Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fr. Joe conducts a 5 day yoga retreat at St Peter Monastery , Germany

Fr Joe has finished today his 5 Day retreat in St. Peter.
For the past 22 years Fr. Joe has been coming to St. Peter monestry to conduct a yoga retreat for us. This year two he conducted a fantastic retreat for 34 participants, with no words to express except that Fr Joe really bought us in Transcendence.
As he explained its a work in rather than a work out.And Fr. Joe has a unique method in teaching us how to transform and get closer to God, which fascinated every participant and one could see most of them evryday with glazed eyes of Joy and learning to find their true self.
The daily routine would commence with a morning walk, after which Fr. Joe would conduct  a meditation in the garden, Asanas in the Morning and Pranayama and therapeutic Yoga in the afternoon. The sessions would end with the celebration of Holy Eucharist and some singing even by Fr. Joe with his golden voice at dinner time. Every day we had a wonderful mass and in the evening sat sang. 
As we could hear some say that doing a retreat with Fr. Joe is getting in touch with God and the Universe a unique spiritual blend.
We all thank God for sending us this marvelous Priest, Guru, Teacher and a loving friend to us.
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