Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fr. Joe conducts Intense Yoga Workshop for Women from Canada

For the second year in sucession  Fr. Joe brings his wonderful knowledge and teachings of Iyengar yoga to a small Canadian yoga group of students from non-Iyengar tradtition. These were woman  who wanted to discover India and experience the real yoga world of B.K.S Iyengar  Father Joe' eyes and expertise. And like he says: " yoga is not a work-out but a work-in." and thats excactly what he taught us for the next four days.
As the group put  it " We were blessed to receive his teachings. Many of us got transformed by this trip and the true teachings of Father Joe on practice of Iyengar Yoga " As one of the particpants said
 " At least now I know how to put the yoga belt to good use."
This small group consisted of Julie Charro, France Paquette, Nadine Landry, Sonia Leveille, Jocelyne Ashby from Canada along with particpants Miriam Batliwala,Mieko Hashide.
At the workshop we also got an oppurtunity to meet  a wonderful and terrific woman, Miriam Batliwala (lovingly called Mimi) who was so inspiring to all of us.

Doing yoga at the beautiful yoga studio at the Aashyana Lakhanpal with natural and sereine surrondings was a unique experience to be with in touch with nature.
 Indeed these four days of yoga retreat with Father Joe was a great an honor and priviledge  erish for a long time to come. Looking forward for the next yoga retreat with Fr. Joe in the near future.

Submitted by
 Louise Michuad