Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dr. lance Longo conducts a tele- conference with Kripa- Mumbai Jungian Center along with Jungian Dr.Ashok Bedi, Fr. Joe H Pereira and Kripa Family

Dr Lance Longo is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine Specialists in Milwaukee. He is the Medical Director of Addiction Psychiatry at the Aurora Psychiatric Hospital and is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry with the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, as well as the Medical College of Winconsin. He maintains a busy and rewarding clinical practice treating Patients with Addictions, as well as General Health Mental Illness. He also supervises students and residents, conducts research and enjoys and enjoys the study and practice of motivation and reward.

The USA India Carl Jung Foundation organised an educational and tremendously enriching session on 'Motivational Interviewing' conducted by Dr. Lance Longo, an eminent Psychiatrist and Addictionologist and the Medical Director of the Dewey Centre for Addiction treatment, Milwaukee. The two and half hour session started at 7:30 am IST and was moderated by Dr. Ashok Bedi, IAAP Liaison Person: India Developing Groups. 
The session conducted via AdobeConnect hosting (video conference) was very widely appreciated and attended by Fr.Joe Pereira (from Germany at ) , Ms.Nirvana Crowley ( from London 3.00 am)  and most of Kripa centre representatives from across India.
Due to poor internet connections many Kripa centers could be online to be part of a such a informative session.
Dr. Ashok Bedi and Dr. lance Logon M.D., assured Fr. Joe that they would promptly send a DVD of the presentation to Kripa Mumbai Jungian Centre so as many in the field of addiction treatment could benefit. 

Ms Krishna Iyer
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