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"There is no resurrection and ascension without crucifixion" - Says Fr. Joe

Ascension with Father Pereira. Eve Strzemecka

  • Wednesday, June 4, 2014
  • by Eve Strzemecka
"There is no resurrection and ascension without crucifixion" the priest repeated quote EckhartaTolle Pereira during the next workshop in the school of yoga Namaste Paulina Guardian in Wroclaw, which took place from 29.05 - 01.06.2014, the
 Ascension with Father Pereira
The workshop began on the very day of the Assumption is celebrated by Christians on the 40th day of the Resurrection (in Poland is celebrated on the seventh Sunday of Easter). St. Augustine stresses that Jesus ascended to heaven by his own power: "No one has ascended into heaven except the one who descended from heaven, the Son of Man (...) ".
What is your crucifixion? What needs to die in you so that you can become a resurrection and ascension into heaven? '. Each of the workshop participants had the opportunity to answer these questions in asana, meditation and pranayama.
"I do not limit ourselves to that which is external" - emphasized repeatedly Father Pereira. Bahirangasadhana (external search) are just the beginning. It is not a goal in itself, but to lead to subsequent stages of development - by antarangasadhanę (internal search) until antaratmasadhany - the deepest spiritual search.
Ascension with Father Pereira
In the next sequence of asanas we try to deal with a long and intense way of annamayakośa (shell anatomy) by pranamayakośa (shell physiological), manomayakośa (shell emotional) and vijnanamayakośa (coating property) to anandamayakośa - shell unadulterated happiness.
And once again the well-known basic canon of asanas become a source of new discoveries. "Technique is important, but remember that yoga is a spiritual practice. It has lead to harmony, and not to fight with the body and breath. This work from the outside to the inside. Only then can open ourselves to the grace of God, to let go of all the fears and destroy the ego. Remember that " repeated my father while we are silencing our ego in Uttānāsana supported.
Yoga is practiced to achieve external goals, satisfy the ambition and ego leads to negative emotions and injuries. This is a great trap of our ego.
Ascension with Father Pereira
"In yoga there should be no movement only action" - the words of BKS Iyengar himself quoted by Father Pereira. And the action occurs only at full mindfulness and harmoniously flowing breath. The breath should be like a breath of wind - a harmonious flow through the body. Then the energy of kundalini is free to rise from the bottom of the spine upwards. I will not change at all levels of life - we are not at the level of vibration of the lower chakras focus on sex, food and other pleasures, but we rise towards the heart energy and higher intelligence symbolized by the Anahata chakra (heart chakra) and Adjna chakra (third eye chakra ).
However, it occurred to our spine must go through a process of "crucifixion" - long bends backwards, which practiced throughout the workshop, and that very intensively regenerate it. Viparitadandasana, catuśpadasana and urdhvadhanurasana became our "cross" over the four days. Sam Pereira priest laughs that his spine at the age of 72 years, after more than forty years of yoga practice is much younger and more flexible than in his youth. So all in front of us.
Ascension with Father Pereira
But watch out for traps ego! Many practitioners and teachers of Yoga believes that the practice of yoga makes them someone special. Father Pereira quotes here mother Teresa of Calcutta: "It is not about to do extraordinary things, but rather to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way."
So look inside yourself and try to get in touch with your real self. Because only by contact with the real, I can experience God. And then each asana becomes a prayer, every breath flow of divine energy. Then meditation just happens and mszęświętą experiencing the whole body and spirit. We experience the universal energy, God, the Absolute - the name is actually the least important.
This happens beyond words and very difficult to capture the words little bit of that state.Therefore, little can understand why the relationship in the press and on television about the workshop so little give from the essence of the process. Less understandable is the position of the Polish Catholic Church, and public criticism of the practice of yoga as contemplative prayer by persons who have no knowledge or experience in this field.
Ascension with Father Pereira
In this beautiful book, Father M. Malinski "Stories of Hope" is the story of the fourth king.He also saw a star heralding the birth of Jesus and wanted to make worship the newborn King. He set out from ogromnąświtą and a large ruby, which he wanted to give to Jesus. But on the way encountered a country haunted by drought, saw people dying of hunger. It was and helped. Then he reached the city, where there was an epidemic of bubonic plague. There he was, and he helped. For ruby ​​carried to Christ ransomed slaves. When he reached Jerusalem had nothing and came just in time for the crucifixion of Christ. He looked into his eyes and saw gratitude. For the gift more important than all the rubies in the world.
Father Pereira is the fourth king. But to appreciate his actions need to forget about Frankincense, Meir and Gold. Crucify the ego. Who of us can do that?
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Eve StrzemeckaEve Strzemecka - lawyer, fascinated by foreign languages ​​(German, English, French, Spanish), hobby journalist and a careful observer of reality. For several years, passionate about yoga, philosophy, and Ayurveda.Participated in teaching the course conducted by Jurek Jaguckiego in Szczecin.
 Another workshop with Fr Pereira will be held 1-16 November at Goa, the organizer - Namaste Yoga school Paulina Guardian