Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fr. Joe speaks to a packed audience in Uberlândia Brazil on Yoga and Christian Meditation for the treatment of Chemical Dependency

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Today on the 21st of October Fr. Joseph Hilary Pereira , Founder and Managing Trustee of Kripa Foundation spoke to a packed audience in the city of Uberlândia in the State of Minas Gerias, Brazil. The programme was well organised and an initiative of  Councilman Mr. Fellipe  Attiê .

Fr. Joe spoke on the blend of Yoga and  Christian meditation and how it has helped so many across the Globe in being away one day at a time from Chemical Dependency. The highlight of the programme was young Maria Fernanda Santos  Attiê  daughter of Mr.and Mrs Fillpe Attiê,who asked Fr. Joe, as to How did he feel being close to Blessed Mother Teresa. Whist Fr. Joe replied one could see many in the audience share a tear of solidarity and love for the work that Fr. Joe does to help this world be a drug free life. 

Submitted by Courtesy:
Odilon Segundo

Fr. Alvaro Nazareth '
Mount Carmel Church 
Mumbai India