Friday, March 8, 2013

Kripa Vasai conducts an awareness programme at a Lenten village Mass

God is the author of life. He has infused His own life in us so that we may live this life to its fullest and glorify Him. Keeping this in mind on 4th March 2013, the Kripa Staff conducted an awareness programme for the people attending worship at fipcol. Indeed it was very fitting ambience as the people were well inclined to chip in the conference soon after their hearts and minds had been elevated to God in the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Rev Fr. Leo.

Mr. Sanjay Joshi, the main presenter of the programme began with the topic on addiction that initially starts as a small single dosage for relief and reinforcement once a week and then with gradual progression becomes a menace not only for the drinker but also for the whole family. Delightfully and with an alluring tone he expounded the various stages of addiction, the excruciating, agonising aftermath of it resulting in total delusion, existential void, petrifying loneliness, which in due course of time leads to insanity and death.

Nevertheless, in spite of the venomous sting of the disease coupled with the powerlessness of the victim, Mr. Sanjay also promised the bright hope of recovery for all those who are willing. He assured that it is ‘Kripa’ that promises hope against hope through its spectacular amalgamation and blending of East and West; a programme of Spirituality of the East combined with Science of West, helping the victim to re-establish his/her conscious contact with the Higher Power and thus facilitating the sufferer to regain his original dignity in which he is created by the Creator.  So, he invited the congregation saying when the sun has set and the light is gone; when the hopes are bleak and the night is on; one need not panic, for there is always ‘Kripa’ with its arms extended, waiting to embrace the victim lovingly. Mr. Sanjay was assisted by Mr. Jude who added colour to the event with power points, videos and music.

The presentation was marvellous, well appreciated and followed by variety of questions raised by audience which were answered to their satisfaction. We thank Fr. Leo who facilitated the event, the participants for their willingness and openness to listen, share and debate, Mr. Sanjay for his fabulous presentation and above all Fr. Joe Pereira who through his ‘Kripa’ has enthused and inspired us to walk in the right path that leads to recovery and life.            
Submitted by
Fr. Cyril D'Souza
Kripa Vasai