Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fr. Joe at the 37th Anniversary celebration of Asha Daan -Mother Teresa's home in Byculla, Mumbai

Asha Daan: The initiative began in 1976, when Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) under the dynamic leaderhip of Chairman Mr. T. Thomas supported Blessed Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity to set up Asha Daan, a home in Mumbai for abandoned, challenged children, and the destitute. Subsequently, Asha Daan has also become a home to the HIV-positive.
 The objective in supporting Asha Daan was and continues to be to share the organsation's prosperity in supporting the Mother's mission of serving the "poorest of the poor". Asha Daan has been set up on a 72,500-square feet plot belonging to HUL, in the heart of Mumbai city. HUL bears the capital and revenue expenses for maintenance, upkeep and security of the premises.
 The destitute and the HIV-positive are provided with food, shelter and medication for the last few days of their lives. The needs of the abandoned challenged children are also met through special classes of basic skills, physiotherapy and, if possible, corrective surgery. At any point of time, it take care of over 300 infants, destitute men and women and HIV-positive patients.
Every year over a decade on the 8th of January, Fr. Joe H Pereira, Founder Managing Trustee of Kripa Foundation celebrates Holy Eucharist with the residents and Missionaries of Charity Sisters amongst prominent guest and well wishers. This year too on the 8th of January 2013m Fr. Joe H. Pereira was invited to be with the MC family at Asha Daan.
 Fr. Joe commenced the program with the traditional lighting of the lamp, payed respect to Blessed Mother Teresa and celebrated Holy Eucharist. Later in his address, he spoke about his close associate with the Missionaries of Charity Sisters and how Blessed Mother Teresa was his Inspiration and guide in his work of battling against addiction and HIV Care. Fr. Joe also mentioned how Blessed Mother Teresa helped him set up Kripa in Kolkata and inaugurated Kripa Vasai Centre in Maharashtra.
Prominent amongst the guests was  Mr. T Thomas former Chairman of HUL who is closely associated with the concept of Asha Daan and  "Friend of Kripa".