Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fr. Joe conducts an early morning Kripafoundation Iyengar yoga session with Patients in Vasai

After a hectic day yesterday, although being a Sunday. Fr. Joe spent quality time with his staff and patients of Kripa Vasai and VRACS (Vasai Region AIDS Control Society)- A KRIPAIDS initiative.
       Early this Monday morning, Fr. Joe, although having a whole day line up of various appointments and functions took a morning yoga & meditation session with the community of Kripa Vasai. At the moment the community of Kripa Vasai has a majority of patients in  the age group of 16 to 21 years.( @ present 60 in treatment)..
      The Yoga and meditation session was so enriching, that a youth of 16 years who is just out of detoxification said " That Fr. Joe teaching me yoga made me feel so light and energized, that now I believe that my parents have put me in the right place for treatment."

       Immediately after the session Fr. Joe dashed off to Mumbai to attend the Board of Trustee Meeting of Alcoholic Anonymous, as he is an A Class Trustee ( Non Alcoholic) of AA in India.

Submitted by
Rouginton & Mozen H