Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fr Joe conducts Intense Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga® in Milwaukee


Over 25 to 40 yoga students, doctors and yoga teachers attended four of Kripafoundation Iyengar Yoga® workshops conducted by Fr. Joe in Wautasowa, Milwaukee and Winconsin. His
dynamism was so contagious, that  everyone felt uplifted. says Bryant  Mascarenhas of  Santosh Yogai "I  personally felt so much of love pouring out of Fr.Joe teaching that I was moved by tears of joy." 

 23 yoga teachers of Bryant Mascarenhas attended these events ,where  everyone felt the joy, love and the expertise of Fr.Joe, who covered many topics of yoga healing, and how we are all in need of healing. He expounded on Gods love and Christ as the source of healing for all Christians. Fr. Joe said " whether we believed or not in a God, at the end of the day do we have peace in our hearts and minds. Do we live with gratitude for what we have and have become..........and much much more?"

Many of the group members said "We can't wait to meet Fr. Joe again, possibly in Goa, India. ". All faith expressions were moved by Fr.Joe amplification of 'love', expressed through taking care of your body, as the vehicle of God's spirit.

With inputs from
Bryant Mascarenhas