Guruji who has gone into 'Maha - Samadhi". Fr.Joe also expressed Mother Teresa's love through his own life as being instrumental in the growth and work of Kripa Foundation.

Everyone was very inspired.

Kripa US also promoted Fr.Joe's new book on "Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yoga" and his dvd 'Yoga for Christian Meditation".

Submitted and collage  by

Bryant Mascarenhas
Santosh Yoga