Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fr. Joe conducts Intense Iyengar Yoga at Karuna- Zetrum along with Sima

In his 22nd Year of coming to teach at Karuna-Zetrum run by Sima, Fr. Joe conducted an intense yoga session,  doing Asana's like a pray - therapeutic Yoga and the Benefits of Pranayama and Meditation demonstrating what happens when all the above a combined gives a Holistic healing and we come to know ourselves better.
It was a wonderful day with the Master (Fr. Joe) which ended with a meal and sat sang. Participants were in tears fully soaked with the teachings of yoga by Fr. Joe. 
From here Fr. Joe moves over to St. PETER for the 5 DAY  RETREAT in the BLACK FOREST. For the past 22 years Fr. Joe celebrates Pentecost with us and truly brings in the Holy Spirit upon all of us. Thank You Fr . Joe for being with us. 

Submitted and Photographs Courtesy
Sima Wunderle