Monday, June 9, 2014

Fr. Joe Takes you through the spine into the heart....says Sima from karuna Zentrum

A Joy of being there today as  Fr Joe conducted a yoga seminar in my centre, mainly therapeutic Yoga - Pranayama and Meditation.

It was a unique atmosphere of Indian climate without fans, but the smooth  Yoga with Fr. Joe keeps all who attended afresh

 The most beautiful feeling of one practicing yoga with Fr. Joe is to witness him synchronize by taking you through the spine into the heart.

 After adjusting the body and silencing the brain, he leads you to a inner stillness through Pranayama and ends with Meditation, leaving you with a good  understanding of  feeling one with the universe.
Every single participant became what he/she needed. Fr Joe took utmost care in addressing everyone’s needs and pains with love and compassion

On this great feast of the Pentecost one and all were happy to have him back, going home with memories of enlightening the Body, Mind and Soul.
Tomorrow many of those practicing yoga will leave for St. Peter for the 5 day yoga retreat.

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Liebe Grüße sima