Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Awareness at Aishabai College of Education of Fazlani Foundation

Kripa Mumbai was invited to conduct a training workshop on ‘Addiction Management’ in Municipal Schools by Aishabai College of Education of Fazlani Foundation, Aishabai & Haji Abdul Latif Charitable Trust and South Bombay Public Charitable Trust, Byculla to a group of 15 school counselors/psychologists, on 08th and 09th March 2013.
The participants were trained in topics like Addiction; disease concept, different stages, warning signs, methodology to effectively manage and deal with substance abuse cases in school settings, early identification and establishing appropriate referral systems for treatment.
Common drugs of abuse and preventative measures were also explained to the participants. The workshop was made participative and interactive using modalities like case studies, group discussions and presentations.  
The participants gave a good feedback stating that it had helped enhance their knowledge and understanding about the disease and how to manage it sensitively. The also expressed their interest in collaborating with Kripa Foundation to design training modules which could be integrated in the education curriculum of the Municipal schools for the next academic year.